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The main strength of Deep Woods is its humour, which is very faithful to Gravity Falls' humour. Here are some highlights.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Quest for the Northwest

  • When the gnomes come to depose Jeff, he tries to defend his leadership.
    Mudflip: "The gnomes have gotten weak under your rule!"
    Jeff: "Wait! Weak? Just last week, I started Taco Tuesday! Don't try to tell me those tacos didn't make you stronger, Glen!"
    Glen: "They do..."
  • Mudflip's final argument to convince the others to depose Jeff.
    Mudflip: "The creatures of the forest don't respect us anymore. Even the beavers were making fun of us today!"
  • When the gnomes tell Jeff that he wasn't able to get them a new queen, he retorts that they were "this close to get the one with the pompadour". Apparently, he still doesn't believe that Gideon is a boy...
  • The horrible hot air balloons representing the Northwests' heads during the parade. They look like a mix between Stan's own hot air balloon, Bipper and a derp face.
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  • During the montage of her and the twins having fun together, Pacifica is shown at one point having attended to a Pacifica look-alike contest. She got the third place. Doubly funny when you see that the winner looks absolutely nothing like Pacifica. The real Pacifica just throws her cup in a garbage can.
  • At some point, in the first episode, Dipper disguises himself as Pacifica to distract her butlers and prevent them from finding her after she ran away. He comments that this might be the most embarrassing moment of his life. Mabel retorts that nothing will ever top the Lamby Dance.
    Dipper: "Now is still not the time to talk about the Lamby Dance!"
  • Jeff, disguised as "Norman", talks creepily to Pacifica. Imagine that each sentence ends with an awkward pause. Her expressions while hearing him are priceless.
    Jeff: "Hey, I like your hat. Um... I mean that you don't have a hat. Because you don't... I like that. It's very human. LIKE ME! I'm... a human."
    • At one point, one of his fake hands falls...
    Jeff: "(awkward pause) Humans do that..."
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  • Pacifica's cellphone has "Get your poor people hands off my phone!" written on it.
  • The twins find a clue. Mabel analyses it... by licking it.
    Mabel: (licks the unidentified matter) "Beard hair..."
    Dipper: "Mabel, did you just...?"
    Mabel: "Wait! Wait!" (licks the beard hair a second time) "GNOME BEARD HAIR!"
  • The gnomes drag the kidnapped Pacifica in a sack. The twins are able to find traces.
    Dipper: "Little footprints next to what look like... A body being dragged in a sack."
  • The twins then rush to rescue Pacifica... Only to find out that she already beat the five gnomes up. Offscreen. By herself. After they tied her up and stuffed her in their Bag of Kidnapping. Pacifica then comments that at least the self-defense classes her parents put her through paid off.
  • In order to help Jeff regain his lost leadership, the kids stage a fight between him and the monster that supposedly killed their late queen. The thing is filled with Bad "Bad Acting" and in-universe Fight Scene Failure. Special mention to Mabel, who plays the spirit of the late gnome queen... while it's obvious that a rope is used to make it seem she's flying. The rope even ends up breaking at the end of her speech and she falls face down on the ground... After an awkward pause, she leaves the place on foot.
  • Mudflip's defeat. He's grabbed by an eagle in the middle of his speech. Probably to be eaten. The gnomes pause for a moment, then cheer.
  • After the whole ordeal, Pacifica tells that she still finds gnomes in her hair. Just after this comment, a gnome bursts out of her hair. She smacks him to chase him.
    Mabel: "The smell goes in about a week..."
    Pacifica: "Ew!"
  • At the end of the episode, Dipper notices that Mabel has a bit of the cotton candy they ate earlier on her shoulder. She eats it.
    Mabel: "It's beard hair..." (continues to eat it)
    Dipper: (runs away after nearly vomiting) "No! I'm done!"
  • The parodied Awesome Moment of Crowning during the end credits. Jeff is crowned and becomes Queen Jeff the First. And yes, he's wearing a Pimped-Out Dress during the whole scene. The actual crowning consists of throwing mud at his face.

Deep-Rooted Misunderstanding
The appropriate response after meeting the identical twin brother of your daughter's boss who was lost in another dimension for the last thirty years.

  • When they start chasing the Mother Plant, Stan mockingly says to Ford that there's no way an "oversized potato" can be dangerous. They then come across plant-like monsters she created.
  • Ford explains he did nothing to kill the mutated plants that have invaded the Shack because he was too busy doing researches on the plants. In reality, he fell into the Bottomless Pit while chasing one of them.
  • Ford explains that finding the Mother Plant will be hard, because she's smart enough to hide far away from human eyes. Stan points out that she's actually on the roof. After an awkward pause, Ford simply shoots her with his crossbow.
    Ford: "Well! That was surprisingly easy!"
  • Wendy's nonchalant way of introducing Ford to her father as "the identical twin brother of her boss who was lost in another dimension for the last thirty years". As well as Manly Dan's reaction, pictured above, with which he spends the rest of the conversation, sitting silently as he's trying to come to terms with the information.
  • While Ford is setting traps for the plant monsters, an unaware Stan arrives. He falls into the first trap, a pit, and has to be pulled out... only to fall into the second trap.
  • During the montage of their search for the Mother Plan's minions, Stan and Ford discover that for all the plants' supposed danger, Gravity Falls' ordinary weirdnesses are even more dangerous, as shown when several native monsters easily destroy or maim the plant monsters.
  • During that same montage, Stan at one point fights a plant monster and grabs a stick... only for the monster to act like a dog wanting to play fetch. Stan plays along and throws the stick... in a cliff, sending the plant monster to a Disney Villain Death.
  • The entire scene of the patrons of the Greasy's Diner meeting Ford is one long moment of Black Comedy because of how over-the-top their reactions are, and how Finagle's Law seems to be in full effect. Sheriff Blubs has a heart attack thinking he's seeing double, Durland freaks out and breaks a window to jump out of the building and get to their car instead of using a door, and everyone stand frozen in shock, not noticing that the kitchen is catching fire because the cook forgot something on the fire. After an awkward pause, Stan decides it's best he and his brother leave. When they're ouside, they see that the smoke is coming out of the Diner and Durland has managed to ram into a tree with the police car.
  • At the end of the episode, Stan, Dipper, and Mabel are looking at the sunset. Then, the eagle that grabbed Mudflip passes by, carrying the still-screaming gnome.
    Stan: "Let's just pretend that didn't just happen..."

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