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Nightmare Fuel / The Angry Grandpa

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"Michael... daddy's gonna talk to ya..."
—Angry Grandpa

  • The video in which Angry Grandpa freaks out over Tina bringing a cat into his house. He's screaming at Tina, who is huddled in the Fetal Position around her new cat, as he verbally abuses her and threatens the cat with a hammer.
  • Similarly, the video in which Grandpa freaks out over getting a new puppy involves Grandpa screaming at a cute little puppy so much that it wets itself. And they leave the puppy with a psychotic elderly man for hours.
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  • Grandma's revenge on Grandpa for breaking an Elvis collectible. She sneaks into Grandpa's room while he's sleeping and tries to burn his beard off with a lighter. He's understandably horrified.
  • Even videos in which the audience is in on the prank can have some nightmare-inducing moments:
    • The video in which Michael stays with Grandpa as a roommate has several moments when Grandpa does disturbing things, such as walking into Michael's room with a knife and stabbing a pillow repeatedly.
    • The iMustDestroyAll prank in which Michael convinces Grandpa that a YouTuber is stalking him and actually getting into his house.
  • Grandpa's Unsafe Meltdown. He attempts to open a safe that has his candy inside, but fails to do so. After several attempts, he flat out hits it with a bat.


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