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Jon is very well known by many online, simply by how many of his clips are being used as Forum weapons and reactions gifs across the internet. The section has been split up into two; Memorable quotes that became memes, and Quote Forum Weapons that are used specifically used for reacting online.

Memorable Quotes

  • From his Sonic R review:
    • "Welcome to Sonic Team, we make games, I think!"note 
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    • "What the FUCK is a Sonic?!"
  • From his Clock Tower Review: <heart beat>...... <heart beat>..... <heart beat>..... FUCK IT!
  • "ECH!"
  • From his Final Fantasy XIII review: God has come to reap the sinners.
  • From his Foodfight! review: AM I DEAD YET?
  • His iconic "fool me once" rant from his Nightshade episode.
  • The Jontron Reddit Community has become a meme in of itself, thanks to how insane the place is. The subreddit is often overrun by in-jokes, including:
  • From his Space Ace review: "But I didn't die though, it was a joke."
  • How infrequently Jon uploads, with spans between videos sometimes being months long.
  • From his Goosebumps review:
    • STOP. STOP. STOP. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- YOU SICK FUCK (This program has been suspended indefinitely.)
    • FBI should be knocking this door any minute now. Explanation 
      • An other similarly used line: "I don't like where this is going!"
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  • And goblins were still really, REALLY scary! EW! I DON'T LIKE 'EM! I DON'T LIKE GOBLINS! BWAAAAAH!
  • From StarCade's first episode, Bird Versus Camel. To the point that someone even made a legit game called that.
  • From the A Talking Cat!?! review: "And IIIII'MM about to blow my FUCKING BRAINS OUT!!!"
  • From the Skateboard Kid review: Jon in a chicken suit awkwardly swinging around nunchucks while threatening.
  • From his Birdemic review: "I've cheated all of you and you didn't even notice."
  • Rich X commit more crimes than poor Y. Explanation 
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  • Holy shit you fucking killed her, dude. explanation 
  • "Rise and shine bitch! We're goin' to Disneyland!" *Spills ice bucket*
  • "That's a lot of daaa-mage!"
  • I sawed this schedule in half! And repaired it with only Flex Tape! Explanation 
  • Swood: A mistranslation of "Swoop" from California Games, often used as an expression of seeing something awesome ("sweet!")
  • From his Monster Party review:
  • Damn Timothy Brentwood. Explanation 
  • Terminal illness. Explanation 
  • 100% buttfuck insane. Explanation 
  • Jon caused the Notre Dame fire. Explanation 
  • "It's really not my fucking problem."
  • "Dead or dying birds" Explanation 
  • "Could Porky Pig be classified as a monster?" Explanation 

Quote Forum Weapons

  • From the Anti-Drug games video:
    • "WHAT!? WHAT THE FUCK!?" Explanation 
    • "Oh, my favorite" Explanation 
    • (holding scoring placard) Ten!" Explanation 
  • "Gotta be X in there somewhere!" Explanation 
  • From "Plug and Play Consoles":
  • I'lL tAkE yOuR eNtIrE StOcK!Explanation 
  • Oh my Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Explanation 
  • From his Foodfight! review:
    • AM I DEAD YET? Explanation 
    • It was cool though... Explanation 
    • Bad Touch, Bad Touch, stranger danger! Explanation 
  • From his Monster Party review:
    • "Nope nope nope nope nope nope SO MUCH NOPE."Explanation 
  • From "The Zoo Race":
    • "Ah boy, here we go..." Explanation 

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