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In General

  • Acceptable Targets:
    • The elderly are a consistent target of jokes from the Red Letter Media crew, and Mike in particular. However, Mike really cares about the elderly (or Grammas and Granpas as the RLM crew calls them) in a big way — his defense of The Geritol Follies was a glimpse into that Author Appeal.
    • As of late, reaction people, nerd channels and Star Wars fans. The Half in the Bag review of Rogue One in particular opened with a 5 minute Take That! towards people getting overly excited over mundane things. The negative backlash that prompted their Nerd Crew series mocking those upset didn't help. "Scientist Mans Plan To Save Star Wars" in particular is one big snipe at the series fanbase (or at least the more rabid sections of it).
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    • Fanboys, to the extent the crew have adopted Mike's "lisping fanboy rant" voice as their interpretation of narrow-visioned fanboys.
    • George Lucas of course became a big one thanks to them.
  • Crack Pairing: Rich Evans and Julia Roberts is the closest thing that RLM has to a popular shipping following an appearance Roberts made on Ellen in which the infamous "Dick the Birthday Boy" picture from Rich's childhood was put on display during the interview. Roberts had worked at a Showbiz Pizza Place as a teenager, having even worn the same bear costume seen in the photo.
  • Fandom Rivalry:
    • Fans of RLM like to make comparisons between the material made by them and Channel Awesome. Jay Bauman doesn't care the least bit about it.
    • During the The Wolverine review, Mike informs Jay that fans think he's biased against DC Comics because he only likes Marvel Comics-licensed movies. Jay asks if Wolverine is a Marvel character, stating he has no interest in comics fandom.
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    • They have one with Star Wars fans as well, particularly with prequel fans who disagree with the infamous reviews and are annoyed by all the attention they get. This was only worsened by their very negative Rogue One review, which notably featured a lengthy Take That! to the fans in general at the beginning. Predictably, fans didn't take kindly to this, which led to their Nerd Crew series mocking them even more and boiling into a full on rivalry with the series. Not helping matters is the crew's general dismissive attitude towards the fans outside of the Nerd Crew and Star Wars videos.
    • The rivalry with Star Wars fans exploded into one spanning towards anything tangentially considered nerdy such as comics and toy collectors with the Nerd Crew series.
    • More recently, there's a rivalry between AV Club and RLM due to the latter mocking the former's article regarding the prequels, followed by their passive-aggressive coverage of The Force Awakens video and author Jesse Hassenger's lengthy spats against RLM fans.
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  • Fan Hater: Some of the more zealous fans are this towards people who like Star Wars, particularly fans of the prequels and Disney era content. As of late, the crew seems to have become one towards nerd channels/culture and Star Wars as a whole if their Nerd Crew series is any indication, something that has spread to the more zealous fans.
  • Friendly Fandoms: Bizarrely, fans of the DC Extended Universe seem to generally like RedLetterMedia content, particularly the Nerd Crew series due to it mocking Disney, which happens to own Marvel. This is in spite of the fact that Mike stated in the past that he only likes Marvel Comics-licensed movies (to the point of having received complaints that he's biased against DC Comics), and that outside of Wonder Woman and Shazam, all of the DCEU films have been granted negative reviews, which the fans themselves even mocked on occasion.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: One of the Nerd Crew episodes asks if Stan Lee will ever die. The episode premiered about three weeks before Lee actually did.
  • He Really Can Act: Rich Evans often affects Bad "Bad Acting" in his RLM roles, but he's parlayed his infamy into a pretty decent side career in voice acting, cast as the lead character in Edmund McMillen's The End Is Nigh and as Logan in the Dreamworks webseries Too Loud! (where, inevitably, Mike was later cast to play Logan's father).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: As they have pointed out, their film The Recovered has a villain who is strikingly similar to Slender Man, long before Slender Man had achieved his internet infamy.
  • Hype Backlash: They have begun to experience this over the past few years, partially from those who find their cynical views on the film industry tiring, and partially as a result of the fanbase's Reviews Are the Gospel mentality.
  • Memetic Badass: Rich Evans. This peaked when Rich's "Dick the Birthday Boy" picture was featured on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show, which led to the ironic perception of him being an internet superstar and celebrity. However, he's also a...
  • Memetic Loser: Rich's designation as a loser achieved memetic status when a gambling site unironically posted a pic of Rich Evans (in the Star Wars reaction video), and said he was a 54 year old man living in his parent's basement. (Rich at the time was 38.)
    "I'm Rich Evans and I was once forcibly kicked out of an all-you-can-eat buffet."
  • Memetic Molester: Rich Evans.
    ClassicLegoCinema: I think this [show] was all just an excuse for Mike to make Rich a sociopathic rapist
    fourcrippledhorses: Why would he need to get Rich Evans to play himself?
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Jay's comment in the Nerd Crew "don't ask questions just consume product and get excited for next products," became a popular reaction image especially to criticize blind fan loyalty and the dismissal of media criticism.
    • This shot from the short "Rich Evans: Laid Off Unemployment Office Worker" has become a popular reaction image.
    • The clip of Mike shouting "ENDLESS TRASH!" has become a popular response to when Cash Cow Franchises spam announcement of new installments.
    • During the discussion of their opinions about (and dissapointment over) Star Trek: Discovery Rich asks Mike "How does it feel to have lived long enough to see all your favorite franchises go down in flames?" have since been referenced in online discussions whenever fan disllusionment is abond.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: What Rich Evans' laugh turns into once you get used to it.

Shows With Their Own YMMV Pages

Mr. Plinkett Reviews


  • Broken Base: The comment section for The Care Boars Save Christmas seems to be divided over whether or not it was funny. Though fortunately, unlike most examples, not many people care enough to have arguments about it.
  • Critical Research Failure: In Rich and Mike Talk: Disney's Han Solo Terrible Movie Ideas, Rich and Mike act befuddled when discussing how fans latched onto Han Solo winning the Falcon in a card game with Lando. Yet, for people who know the original trilogy so well, they completely forget the earlier line from Empire Strikes Back wherein Han describes Lando as a "card player, gambler, scoundrel" in that order. While it's not directly stated the bet involved a card game, it is the very first piece of information the film gives about Lando.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • The Grawboskis is a Black Comedy Dom Com parody that makes jokes out of such touchy subjects like baby neglect and Attempted Rape. It is probably one of the more famous RLM comedies that isn't a review and it certainly has a larger fanbase than the rest of them.
    • While a lot of people disliked it and found it unfunny, some liked The Care Boars Save Christmas. Given that it's a parody from RedLetterMedia done in the style of South Park, it has the type of humor you'd expect.
    • Obsidian Jones explaining the rules of the showdown in The Western Ore Musical.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The song "Pyrite is Alright (With Me)" in The Western Ore Musical, Rich Evans' singing skills are so nonexistent, it's hilarious.


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