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Unmarked spoilers below!

Luigi the Prankster

  • Luigi escaping his cage all on his own, with only a rope to grab the key that was left by his cage.

A Day in the Life of Mario

  • After having to save the princess again and again to the tune of the Super Mario Bros. theme, Mario has had enough, and builds a wall in front of the castle so Bowser cannot kidnap the princess again.
  • Everybody "singing" the Super Mario Bros. theme was incredibly well-timed on Goomzilla's part.

Bowser and the Koopas' Staff

  • Koopa fighting Master Hand on his own, even if it wasn't very successful.

Bowser Needs Minions!

  • Peach gets a little Genre Savvy when a Goomba disguised as a Toad tries to convince her to work for Bowser. But she sees through the disguise (it wasn't a very good one) and shoos him away with only a banana.

Mario's Quest


  • The Innkeeper Toad manages to get his revenge on the Goomba that whipped him earlier.
    Innkeeper Toad: Pesky things.
  • Yoshi gets a Big Damn Heroes moment by flying a rocket all the way up to Bowser's castle, defeating him, and freeing everyone from the stone spell.

Luigi's Quest

  • Peach deserves points for almost using the power she absorbed from Mario to breaking him out of his cage. Bowser catches her at the last minute, and her attempt was the catalyst to having her hypnotized to be loyal to Bowser, but you can't blame a girl for trying.
  • Even though Solus was a traitorous swine, the way he calls out Bowser for not recognizing him after he fell into the lava and later threw him out was well-deserved if you think Bowser was too hard on his minions in this series. Also, despite the other characters' reactions, him defeating Bowser by himself was pretty awesome to watch.
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  • Captain Toad builds a ray gun on his own, which he uses to take down Solus.

Yoshi and the Lost Egg

  • Reaching the best ending and receiving 10 out of 10 Yoshi cookies is awesome enough in its own right, but if this is the first ending you receive, you are truly the master.

Mario's Unexpected Transformation

  • Peach gets her Big Damn Heroes moment when she manages to escape from her cage to help undo the Goomba curse placed onto Mario, thanks to Goomba!Mario leaving the cage unlocked for her behind Bowser's back after he passed the Goomba IQ test. She does this by throwing a Microgoomba at the responsible culprit, making him mad enough to charge his magic energy at her, giving her just enough time to put Goomba!Mario in the line of fire. Once the curse was lifted, Mario's reputation with Goombas filled in the rest.

Peach's Quest

  • Princess Peach, usually the damsel in distress to Bowser, finally gets her chance to shine as the hero in this third Quest movie.
  • Despite having his power taken away from him, Bowser still tries to fight off the Duplighosts that corner Peach near the beginning, even if he fails.

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