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Predictions for the upcoming finale of Luigi's Quest.

  • We now know that Solus is just a traitorous swine looking at the Diode for power, but there's still the matter of his true identity. Solus is just a Dry Bones plush with a cloak, as pointed out by many commentors. But a Dry Bones as his true form looks doubtful within the story. Considering how Doopliss threatened to reveal his true form in front of Luigi and Captain Toad, his form would have to intimidate the both of them for him to think that quick to finish Doopliss before he could expose him. Both of them have seen Dry Bones enemies before, and Solus had already told them that he left Bowser, so if they see a Dry Bones underneath that cloak, they probably would think "meh, that's not so scary." Even if it is a Dry Bones, it may be a host for who might be under there: King Boo. Ever since Luigi's Mansion, King Boo has been seen as Luigi's Arch-Enemy. Considering that this entire movie puts Luigi in the spotlight, and Bowser was already the Big Bad of Mario's Quest, it's only fitting that King Boo would be back to settle the score. Why else would Solus say "Is that...?" when he first sees Luigi, and why else would we hear the theme to Luigi's Mansion when they first talk about the Diode? Plus, King Boo working for Bowser in games such as Super Mario 64 DS and Super Princess Peach would fit Solus' claims that he used to work for Bowser here.
    • Jossed. No King Boo, and it's the Dry Bones the many commentors predicted he was.
  • Near the end of Mario's Quest, Bowser managed to temporarily petrify almost everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom, including his own minions. While he celebrates his victory over his nemesis, the fate of his minions doesn't seem to debilitate him in any way. This wouldn't be so jarring, except this was after he learns to treat his minions better in "Bowser and the Koopas' Staff." Not to mention that most RPG games show how benevolent of a boss he is to his minions beneath all that evil. With that said, can you really blame Solus for claiming that Bowser sees his minions as tools, not allies? So maybe somewhere down the road, Bowser will confront Solus and perhaps deny the aforementioned claims, and Solus will remind Bowser of his heartless reaction to his petrified minions, and maybe some other instances of abuse towards them ("The only way any of these minions would impress me is if they brought me Luigi themselves."). Even a traitorous swine can make valid points, trust me. You could argue that Solus has no way of knowing the events of Mario's Quest, but since that movie was such an audience hit, it's possible that those events went down in history within the Goomzilla universe as well, and Rogueport does get Rogue News...
    • Sorta confirmed, but in a slightly different way.
  • Possible ways Solus will be defeated:
    • If Solus is indeed King Boo, he will be finished off (or at least weakened) by the bright light on Captain Toad's headlamp. Luigi can also suck him up with his old trusty Poltergust 3000. Or, similar to how the Boo was defeated in Mario's Quest Part 5, both.
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    • Whatever happened to the mushroom hypnotist that put Peach under Bowser's control? Did he move back to Rogueport, or is he still chilling at Bowser's Castle? If the latter is true, then maybe one of the good guys will try to steal his hypnosis pendulum and use it to hypnotize Solus into cooperating with them in restoring power to everyone who was weakened by the Diode. Heck, maybe the hypnotist himself will do it.
    • Jossed. Both of them.
  • Remember the ending of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, where after DK breaks out of his binds, the first thing he does is punch out Kaptain K. Rool with a single punch? There's a chance something similar will happen when Mario regains his power in the end.
    • Jossed.
  • The Diode will be thrown into an endless pit, just like the generator in Mario's Quest.
    • Not confirmed, but not outright jossed either. Only implied.
  • At the very last scene, as everyone returns home happily, Wingo can be seen glaring angrily at Captain Toad.
    • Jossed.


Who will be the criminal that stole Yoshi's egg in Yoshi and the Lost Egg?

There are three suspects (according to the trailer), but only two alibis. Whoever doesn't have an alibi will be the Big Bad of Yoshi and the Lost Egg.

  • Wario & Waluigi
    • Reason for suspicion: The trailer shows a kitchen where they were cooking eggs. A legitimate reason for suspicion.
    • Alibi: It's hard to imagine if that Yoshi egg would turn a nice enough profit for someone as greedy as those two. Plus, none of the eggs shown in the trailer had any blue spots on them.

  • Francis
    • Reason for suspicion: As a nerd, he would be the type who's interested in studying things like Yoshi eggs.
    • Alibi: He hates leaving the safety of his home. Security is tight where he lives, as we've seen in Luigi's Quest.

  • Bowser
    • Reason for suspicion: Stealing a Yoshi egg is nothing. With how long Bowser has terrorized the Mushroom Kingdom, it's no surprise that he would just cook it before a Yoshi could be born. Which is...pretty dark, to be honest.
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    • Alibi: He kidnaps princesses far more often than he steals Yoshi eggs. His beef is usually not with Yoshi is what I'm saying.

  • It was none of them. That's all I'm gonna say.

Predictions for Peach's Quest

Peach will come face-to-face with P. Shroom, the (apparent) name of the poison mushroom hypnotist that made her loyal to Bowser in Luigi's Quest. He will be the hidden antagonist of this episode, and it will be nice to see Peach get her revenge.


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