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Nightmare Fuel / RiffTrax

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  • The sequence in the short "This Is Hormel" of cow carcasses getting skinned by machines audibly horrifies the guys and likely horrifies many in the audience (especially the tail ... the horrible tail...) so much so that they make it a Running Gag for the rest of the short that anyone who pisses the company off is imprisoned within the "Hide Cellar" where this all takes place.
  • In Swamp of the Ravens there is both a real autopsy used by the movie which passes by unnoticed by the riffers, but also a sequence of dead malformed foetuses pickled in jars (and which one hopes to God are not also real) which the guys find utterly horrific.
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  • And of course there is the Ice Cream Bunny.....
  • The above stinger for the second Harry Potter riff also counts due to how messed up it is.
  • They are also rather perturbed by the surprisingly dark and brutal ending of Zindy the Swamp Boy where the titular child is literally slaughtered by a wildcat, though they still play it for Black Comedy.
    Mike: This has been "Zindy the Swamp Boy" dies alone and afraid with no loved ones around after getting eaten by a jungle-cat.
  • After the graphic birth scene in Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1, Mike recounts how it's more beautiful than the time he and his brother threw a live chicken into the pig pen and watched the pigs rip the chicken apart and eat it alive while it screamed like a woman. Bill sounds honestly freaked out as he quietly begs Mike to say he made up that story.
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  • Roller Gator is a track that especially records the guys' Sanity Slippage. Mike is always Suddenly SHOUTING! due to his anger at the movie's utter incompetence or the obvious inexperience in the director's part (ALWAYS KEEP ROLLING!!!) and at one point joyfully threatens to slit his wrists so he doesn't have to listen to the movie's never-ending acoustic guitar soundtrack anymore. During a made up Drinking Game, Bill out of nowhere suggests that they kill themselves, much to Mike and Kevin's shock. And finally, the last straw is the ending where the manager of the film's amusement park setting turns out to have an alligator head. The guys promptly start Laughing Mad and firing off automatic weapons in the recording booth, a sound that lasts through the entirety of the movie's credits.


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