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  • Cancellation: The podcast ended abruptly near the end of 2017 due to creative differences. It returned on February 2018 with Ben and Billy as the hosts.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Plenty of DP's rivals are given nicknames by fans and the hosts themselves. Examples include Christian vlogger Josh Feuerstein being usually called Josh Fuck-Stain or Josh Moronstein, Evangelist Ray Comfort as Ray Cum-Fart, and Brett Keane as The Butt King.
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    • Scotty is sometimes called "Scoopy" by the fans. This is due to an instance where they went on break, and TJ briefly interrupted the break to tell everyone watching to start calling Scotty by that name, purely to troll his little brother.
    • There's also Ten and BJ.
  • Flip-Flop of God:
    • This was originally the case regarding whether or not The Vigilant Christian Mario was ever going guest star on the show. The Vigilant Christian Mario had constantly been offered a chance to guest star on the show numerous times, but chickened out every single time. For the longest, it appeared that DP had all but given up trying to get him on the show, but he finally came on the show August 4th, 2015. He even said he'd respectfully return to the show some time later.
    • This seems to be happening regarding the Kent Hovind debate that DP wants to host on their show. Whether it gets resolved and Kent finally comes one is currently up in the air.
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  • Milestone Celebration: Episodes 100 (a long episode with various guests), 200 (Paul's "Fisting"), and 300 (Wheel of Misfortune). Episode 400 was skipped in favor of episode 420, a 24-hour show.
  • Missing Episode: Plan C was deleted off Twitch before it was uploaded to YouTube.
  • Old Shame:
    • Pretty much averted with TJ and his leaked banana video. It gets brought up and joked a lot on the show, but TJ seems to be indifferent to the mockery and jokes along with it.
    • Played straight with Ben playing an old video where TJ unironically praised Brett Keane, describing him in almost deific terms.
    • For Billy's part, he's ashamed of a nearly decade-old song he did with Ronald Mc Fondle called "Pinwheels". He's also not particularly fond of an old review he did of a documentary called Nerdcore For Life.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Feminist writer Christina Hoff Sommers was to be a guest on the show sometime in late April 2015, but after some discussion with her peers, she ultimately changed her mind respectively. Her reasoning was that the show just wouldn't feel right for her. The Drunken Peasants were overall fine with her decision but still wish she would change her mind and come on a future episode someday.
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  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: Thanks to the spam, this is pretty much the reason why the YouTube chat was disabled on every live video, though it was sometimes opened on special occasions, such as the 100th episode and debate shows. note 
  • The Wiki Rule: Yes. DP has a wiki. God help us all. The wiki has been shut down due to in-fighting from the admins, and the link leads to a discord server.

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