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"It's the Goomba Brothers!"

Unmarked spoilers below!


  • The Hilarious Outtakes are good for a laugh. Most of the single-part videos have a few, while the two Quest movies and Yoshi and the Lost Egg get their own videos showing them.
  • The trailer for Luigi's Spooky Ghost Spooky Quest shows that even Goomzilla can have a little fun on April Fool's Day.


Luigi the Prankster

  • Luigi keeps tempting Wario with chicken on a strong, but pulls it away before he can get to eat it. So Wario uses his motorcycle to chase him down, leaving poor Luigi to run away.

A Day in the Life of Mario

  • Just the sound of the characters "singing" to the Super Mario Bros. theme is hilarious in its own way.

Bowser and the Koopas' Staff

  • Mario stomps on Goombas all the time. But one Goomba decides he wasn't going to take it, and goes through intense Training from Hell to fight Mario...but Mario easily stomps on him anyway.
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  • Mario is about to sing the Super Mario Bros. theme again, but Luigi quickly stops him.
  • Toad and Yoshi bemoan the loss of the Princess...and then her cage appears on top of Yoshi, crushing him. Toad gets the princess out and they happily walk away, leaving Yoshi trapped under there.

Bowser Needs Minions!

  • Bowser writes on his white board that "We need more minions!" A Micro-Goomba is on board to help, but Bowser rewrites on his white board that "We need more DECENT minions!", causing the poor Micro-Goomba to dejectedly walk away.
  • Boo tries to force a Bob-omb to be the new minion, and when Luigi walks in, Bowser orders the Bob-omb to attack. Luigi panics...but the Bob-omb isn't moving. Bowser keeps pushing and pushing the Bob-omb until it finally explodes in his face. And then Luigi laughs at him.
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  • Wario and Waluigi try to escape from Bowser's wrath by...jumping through the staircase's bars. Waluigi slips through easily, but Wario gets stuck between them.

Mario's Quest

  • Luigi defeats the Goombas by grabbing Mario's hammer and using it to smash the walls with it in a childish tantrum, causing rocks from the cave's ceiling to fall onto them and their battle machine.
  • When Mario and Luigi stop to rest at a pyramid, Mario gets in bed in the style of Paper Mario 64. Luigi tries to replicate this style...but hits his head on the wall and falls unconscious.
  • Peach wearing the thread she used to sew to make herself look like a ghost, scaring away that poor Micro-Goomba.
    Peach: Boooo!
  • The drama of Whacka's funeral is ruined by Luigi finding his grave from a previous episode, and wondering what that's all about.

Wario the Bankrupt

  • Wario the Bankrupt in its entirety, from Luigi fishing out a giant Blooper to Wario and Waluigi ending up right back to square one by the end of the episode.

Luigi's Quest

  • Francis talking to Kent C. Koopa through the former's laptop about nerdy things like Starship X-Naut IV and how "girls are scary, nerr."
  • This gem:
    Bowser: We'll let Super Princess Peach help!
    Kamek: Er...okay.
  • By the end, we find out that Kamek never gets his power restored to him.
    Kamek: Hello? A little help here?

Mario's Unexpected Transformation

  • Mario's appearance as a Goomba is hilarious enough, but then we get this line.
    Bowser: Peach, why do you want to make friends with Goombas? I'm way more fun than they are. Tonight, I'll even take you fishing with me.
    Peach: Uh.....Help me!

Peach's Quest

  • Bowser's wedding with Peach opens with this.
    Kamek: Does anyone have any reason why these two should not be wed?
    Peach: Uh...yes!
    Kamek: ...apart from the Princess.
    Peach: Oh...
  • Bowser's "heartbreak".
    Bowser: How could my bride run away at our wedding?
    Kamek: Because...we weren't watching her?
    Bowser: Not like that, Kamek.
  • When Peach finds a Duplighost posing as Mario, he has this to say:
    Doopliss: Sorry, Princess, but your Mario is in another castle!
  • When Kamek tells Bowser that he and Peach have to work together, Bowser thinks of it as a date. Kamek sounds legitimately distressed when he tries to get it through Bowser's thick head that that's not what he meant.

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