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Nightmare Fuel / PATHCO

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  • The art of the traumatised monk, from the first module.
  • Beginning in the Warped Tower, various animals have been shown with an... uncomfortable amount of eyes. Perhaps a mild one, masquerading as a Running Gag.
  • The mirror monsters in Cassandra’s tower were pretty freaky, though their freakiness was somewhat diminished by the use of a mirror-shattering scroll the DM had forgotten about.
  • Anything that lives within fifty miles of Ossenheim; special mention goes to the possessed animals being kidnapped by their resident vampire, and the mining Buckheart who added several extra arms to her body.
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  • Additionally, most conversations with the members of the Twenty Shields stationed around Ossenheim.
  • Apollyon swiped a severed arm from a suspicious Drow while in Scumport. It won’t stop twitching.
  • The Russet Mould, and subsequent vegepygmies, especially with the art of them.
  • A ranger encountered in the forests near Urchester was slaughtered outside a haunted mill, and was promptly ripped in half - one skeleton, and one flapping Skin Wraith.
  • When Polly creates a skeleton minion, it literally sits up... leaving all the fleshy bits lying in a puddle on the floor behind it.
  • The party found a trapped Tide Knight out in the swamps near Arbello whose foot had been reduced to a bloody stump by hostile boggards, with no chance of it growing back magic or not.
  • Polly can turn his face into Nightmare Fuel with a new spell, which is admittedly par for the course for Polly.

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