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Nightmare Fuel / Thrilling Intent

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Despite being a comedy series, Thrilling Intent has its fair share of terrifying moments.

  • The monster inside the Prison Of Lights is this incarnate. From the moment the gang enters the Prison, this thing is after them. Much of the arc is spent in total fear of this thing, and the crew rapidly decides to leave the second it figures out where they are. It's a giant person that has been mutated into something hideous, arms stitched behind its back and a bleached white skull.
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  • The very concept of Iconiclasm. The Shrouded Isles arc establishes that the human soul can carry on after death, and Spiritfolk can reincarnate after being wisps for an uncertain amount of time. However, Iconiclasm kills spiritfolk so hard, that their very essence is destroyed. Their soul is utterly obliterated.