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Nightmare Fuel / Goomzilla

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Thanks for THAT imagery, Goomzilla.

Even an adorable plush video can have frightening moments. Beware of unmarked spoilers!


Bowser and the Koopas' Staff

  • This was our first glimpse of Bowser's descent into Bad Boss territory, as he had no qualms in making his own minions disappear with his magic hand wand. Even Peach was quite horrified when she witnesses what he did to Koopa.
  • The Underwhere. Home to Master Hand & Crazy Hand, this pure black world is where those unfortunate to die or touch the aforementioned wand are sent. The Hands themselves are a different beast altogether. Bowser's earlier shenanigans were somewhat laughable and lighthearted, but these two stand out from Goomzilla's previous three videos as the first Knight of Cerebus. This begs the question: if the Hands succeed in eating their victims, do they go into another place after death, or are they gone for good? Given the video description confirming their success in eating a poor defenseless Goomba, this makes it all the easier to feel sorry for the little guy.

Bowser Needs Minions!

  • "Bowser Needs Minions!" was a funny episode...that ends on a Last Note Nightmare with the room getting dark and Bowser and his new minions laughing.

Mario's Quest

  • You thought Bowser was a nightmare in Bowser and the Koopas' Staff? Wait until you see him here. Bowser's Evil Plan this time is to use a star-powered generator to turn everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom into stone so that he and Peach can be the only two people alive, with nobody to interfere with their "relationship." Prior, he just wanted to kidnap her, fight back against those who wrong him, or generally just wreak havoc. Even his more worrying actions in Bowser and the Koopas' Staff were regrettable and forgivable to a degree. This was the first time in Goomzilla history where Bowser was even more of a Knight of Cerebus than the Hands. Oh, but don't worry, it gets even better.
    • Bowser's deep voice that Goomzilla gives him. The first time Bowser receives a voice, and this is what he does with it.
    • Bowser ordering Goomfrey to beat Peach with a bat is scarily reminiscent of an abusive relationship.
    • Bowser first found the generator in a broken state. To fix it, he has one of his Goombas whip an innkeeper Toad into telling him how to fix it. He even laughs when he witnesses this.
    • Bowser's Near-Villain Victory especially deserves an honorable mention. Everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom has been turned to stone and it seemed like Peach had no one to turn to for help. Had it not been for Yoshi's sacrifice, Bowser would have won. Not helping was his apathetic reaction to his own minions getting petrified as well. If there was even more of a sign that Bowser is now a monster to his own people, this is it.
  • There's also a Bottomless Pit that exists in the Goomzilla universe. Though useful in getting rid of the generator once and for all, and characters falling into it is mostly Played for Laughs, it's best not to think about how it would feel to fall forever.

Luigi's Quest

  • Peach is surprisingly efficient when she's hypnotized to be loyal to Bowser, while simultaneously possessing Mario's power transferred from the Diode. This "New Peach" develops an unquenchable thirst for power, forcing Kamek to promise her that Mario will get his comeuppance if she has a little patience. Then, once Mario has been squeezed dry, the first thing she does when Luigi intervenes is attack him. Luigi's fight with her was a losing battle, and the only reason Luigi won was because her feelings for Mario managed to break through to her. It's unclear how she would have finished Luigi if he didn't scream Mario's name, but if her almost chokehold-like high ground as he screams to her was anything to go by, it wouldn't have been pretty. And even though the villains need Luigi alive in order for her to absorb his power as well, he still would be too weak to save her mind and Yoshi has already been depowered, leaving Mario at the mercy of his brainwashed girlfriend, also too weak to fight back or escape whatever fate she had in store for him.
  • The true villain of the movie, Solus. Seeing the entire world as selfish, this hooded figure was first believed by the more trusting viewers to be a true friend to Luigi who wanted to help him save his captured friends, but they couldn't have been more wrong. All he wanted was power, which he first uses to get his revenge on Bowser after his neglect ten years ago. With Bowser (narrowly) killed in the lava pit, Solus also has the gall to rub his death in the nothing-but-loyal Koopa's face. But Solus doesn't stop there. He plans to make Luigi (i.e. the person who helped him get to where he was) his next victim. Luigi can't break through to him like he did with Peach since Solus never considered Luigi a true friend, and when Koopa volunteers to help Luigi fight Solus, no punches were pulled on him either. His first form was defeated relatively easily to his own surprise, but Solus had one more form to take down (pictured), which almost comes out of nowhere. Unfortunately, none of Luigi or Koopa's attacks had any effects on Solus, and Solus' own attacks were brutal. If Captain Toad hadn't stepped in, Luigi and Koopa most likely would have been killed, and Solus would have walked away with Mario's power. From there, who knows what he would have done with them? Plus, it is a bit too lucky that the speck of Mario's power would just fly back to Mario after Solus' defeat. When you think about it, this is all Bowser's fault. If he hadn't neglected Solus, none of this would have happened.
  • Solus falling into a pit of lava and burning off his flesh is surprisingly dark for a Goomzilla video.
  • For all the bad things Kamek has done, he doesn't deserve getting weakened by the Diode and abandoned. Let's hope he gets back on his feet by the end of Peach's Quest.

Yoshi and the Lost Egg

  • Yoshi's Face–Heel Turn was very unexpected. It felt like it came out of nowhere, and was downright Out of Character. And unlike Peach, no hypnosis was required for this turn. Yoshi did it on his own accord.
  • When Yoshi goes alone to Bowser's Castle, he has the option to face Bowser. This proves to be a big mistake, since Yoshi didn't bring eggs or anything to fight back, and was also severely outnumbered. Furious that Yoshi would trespass on his property, he orders the poor little dinosaur caged. His fate from there is unclear, but knowing Bowser, most Mario fans wouldn't put it past him to straight-up kill trespassers.
  • In the outtakes, there's an exchange between two Goombas that perhaps Bowser's next plan is to give all the Yoshis rabies when they see the caged Yoshi freaking out—and that one of those two Goombas has rabies too. It's supposed to be a joke, but rabies is a territory you don't expect Goomzilla to enter.

Mario's Unexpected Transformation

  • Mario gets turned back to normal JUST before Luigi enters the scene. What would have happened if Luigi didn't recognize Mario as a Goomba?

    Noncanon works 

Luigi's Spooky Ghost Spooky Quest

  • For an April Fool's Day video, the trailer for Luigi's Spooky Ghost Spooky Quest indeed looks spooky. After getting licked by Stanley, Luigi becomes Ghost Luigi, an inconsistent mix-and-match of which parts of him are allowed to be visible or transparent. Though initially shocked by his spectral form, he soon warms up to it when he uses it to scare people to steal their food, and generally cause mischief, somewhat similar to his actions in Luigi the Prankster. Getting too close to him also runs the risk of becoming a ghost as well, as poor Yoshi learns the hard way. He doesn't seem to mind, however, making you wonder how Yoshi is going to make use of his spectral form as well. Oh, and the trailer is narrated by the same deep voice Goomzilla used for Bowser. Except now it sounds deeper and more sinister here, potentially giving Jigsaw a run for his money.


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