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  • In his first video since leaving Game Grumps, JonTron State of Affairs, Jon gives us his rendition of "Nessun Dorma". Pavarotti would be proud.
  • His out of nowhere cover of "Firework" at the end of Dino City. Fans agree it's genuinely inspirational.
  • Jon smashing the shit out of his Nightshade cartridge at the end of the review of said game. It's as epic as it is incredibly bizarre.
  • The Food Fight review. Finally, a tolerable way to experience the film.
    • He did it again to Titanic: The Legend Goes On.
  • Jon managing to beat Takeshi's Challenge, a game that apparently took two years to get through.
  • Raising $26,945 USD for Teach For America, during a Banjo-Kazooie stream, has to count for something. Especially considering it apparently started as a jokish dare from Grant Kirkhope to beat the game live.
    • And he sings!
  • He got the gold YouTube plaque for getting a million subscribers.
  • His judgement of a bootleg plug-n-play console that advertised it had over 76,000 games on it, coupling it with a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.
    "Crack THIS!"-stomp-stomp-stomp-HAMMER-SMASH
  • You wouldn't tell unless you do some research, but apparently Jon managed to get Ending S in "Clock Tower", which is the hardest ending to get.
  • His reaction to seeing the titular game in the Titenic episode; it's a lyrically altered cover of Meat Loaf's "I'd Do Anything for Love". He even got a wind machine just for that take.
    • Even more awesome? He wasn't that critical of it, even complimenting it. The worst he does is lampshade some of the sillier bits. Given that the Titanic game he had just reviewed, that's somewhat impressive.
  • In the "Home Alone Games" episode, Kevin gets in a situation where the robber is quickly advancing towards him. Jon manages to stop the robber with a spider just as he reaches Kevin, and he then moonwalks away.
    Jon: Did I just trip up that robber..with a spider...and then do a moonwalk? (drops controller) THAT'S IT, THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER, CUE THE SONG AND DANCE!
  • According to his Space Ace review, Jon somehow managed to get his hands on a Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo helmet. How he did that, considering fanmade replicas of Daft Punk's headwear sell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars on eBay, we may never know.
  • At Jon's SGC 2014 panel, one person asks if he'd ever do a video on games based around Product Placement. Jon seems visibly and audibly shocked, saying "Oh my God" and even dropping his mic before pacing around the stage in what seems like a state of disturbance. He then picks up the mic and says, "It's my next fucking video." The crowd, and the person who asked that question, completely erupts. (He was referring to his review of Foodfight!)
  • After yet another gap in videos, this was posted. On, what else, Star Wars Day, May the Fourth.
  • Season 3 finally returning after eight long months.
  • Jon managed to steal the fucking Millennium Falcon just by tricking Han and Chewie into giving him a ride.!
    • Just the fact that he tricked and captured Han and Chewie to begin with without knowing of their reputation.
  • The Starcade finale ends with The Reveal of Darth Vader's true identity: Arin, who admits that he only put Jon through six months of Starcade so that he could play games with him for old time's sake. Afterwards, the two decide to throw a massive dance party with the entire Starcade cast. Just seeing Jon and Arin reunite after all this time is what made this finale purely epic. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Relating to the above, Game Grumps fans with an eye for detail will recall that the last video with Arin & Jon together was their one-off of Super Star Wars. It's unknown whether or not this was a coincidence, but that doesn't stop it from being awesome.
    • Jon also grabs a lightsaber with his bare hands! It ends up reducing his hand to bone, but it was still awesome.
    • Interestingly enough, George Lucas gets one simply by showing Jon Darth Vader's true plan: rebuilding "Star Wars Kinect" a la the Death Star.
    • In a parodic recreation of Return of the Jedi's climax, the Emperor nearly kills Jon with his force lightning, as he did with Luke. However, Darth Vader manages to save him by resurrecting Jacques, who (somehow) transforms into a muscular bird-man and punches Palpatine off the ledge and to his death. Bizarre, but truly badass.
  • Jon maintaining a regular uploading schedule after months on end of being ridiculed for having an infrequent schedule.
  • The show's production value has gotten so good, in the Dark Dungeons video, some fans had trouble distinguishing between his footage and the film's.
  • Jon allowing several real bottles to be broken on his head in Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf. He mentions the pain, but acts just as stoic about it as the character in the film.
  • Jontron finally putting out a proper album with The Gregory Brothers! And the kickass first single "Being In Love Is Like Being On Drugs"
  • Jon taking out the undead Turducken with a shotgun.
  • The mere fact that he got Phil Swift to appear in one of his videos.
  • In his review of Vanilla Ice: Cool as Ice, Jon calling out Johnny's Designated Heroism and the film's use of Stalking Is Love Played Straight. Generally doubles as Funny Moments considering the humour involved.
  • The Game Jam episode is an affectionate gesture to the video game industry, with a wide selection of people facing off in a very interesting competition.
    • Oney from OneyPlays making a nice little video game tune in less than 7 seconds.
  • Jon calling out YouTube for their ridiculous and arbitrary demonization and copyright policies in his update video. It seemed to have gotten YouTube’s attention as well, since the day after it got on trending, YouTube rolled out new policies and tools to improve fighting copyright and avoid demonization.
  • Jon setting up an old-fashioned snake oil cart and playing the role of the salesman in front of a Goop store.
  • The two kids getting their revenge on evil Santa in Surviving Edged Weapons.