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Nightmare Fuel / Drunken Peasants

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  • When covering news stories, there's always a chance that Ben, TJ, and Scotty will come across a particularly fucked-up story, such as the case involving the Slender Man stabbings and almost anything involving Police Brutality (though this usually doesn't stop them from making jokes about it).
  • In episode 141, the hosts covered a video by VeganGains, a user who clashed with the Drunken Peasants once or twice before. In the video, VeganGains, while participating in an online gaming session, went on about how he would kill MrRepzion in graphic detail, all because MrRepzion called him a sociopath. It was disturbing to point of frightening Sargon of Akkad and eliciting comparisons to Elliot Rodger.
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  • While Gail Chord Schuler is generally considered a goldmine in terms of potential comedy, the fact that she actually stalked Brent Spiner for 22 years, as well as her rather squicky stories involving Jesus, lend credence to her being a legitimately mentally-disturbed person.
  • Overlapping with Tear Jerker, episode 160's ending has Paul's Ego telling a story about how he as a 16 year old teenager was a victim of a car jacking and how he had to mentally prepare himself for the fact that he was most likely going to be murdered in the middle of southern California's farmlands. He then describes how the thieves tried to stuff him in his trunk but he was too fat, and that the moral of the story is that no matter how dark the moment life can always take a potshot at his weight.

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