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  • Accidentally Correct Writing:
    • In popular video, "Waterproofing My Life with FLEX TAPE", he makes a joke about Phil Swift having sniffed too much Flex Glue, a product which didn't exist at the time. A few months later, Flex Glue actually came out for real. Jon brings this up in his sequel video, "Flex Seal II: The Flexening", jokingly taking credit for coming up with the idea and demanding royalties.
    • In his review of Clock Tower (1995), he attempts to escape in the car to which the protagonist refuses. Then JonTron edits a part where the protagonist rushes out in the car. However,if one examined the car 3 times, the main character will get in it and run away though it doesn't go well for her
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    • In "Dr. Ho: License to Practice", Jon wished Predator would be in Mortal Kombat. It already happened four years before the video uploaded with Mortal Kombat X.
  • Approval of God:
    • JR Ralls, the writer and producer of Dark Dungeons thought Jon's review of the film was hilarious and thanked him on Twitter over it, as well as for clearly understanding that the film was satirical.
    • Vanilla Ice followed Jon on Twitter after his review of Cool as Ice.
    • Phil Swift's appearance As Himself in his second Flex Tape video might be an indicator.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Jon only says "Ech" in A Talking Cat?! to imitate the famous MGM lion roar studio title card; that actually stemmed from his run on Game Grumps, but nevertheless it has been immortalized as part of him.
    • He also briefly uttered it in the Space Ace review when looking at the circuitry of one of the arcade machines.
  • Black Sheep Hit: Jon has been making videos since the better part of 2010, and is usually associated with video game and movie reviews. Who would’ve known that his most viewed and most popular video of all time was about poking fun at the Flex Seal infomercials? This was even lampshaded and parodied in the beginning of his Flex Tape II video.
  • Colbert Bump: Allison Pregler promoted his review of Birdemic on Twitter and earned him new viewers.
    • Jon himself gave a massive amount of exposure to the Flex Seal brand by making fun of their bizarre infomercials, helping turn the entire brand into a meme and Phil Swift into the next Billy Mays.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • "Top 10 Overrated Games". Jon probably couldn't handle the bad press, as he's taken it off his site (the link once directing to it now leads to a sad song on YouTube), and the episode description reads something like, "This is an episode I made that I hate. It's now in its rightful place—Hell!"
    • In his Q&A video, he agrees that he and the Game Grumps didn't think through his departure from the series very well, which resulted with the slew of Epileptic Trees regarding his friendship with Arin.
  • Defictionalization: The "GreenBoys" YouTube channel mentioned in episode 6 of Starcade became a real channel not long after the episode went up, featuring (presumably) Chris O'Neill still messing around with the same Yoda puppet.
  • Development Hell: It turns out that the Takeshi's Challenge review started production in 2012, but because the game was so cryptically difficult, the actual review didn't come out until 2014.
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  • Enforced Method Acting: In Jon's review of Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf, he sees someone acting rather minimally after getting a bottle thrown at his head, and decides to replicate it with several bottles. Afterwards, Jon, reacting in a nearly identical manner, states that they actually hurt for real and he forgot whatever joke he was going for.
  • Fake Russian: Malkovich speaks with a thick Russian accent that almost always eschews any cases of an "a" or "the" in sentences.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: JonTron fans eventually nicknamed themselves "grommets" after the California Games review.
  • Fan Nickname: Blueboobs McFurrydream. Given to Krystal of Star Fox Adventures.
  • He Also Did: Jon has a second (or fifth, if you count Game Grumps, JonTronLOL and JonTronStarcraft) channel, the contents of which include a video of Jacques either throwing up or trying to throw up (a sign of affection for birds), a Minecraft video with Barry Kramer of Grumps fame, and a video containing a photoshopped image of his girlfriend strapped to a rocket flying through the sky.
  • Missing Episode: Some of his older videos are put as private/deleted from his channel. The most infamous one however is one called Apples and Breaks, which according to some found information (due to the fact Jon hastily put it on private), was about Jon's broken DS. It was eventually uploaded by a fan.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: Overlaps with Deleted Role, as the original trailer for his Starcade series contains several shots and lines that ended up being left out or changed, most notably a missing interrogation scene where an unknown female character asks Jon, "How are you just so goddamn handsome?"
  • Money, Dear Boy: Jon has stated multiple times that the need to pay his rent is the main driving force behind making videos.
  • Name's the Same: In the early 80s, there was a game show called Starcade where contestants competed by playing arcade games.
  • Old Shame:
    • He has removed his "Top 10 Most Overrated Video Games" list because his opinions on many of the games in question have changed.
    • This trope was implied in how Jon (back during his Game Grumps days) admitted he was very uncomfortable with the word "fuck", yet before and since then he included the word in his JonTron scripts as if it was a vital tool for his comedy. His feelings on the word may have changed, however, since he used it a lot in his much-later-made Bootleg Pokemon Games episode.
    • Jon apparently had a brief foray into flash animation with this video. Given the date of publication Jon could not have been more than sixteen years old at the time of production, but it's interesting to see how he went from a teenager with an odd onion fixation to an adult video-game critic, even moreso because Jon has never mentioned these videos except very, very briefly in one episode of Game Grumps.note 
    • "Top 10 Mario Party Minigames", which Jon bashes in an episode of Game Grumps. He realized it was incredibly stupid of him to make a Top 10 List where the vast majority of mini-games are from Mario Party 2.
    • On his early days of his channel, there were a lot of episodes that he put as private. The most infamous one being the Apples and Breaks video. Fans started to scout this one out, discovering they could grab snippets of the video despite its private status using the thumbnail generator function of YouTube, and one fan asked Jon at a panel if he would re-release it one day. It got to the point the Game Grumps Subreddit banded together in a bid to get the video back online. And it turns out somebody mirrored it, who then posted it.
    • Jon has deleted a lot of his early reviews (such as the entire Sonic Team saga) that didn't fit with his usual format.
  • Parody Assistance: Phil Swift actually appears As Himself in the Flex Tape Part II video, portrayed as the supreme almighty god of his own dimension of Flex Seal products called "Flexworld".
  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: Jon eventually starts pronouncing Dino City as if it were one word (pronounced "Dye-NAW-sih-tee").
  • Promoted Fanboy: Jon's a big fan of James Rolfe and The Angry Video Game Nerd series, so much so that he actually cites him as one of the main inspirations for his channel. Rolfe himself would eventually invite him to appear on his channel as a special guest.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Why did Jon lose Rockington in the "Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts" video? Because Jon lost the Rockington prop in real life.
    • A sort of reverse example, but the edit that Jon did to the Santa Claus 3 Wikipedia article can be seen here.
  • Recycled Script: Both "Hercules Games" and "Food Games Part 2" have a gag where Jon collapses on his couch, sick from having eaten a comically small amount of food in the previous scene. In the former, it was a gyro, while in the latter, it was pizza.
  • Schedule Slip:
    • Initially he uploaded his videos weekly. However, the gap between new videos has gotten bigger and bigger to the point where the series had updates once every couple of months. Game Grumps could be blamed for this, just like how all of Egoraptor's animations ground to halt around the same time, though both insist that isn't the case, and just happen to both be really slow at updating these days.
    • However, after he left Game Grumps and started making videos again, he seems to be updating regularly on a monthly schedule. This trope is still played straight In-Universe in regards to the Home Alone review, where his Christmas special is delayed to January due to his Mushroom Samba.
    • In recent years, his content production has slowed to a crawl. In the entirety of 2017, he managed a whopping six videos. He didn't publish any in 2018 until December 2nd.
  • Throw It In!:
    • According to his 2015 Q & A video, several of his jokes were improvised, most notably the line "I aiiiiiiint' havin' that shit!" in his Nightshade review.
    • The only reason Jon mentioned losing Rockington in his Nuts & Bolts review is because he actually managed to lose the prop. Somehow.
    • In the Christmas with the Kranks review, Jon gestures with a large jar of eggnog and accidentally spills it on himself. He ends up making a joke out of it in the spur of the moment.
    "Good things never last! (spills eggnog) this pants."
    • In the ending of the same video, it's quite obvious that Jon legitimately has no idea what the fuck is going on when the random street-preacher guy starts proselytizing for his church, and can even be seen trying futilely to take the mic back while the guy continues ranting, obliviously.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • On this episode of Game Grumps Jon admitted that Jacques was originally going to be a "jive black man" and that he was very happy he hadn't gone through with that decision. Jacques was also going to be animated with Synchro-Vox rather than glowing red eyes, and the show was going to be called "JonTron 2.0".
    • Jon revealed during the 2014 ScrewAttack Gaming Convention that he had planned an episode all about games based on Disney theme parks, and even showed off clips that had been recorded for the episode, but ultimately the episode remains unfinished because Jon wasn't very happy with how stuff turned out. He's stated it may be completed one day, but for the time being has no plans to do so.
    • While still on Game Grumps, Jon mentioned that he was making a The Legend of Zelda video alongside Arin's Zelda focused Sequelitis. While Arin's video eventually came out after a long Schedule Slip (and eventually received Creator Backlash), Jon opted to cancel his video for unknown reasons.
  • The Wiki Rule: The JonTron Wiki.


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