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Nightmare Fuel / RedLetterMedia

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Half in the Bag:

  • The Grown Ups 2 review, where Mike and Jay at first act as if they enjoyed the film, only to eventually start going insane and begin to bleed and vomit out blood.
    Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain.
  • Plinkett's brutal murder of Rich and Jack, mistaking them for Mike and Jay.
    • Although this is somewhat mitigated when you realize that the "entrails" spilling out of Jack are links of kielbasa.
  • The review for Sinister and Paranormal Activity 4. For all their criticism of the use of screamers, they're actually pretty gifted at pulling them off.

Best of the Worst:

  • In Wheel of the Worst #11, one of the videos, How to Get Revenge, features a former private eye who wished to have his face blurred to hide his identity. The pixelating effect blurs his face so it can't be recognized, but not enough to prevent the human brain from registering it as a face, creating an Uncanny Valley effect. The Botw crew spends a couple of minutes discussing why it's so disturbing.
  • The whole of How To Get Revenge ends up being kind of creepy, since it's advocating "pranks" that range from dickish to illegal to potentially deadly. The Disproportionate Retribution the video suggests inflicting on people includes sending a fake death certificate for the target to the government with the intention of destroying their lives, framing them for armed robbery, and tampering with their car's gas tank. While these suggestions were apparently meant to be a joke, the video simply doesn't play it with anywhere near enough humor to come across as one, and they point out that even if it was only a joke, these "pranks" really could be used on somebody just to be a dick.
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  • How To Seduce Women Using Hypnosis from the same episode creeped the guys out so much due to the strong rape overtones that they burned the tape after voting. Of particular note is the part where the video encourages the would be hypnotist to lock the doors and disconnect the phone, which they interpret as preventing the victim from escaping. Subverted in that it's later found out that the tape was softcore porn.
  • While watching Raiders of Atlantis, which is nominally a straight action film, we get a shot of a swaying, hanged corpse draped in a bloody sheet, while a cheerful-sounding tune repeatedly skips on a nearby record player. The crew doesn't have any joke for this, with Jay simply going "That's kinda creepy." Not hard to see why, when you learn that the movie was directed by Ruggero Deodato, the same guy behind Cannibal Holocaust and many other horror films.
  • The now legendary “Surviving Edged Weapons” video that the guys somehow got their hands on. While they initially assume it to be a simple training video for everyone with a “for police training only” blurb for added dramatic effect, they soon find out that said blurb was serious, with the video containing some incredibly brutal and downright disturbing reenactments of real stabbings that have happened to police officers. They guys discuss how the tape lays it on thick with the Paranoia Fuel, as a montage highlights how something as innocuous as a drivers licence could be turned into a lethal weapon! Intercut with these reenactments are real life wounds that police officers have suffered, going right into the realm of Squick, so much so that the editor decided to black out the injuries for obvious reasons. Even known Gorn lover Jay has to shield his eyes initially.
  • Another Wheel of the Worst episode featured a segment focusing on Rainbow's Remedy, a well-meaning video about counseling children after the death of a loved one. It's presented by a child therapist dressed as a clown named Rainbow who, given her awkward inability to act fun or clownish combined with the grim subject matter of the video, comes off as something of an unintentional Monster Clown, which the guys bring to attention several times throughout their watch and discussion. While in function, it seems pretty funny, the Best of the Worst crew make note of how creepy it is in concept and how the intended counseling might backfire and make children watching it even more uncomfortable.

The Nerd Crew:

  • In the episode “D23, Star Wars, D23, Disney+ and Streaming Services”, the characters are all busy feigning excitement at ridiculous fake streaming services, only for Rich to announce that Disney is launching a new "basic needs" service. The guys react with initial confusion and then horror as Rich explains that the service will soon be the only way to get basic things like gas and food, and will require customers to get *tattoos* on their arms and foreheads with microchip implants coming soon. The Nerd Crew characters, who spend almost every episode either mindlessly shilling corporate products or barely disguising their contempt for their audience and the brands they shill, are now suddenly trembling in horror and are totally unable to hide their fear.
    Mike, laughing nervously and fixing his glasses: Wow! It sounds like Disney is really holding everyone hostage!


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