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Why did Jacques erase Jon's memory in the Nuts and Bolts review?
What exactly did it accomplish? Why'd he stop him from destroying the game, and why did he rob him of the memories that prevented him from wanting to play the game, which Jacques didn't want him to do? The decision makes absolutely no sense.
  • Jon wanted to play and review the game already, to "finally lay this nightmare to rest." Jacques erased his memory to remove that motivation, but it was a Didn't Think This Through moment since he didn't consider that Jon seeing a "new" Banjo-Kazooie game would make him want to play it.
    • But his immense regret and apology to Jacques made it sound like he planned on destroying the game rather than playing it.
      • The memories had probably rushed back into his mind by that point.
  • He wanted a present.

    Flex Glue 
  • Did Phil really get the idea of flex glue from Jon's video? I just wanna know.

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