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Unmarked spoilers below!

Fridge Brilliance

  • Ever wondered why A Day in the Life of Mario was made almost entirely out of the characters singing the Super Mario Bros. theme? The constant need to rescue Peach from Bowser's clutches was literally a song and dance routine!
  • The fact that a living Poisoned Mushroom is a hypnotist makes sense, since mushrooms can give people hallucinations.

Fridge Horror

  • Though not too obvious, it's hinted that when everyone was turned into stone in Mario's Quest, everyone may have been aware that they were turned into stone when they recovered. Not helping was Bowser's somewhat apathetic reaction to his petrified minions.
  • Kamek's fate in Luigi's Quest. His power has been drained by Solus, leaving him weak and unable to stand up. By the end, everyone just forgot about him and left him like this, and with the Diode being put where Bowser shan't ever find it (their words), we don't know if Kamek will ever get his power back. Or did they forget about Kamek? Goomzilla has stated the following in a comment reply: "From Part 1, [Koopa]'s felt pushed aside by Kamek, and he's been fighting for Bowser's affection ever since. But when he's earned that affection, he wants it to be recognized. And Kamek's helplessness at the end shows his defeat here!" Which implies that leaving Kamek like this was indeed intentional. Sheesh Goomzilla, you're pretty tough on crime.
    • Peach's Quest later reveals that he's still powerless, and had to eat off of Goomba feed to survive.
  • Another one involving Luigi's Quest. Peach has been hypnotized to be loyal to Bowser, and the hypnotist tells her "You won't stop until you defeat Mario," making you wonder how she would react if she really did finish off the man she loved. If the wording of that sentence is of anything to go by, she would recover from her hypnosis, but forever live with the guilt of having a hand at Mario's demise. Good thing Luigi triggered those heartwarming flashbacks...
  • Bowser says in Yoshi and the Lost Egg that "you know what we do with trespassers." But what exactly they do is loosely defined here. Obviously Yoshi got locked up in a cage for his troubles—and laughed at by two Goombas for good measure—but his fate is left ambiguous after that. Then again, knowing Bowser, he's probably not above keeping Yoshi in the cage forever so he will starve to death. Or heck, since Luigi's Quest clearly shows him to having a lava pit, most Mario fans wouldn't put it past Bowser to just dispose of Yoshi either. And his quote implies that he's done this to other people who trespassed on his property before. Stay away from this ending.
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  • Imagine what would happen if some of Mario's friends fail to recognize him when he turns into a Goomba in Mario's Unexpected Transformation.

Fridge Logic

  • Master Hand and Crazy Hand want to eat the heroes they captured in Bowser and the Koopas' Staff. exactly can hands eat?
  • Somehow, Solus managed to gain gloves and boots after getting dunked in lava.

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