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Nightmare Fuel / JonTron

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Wanna see something re-e-e-e-e-al Bad?Nooooooooo...? 
"Oh, complete with nightmare!"

Who knew that a simple show about a guy from New York and his robot bird could be so terrifying?

  • The very end of the Dino City review. After a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment in which Jon sings "Firework", there comes another BLAM in which Jon turns to face the camera and the caption "DEATH COMES TO US ALL" appears as Marble Hornets-esque distortion can be heard.
  • At the end of his episode on Pokémon Bootleg games, Jon encounters Pokémon Black Version (the creepypasta one), and decides to try to play it. It goes as well as you'd expect.
  • The second Are You Afraid of the Dark? video ends with the Tale of the Dark Music episode's conclusion, and the Face–Heel Turn of the protagonist seemingly ready to sacrifice his sister for wealth after accidentally feeding his brutal bully to the monster in the basement. Jon's reaction is one of genuine horror.
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  • In his "CONKER IS TOTALLY BACK GUYS" video, Jon starts coughing up blood after the fake Conker teaser.
  • The "Winter's Tale" video. Let's just say there's a lot of Deranged Animation, Satan gets involved, and we'll leave it at that. Though with the sudden shift from happy to creepy it could dip into Black Comedy.
  • When Jon theorizes that Barbie in her Commodore 64 game deludes herself by getting ready for events with her boyfriend Ken when he really died in a yachting accident.
    Ken (on phone): Hi Barbie. I miss you. It's so quiet after you died. There's nothing. But the voices...they never stop. See you in an hour!
    • The start screen for Barbie Horse Adventures on the Game Boy Advance turns out to be an eerie scene of Barbie slowly riding a horse into frame while ominous Parasite Eve-esque music plays. Even Jon is freaked out by this.
    Jon: I'm never going to sleep again now.

  • In the second StarCade episode, we see a guy explaining a X-Wing bonus mission to you. However, his head and face contorts so oddly that it's extremely unnerving to look at. To accentuate it, Jon even added the sounds of bones cracking.
  • In the third StarCade episode, Jon beats "Chewbacca" at a game of chess, by destroying the game, which upsets "Chewie", and his response is to... eat Jon's dick. "Chewie" unzips his pants and we hear A LOT of crunching.
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  • This gif from his Drunk Gaming video of Jon holding a bottle of alcohol and creepily smiling at the camera. He even perks his eyes up at the end in a way that can almost be classified as Uncanny Valley.
  • The "Grimbo" scene from the first part of Food Games. Jon forces a Gollum-like creature, named Grimbo, to fetch him a Filet O' Fish. Grimbo attempts to "curse" him with a flickering wand. Jon reprimands him for it and he gets the sandwich for him, and then hisses at him. Jon then states he "will live another day" because of this. Then, as soon as he takes the sandwich of the box and takes a bite, he realizes he blacked out and imagined the whole scene. Then, In part 2, Grimbo drank Pepsi until he died from it (and also made him start glowing blue for no explainable reason).
  • In Part 2 of Food Games, we get the Kool-Aid Boy. Also qualifies as Nausea Fuel. For those who haven't seen it, he comes in and, when offering Jon some Kool-Aid, tells him to punch him in the liver. He does — quite a lot, which causes the Boy to almost realistically puke Kool-Aid in front of the camera. Then he tells Jon he only meant once.
    Jon: That was fucked up! Alright, this is Kool-Aid man *cough* for the Atari.
  • In the last part of StarCade, Jon begins to lose his mind while seeing the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, and then we get a scene of him with a big head and speaking in a distorted voice, meant to poke fun of Han Solo's Uncanny Valley face in the cartoon segment. Brr...
  • The intro to Jon's A Talking Cat!?! review starts off startling for viewers not expecting it, with the phone that Jon picks up (which looks like Garfield) screaming into Jon's ear and then a quick shot to the telephone's eyes jittering while an unnerving sound plays in the background. Jon shrieks that he forgot that it was part of the phone’s body and quickly puts it back. It doesn't help that, just a few seconds later, there's ANOTHER screamer with the infamous Talking Tom app.
  • "Disney Bootlegs" is probably the scariest Jontron episode yet. It's an episode straight out of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared's book. Body Horror, Surreal Horror, and Nausea Fuel are rampant throughout.
    • The bootleg Mickey Mouse on the title card is a zombified, mutated Igor with an elephant trunk/overstretched upper lip that slowly hobbles toward the pixel-art Jon.
    Bootleg Mickey: KILL... ME...
    • Bootleg Mufasa, with his increasingly distorted voice and tiny doppelganger that emerges from his mouth.
    • Then there's bootleg Zazu, who's apparently a prematurely born bird fetus. Accompanied by heartbeat! It also twitches and makes disgusting noises.
    • There's even Bootleg Jacques, who speaks in a chipper robotic voice and then randomly blurts out lines like this:
      "You will never know my suffering. Forever trapped inside this robotic husk."
      "I feel unexplained joys and sorrows. But alas, I am synthetic."
      • Made even sadder/creepier by Jon shrugging it off like it's nothing.
    • How unnaturally calm both Jon and bootleg Jacques are.
    • Lion King 5's ridiculously horrific and childhood-ruining Game Over sequences, which feature Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa all committing suicide. Timon and Pumbaa's suicides are distressing (Timon buries himself alive, Pumbaa jumps into a boiling cauldron) but nevertheless pale in comparison to Simba's, in which he fucking hangs himself. Jon does lighten the mood a bit the first time this is shown, but still. However, he manages to give us an image that's even scarier: him hanging.
      • If this does anything to defuse the horror, Jon reveals that he was in no actual danger, and that the scene in which he hangs himself was performed in a green screen, as seen by how his hand disappears.
    • The entire second half of the video is straight out of the mind of Wes Craven.
    • The thumbnail is also terrifying.
  • From the Christmas with the Kranks review:
    "Go we will find you."
  • The Dan Aykroyd filtration scene in "Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Skull Vodka" is like something ripped straight out of a Plinkett video.
  • Jon went into the state of madness, all wrapped in Flex Tape sans his face in the stinger of his "Waterproofing My Life with FLEX TAPE" video. Thanks to Jon's own acting staple, it managed to look as horrifying as it's funny.
    "Just let me die, LET ME DIE IN PEACE!!"
    "I'm perfect.... I'm too perfect..."
    "This is what happens when you try to play GOD!"