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Nightmare Fuel / Pushing Up Roses

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  • Bargo at the end of the "Calfornia Raisins" review. No wonder they backed off... though their apparent defying him actually made him get more terryfying.
    • YMMV Bargos Christopher Walken esque line delivery turns it into hilarity.
  • The uncensored version of F@#$ Quest.
  • This Tweet.Just imagine her 1/8 of her current size eating "Rolly Polly Bugs".
  • Roses' Call-Back to her goth years, as seen in 2nd Look: Toonstruck.
    • The white out contacts are absolutely terrifying.
  • The grisly deaths as shown in her "Top 10 Deaths" video.
  • The introduction of her "Sanitarium" review, where she uses a violent head jerking effect, and implements a few jump scares and disturbing scenery.
    • Damn those freakin' Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark images...
  • The Murder scenes in her Laura Bow video.
    • Seriously, a woman gets eaten alive by bugs...