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"Anybody want a pizza roll?"
Mr. Plinkett

"And again, it's like poetry, it's sort of, they rhyme. Every stanza kind of rhymes with the last one. Hopefully it'll work."
George Lucas (used by Plinkett when he is critiquing repetition of themes and plot elements)

"It's so dense, every single image has so many things going on..."
Rick McCallum (used by Plinkett when the special effects are seen to be acting to the detriment of the story)

"Every single frame, every single shot in the movie, has a digital effect."
Rick McCallum, elaborating on his above statement (heard at the end of the Attack of the Clones review)

"That's great."
"It's gonna be great."
"That's gonna be great."
"It's gonna be great."
"That's gonna be great."

"I was pretty much sure I didn't have it with me to endure another review of [Revenge of the Sith]. Mr. Plinkett demonstrates to me that I was mistaken.''
Roger Ebert (note that Ebert gave the film three-and-a-half stars out of four in its original release, and was "accused" by Plinkett of taking payola)

"The only good thing about the film that's in the film is... the Emperor. While his character was essentially ruined by being in such horrible schlock and actually doing some pretty dumb stuff himself, the Emperor is just so wonderful anyways that it doesn't matter. Whether he's just filled with pure hate or he's doing manipulative things to less-smart people, or he's just bein' plain ol' silly, the man seems to find such joy in being pure evil, you gotta respect that. He even seems to get off a little in his pantaloons on how much hate he can feel in Anakin. I guess I really like Palpatine so much because he's the only character with any kind of passion to him. He's fucking evil and he loves it. And he's got a goal he's working towards obtaining."
Mr. Plinkett on Emperor Palpatine, Revenge of the Sith review

"Is that like a witch? Like a Halloween witch?"
"That's probably a drawing she made as a kid..."
[slurred] ", this is bullshit."
Jay, Mike, and Rich respectively, watching a police training video about satanic cults.