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Considering who this show is co-hosted by and the state he and his friends host it in, it's no surprise that there's plenty of funny moments to be had.

  • The title to Episode 33 contains a note in parenthesis noting that 33 is a freemasonic number.
  • In the beginning of that same episode, TJ has Hugo and Jake answer five questions that atheists supposedly can't answer.
    TJ: Alright, so that's all the fucking questions that they have. You guys failed to answer, thus proving christianity is true.
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  • While responding to Tim the Bartender for the first time, the hosts find out that pausing the video at certain points puts Tim in rather amusing poses.
  • This little exchange.
    Scotty: TJ sucks!
    TJ: Scotty sucks worse!
    Scotty: TJ sucks the most out than anyone has ever sucked in the history of humanity... and the universe!
    TJ: Scotty sucks ten times more than that!
    Scotty: TJ sucks a billion times more than that!
    TJ: Scotty sucks infinity times infinity!
    Scotty: TJ sucks infinity times infinity plus one!
    TJ: Scotty sucks infinity to the infinity-ith power!
    Scotty: TJ is a piece of shit, and fucking GODDAMN YOU! DAMN YOU, TJ!
  • TJ's observation that Ryan Wiley resembles Glenn Humplik from The Tom Green Show.
  • Anytime that the hosts imitate Brett Keane. Bonus points if they say any variation of "Stop attacking my family" or bring up his self-imposed nickname "The Stallion".
    • More bonus points if Scotty makes a joke involving McDonald's.
    • A few bonus points more if they (jokingly) insult Brett Keane's family.
    Scotty: Brett Keane's family sucks, wooh!
    • Speaking of Brett Keane, when going over his video with Chedubs announcing his leaving YouTube, a glitch resulted in the video being slightly sped up... and had the hilarious side effect of making Brett's normally slow and drunk-sounding voice sound like that of a normal person.
  • While responding to a video from ShannyIsMe, Scotty asks Ben to do his best Bill Clinton impression.
    Ben: *in his best Bill Clinton voice* Uh, TJ, I think, maybe, uh, you might want to leave ShannyIsMe alone a little bit, because she hasn't been giving me head like she was before.
    TJ: Damn, Bill. You'll stick your dick in anything.
  • "Butt King Squad ASSEMBLE!"
  • G-Man: The Motherfuckin' Opera
  • "Hey Scotty! Jesus, man!"
  • Episode 45 featured a special guest appearance by none other than Venom Fang X, TJ's old Arch-Nemesis from the early days of YouTube. Venom Fang agreed to come on the show and debate TJ only on the condition that the hosts try to keep the swearing to an absolute minimum. To TJ's credit, he actually managed to avoid swearing throughout the majority of the episode (only slipping up and saying "shit" once, then quickly apologizing), but everyone watching could tell that he was making a tremendous effort to keep it clean. When Shawn had to leave the call for a bit to attend to a personal matter, TJ unleashed a litany of rapid-fire swearing that had been building up throughout the entire debate, milking the short break for all that it was worth. As soon as Shawn returned, he promptly went back to not swearing again.
  • In Episode 66, they featured a video by a man who claimed that people who have a higher education are trying to destroy Christmas. Everything about the segment was hilarious:
  • In the most recent episode, they were discussing a video where Bobby Jindal (the governor of TJ's home state Louisiana) talked about the Muslim population of London. After questioning why the governor of Louisiana would be in London, TJ went on a long diatribe about how Jindal was there giving Queen Elizabeth II oral sex and had been appointed the Queen's "royal pussy licker", getting more and more graphic and offensive in his description. When Scotty and Ben interrupt the diatribe to announce that TJ has probably been banned from London for the rest of his life, TJ concludes with:
  • Episode 82 opens with TJ cutting a promo on Ryan Wiley as The Aluminum Sheik, wearing a blanket covered in puppies on his head, secured with a belt, as his keffiyeh. It is every bit as random and hilarious as it sounds. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    The Aluminum Sheik: Ryan Wiley, I see what you talking on Twitter! Oh yes, I watch you! I see you on the Twitter! I see the shit you talk against me! Do you not realize who I am Ryan Wiley?! I DESTROY you! I break your back! I fuck your ass! I make you humble! *Mic Drop*
  • The entire 100th episode. No, really. The entire fucking thing!
  • Near the end of Episode 117, the hosts become depressed that barbecuing is dead. In an attempt to cheer everyone up, Ben decides to play a video from TJ's earlier days on YouTube...
  • Almost any instance when the hosts get up and physically interact with each other on-camera (such as Scotty "slapping" TJ in Episode 48).
  • Speaking of slapping, Episode 129 (the first to feature TJ and Scotty's brother Stevie that wasn't a private show) had TJ slapping Stevie a couple times near the end of the show. The first time was rather weak, with Stevie dismissing it as a "pussy-slap". The second time, TJ manages to slap him so hard that he knocks over the camera in the process.
  • Episode 143 brings us PaulsEgo channeling Large Ham and Unstoppable Rage to mock someone who was offering $25,000 to anyone who can provide proof that the Sandy Hook shootings were real.
  • In about 1 hour and almost 21 minutes into Episode 146, TJ berates Jenny McDermott for having a disgusting horseface. Skip to 1 hour 55 minutes and an extremely stoned PaulsEgo asks TJ to clarify if he actually outright called her a horseface. He then burst into tears and laughter when TJ confirmed that he did.
  • Anytime they make fun of Glenn Beck's strange, Halloween-esque decorating.
    Paul:(impersonating Glenn) Alright, guys. We're gonna put Jeffie, uh, at the spooky table. I'm gonna go get my hunting vest, let's do this.
  • Episode 232, Ben plays one of TJ's old videos praising Brett Keane. It needs to be seen to be believed, and TJ compares it to a girl reading her high school diary and reading the glowing comments about a boy who later raped her.
    • And in episode 233, TJ gets his revenge by showing one of Pauls Ego's old videos, defending Brett Keane when Brett started his first fall from grace.
  • Episode #238. Scotty had been building this episode (apparently selected at random) for some time, claiming it would be the best episode. So what does he do to make it special?
    • First off, he shows up wearing a ski mask and being uncharacteristically quiet, repeatedly muttering "The truth shall be revealed"
    • Then, mid-episode, when Ben leaves the room, Scotty slams the door and locks Ben out, declaring himself the new show runner.
    • Then he screams "THE TRUTH IS REVEALED" while cutting up Scotty Cena (a John Cena doll with Scotty's face pasted on) with scissors, after which he grabs TJ by the throat and demands that he play "the pony clip", all while Ben bangs on the door and Paul watches on, narrating in horror
    • To top the whole thing, Ben manages to get back into the room by getting a spare key, restoring order immediately. Scotty's little revolution lasts less than ten minutes.
  • Paul's inexplicable rage towards Jim Ass.
    Paul: Is that you, Jim Ass, you fucking abusive drunk?
  • Episode 206: Brett Keane, in his best "insinuating something" tone, wonders how TJ could have worked for his father if his father was in prison (both events happened at different times). TJ patiently explains sequential time to Brett.
    • Paul gets in on the act:
    Paul: (as Brett) I don't understand, TJ, you say time is sequins? Like what I wear when I go disco dancing? You seem to be a little confused here, what I'm asking in this particular situation is, how could you have worked for your father when he was born in prison and spent his entire life in prison?
  • Episode 260 features a guest appearance by Egghead, but on condition that he gets a strike every time he says or does something embarrassingly cringeworthy, and gets booted off after three strikes. He doesn't even last halfway through the episode, but Paul takes some pity on him:
    Paul: Egghead, all this stuff, it's because we like you, alright? It's just an act. We like you. You understand that, right?
    Egghead: I know. And I can't wait to see what happens in N'orlins!
    Paul: ...Strike four, Egghead.
    • And then after he's booted, TJ, in his ghoulish fashion jokes that Egghead will probably commit suicide (in the same manner as the bathtub scene from Stephen King's It) from the humiliation, causing Paul to get so guilty that he insists they bring Egghead back on.
  • The cold open from one episode is home footage from the Kirk brothers at a hockey game. Then the announcer starts singing the Canadian national anthem, and TJ zooms the camera in on Scotty (an inveterate Canada hater), who is very visibly not thrilled. TJ tells him that it's okay if he wants to cry.
  • In Episode 273, TJ mocking the hilariously goofy opening theme to Steve Shives's video series.
    TJ: Dude, your intro music literally sounds like what's going down in a fucking Down's Syndrome kid's mind.

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