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Nightmare Fuel / TOME

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Oh, I'm sure he's fiiiiiine.

Since the series takes place online, there's totally nothing to be afraid of. It is only a game, after all. So None of what's happening is real, right?


T.O.M.E (The Remake) provides examples of:

Episode 00

  • How about hearing Zetto's IRL player receiving the sensation of having his arm COMPLETELY RIPPED OFF!?! It's unclear if the damage never recovered either.
    • Word of God says it was just an illusion, there was no permanent physical damage after the incident.

Episode 01

  • The introduction of the Forbidden Power and how Alpha starts screaming as the Forbidden Power attaches to his character. Creepy.


Episode 02

  • Gamecrazed fuses his shadow body with Splat's hacked slime morphing, and then snatches and mind-rapes her.

Episode 03

  • Alpha under the influence of the Forbidden Power and attacking Ravenfreak with it, especially the look of pure rage on Alpha's face until Flamegirl gives him a Cooldown Hug.

Episode 05

  • Demon Alpha appearing and ripping Tigerlily to shreds and then hitting Kirbopher with the Forbidden Power as well and letting out screams of rage the whole time as he rips through Mechcity and takes out players in one hit until Zetto shows up.


Episode 09

  • At the beginning of the episode, Alpha is confronting Dustbunny about the Forbidden Power. After trying to provoke it out of him, Alpha eventually attempts to use it on her. Dustbunny then uses Asterob's shield (which she had stolen from him in the previous episode) to try and absorb the Forbidden Power. The moment the virus enters the shield, Alpha immediately drops to his knees, and it sounds as if he's choking! And what's the first thing he manages to stammer when Flamegirl shows up?
    Alpha: St-stephanie... Help!

Episode 10

  • Demon Zetto, a Hopeless Boss Fight that Alpha stands no real chance against and he could be dealt a serious real life wound or killed at anytime as he tries to just survive long enough.

Episode 12

  • The Forbidden Power breaks free of the Drain Edge it was sealed in and then hovers over the sky of T.O.M.E to the shock of the main cast and the Netkings.

Episode 14

    • Nylocke gets kidnapped, Flamey gets possessed by the Antivirus, Gamecrazed is nowhere to be found, Kirbopher is as good as DEAD, and the last shot before the episode ends is Alpha having a truly terrifying panic attack over the loss of what could be the only real friends he has ever had. Dude.
    • It doesn't help that it has been outright stated that whoever gets hurt by the Forbidden Power in the game gets hurt in real life. When you think about the implications, the series really takes a dark turn. Think about it. If you get stabbed in the heart by a character corrupted by the Forbidden Power, your heart reacts to that feeling in real life. Even if it is fake, the sensation alone can kill people given the right circumstances.
      • When the Forbidden Power wraps Kirbopher in its tail and starts crushing him. You can hear his bones crunching! And remember, not only do you feel the same level of pain in real life, but also that Kirb has been hurt by this thing before. Again, dude.
  • Kirb's and Alpha's screams throughout the series is scary enough, but this episode shows Flamey getting possessed by the Antivirus! The scream that emits from this character is spine-chilling!
    • If the above picture is any indication, the FP can really mess you up.
    • When Flamey is absorbed against her will into the antivirus weapon, and it powers on, what is the first thing you hear? Flamegirl screaming inside of it. Alpha is noticeably and understandably terrified.

Episode 15

  • Alpha's constant emotional and mental breakdowns throughout this episode and last episode may qualify as this for some, partly because of how realistic they are.
    • 3 minutes in Alpha is staring at the ground, breathing heavily. As he comes to realize Kirbopher's true identity, he turns to look at Zetto and his breaths start increasing before he jumps towards the camera in an attempt to punch Zetto, screaming.
    • When the Dragon Bug and Kajet cancel each other out and collapse into raw data, Alpha just looks with absolute terror on his eyes and yells "STEPHANIIIIIIE!!!"
    • And afterwards, when Zetto and Kizuna spot Rubirules jump into the ground with the data, Alpha is just on his knees, having nearly lost his will to fight. To see a character go from shy and unassuming, to straightforward and confident, to rage-filled and unstable is not a very nice thing to see.

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