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Nightmare Fuel / Kakos Industries

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Okay, maybe the Department of Insufferable Horror does their job a little too well. Here we have all the spooks and scares expected from a show that revolves around the Evils of the world.

  • Throughout all of "Deep Truth", Corin informs that one shareholder has him right behind you with a gun to your head. It borders directly into The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You territory, and for the others, they get something much worse.
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  • And by the end of the broadcast, trying to remove the thing from behind you is done by practically screaming,
    In order to destroy whatever it is that is currently bringing your broadcast to you, it is important that you yell as loudly as possible “YOU DON’T EXIST! YOU DON’T EXIST! THERE IS NOTHING THERE AT ALL LEAVE ME ALONE.” If you have done this correctly, then you will suddenly feel very alone. This is, again, because I have psychologically primed you to feel that way.
  • Whatever damage the department of Giant Ass Robots has created has ended the lives of multiple human beings and animals but that's all just part of the business.
  • The end of "The Woman" in which your tempted to kill the woman providing your announcements and prompting that you are not only desiring to end her life but being aroused by it...
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  • The punishments of some of the Ruin-A-Life-Drawing's in which both the winner and recipient are given some bizarre modification to themselves or their lives that will eternally destroy it. While some are comical such as having discolored nipples or never being properly clean, others have easy to tear skin or thorns growing out of them.
  • Hailey killing the three men attending Melantha's Sex Tea Party is nothing short of gory. It provides a horrifying look into just how powerful she is and could have easily killed Corin both times she had sex with him but holds back for her own reasons.
    The men that Melantha had been having sex with were taken down, one by one, and… consumed. Whatever enzyme that Hailey secretes, it was released on these men in much higher quantities. When she was done with each, all that remained was a desiccated-on-the-inside-damp-on-the-outside corpse.
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  • The ending of "Invitation" is brief but very creepy as it becomes more obvious that something just isn't right about Hailey. Upon coming back the studio to be invited to a date with Corin, she takes off her clothing, causing Corin to suddenly adapt a monotone as he comments that he's "burning".
  • Hailey in general is incredibly creepy. She's an attractive and likely humanoid looking young lady whose charming naivety can make one forget about her strange appetite. She gains some sort of power by devouring nutrients of those she has sex with, some of which die horribly or go into comas that can last for days. Hailey has manipulated and likely fed off multiple people and has no problem getting new victims due to her mind control powers. So even if they do know what happened to them prior, they're helpless to fight back once she starts hypnotizing them.
  • The mysterious contraption so well concealed and bizarre that it drives Corin and anyone near it long enough to outright insanity on more than one occasion, even driving the scientists to kill each other. So far it seems like a humongous Brown Note for Corin in particular who is slowly becoming obsessed with it.
  • All throughout "Babysit", we're reminded of just how terrifying Belladonica is. This is a little girl, though one who seems to radiate dark energy off herself.
    I may need to begin undermining her ability to lead sooner than I had imagined. Now she’s pointing at me and drawing a paint-covered finger across her throat. Now she is laughing silently. Cackling. That is frightening.
  • Melantha Murther's try at announcements bares similarities to Kakos Industries but is far more gleefully violent and insane than anything the latter has done. This involves events that surround people killing each other or being devoured by a monster if they didn't die in the arena, someone cumming so hard they nearly die, and a robot that destroys your entire home in an attempt to clean it.
  • Yet another method of providing the announcements borders into creepy. This time the message is done through crystals in your pineal gland that are prone to causing illusions and the company has no problem dicking around and creating these illusions with sounds of heavy breathing and doors shutting even after the announcements.
  • Corin's withdrawal from Evil suppressants has made him experience nightmares he wasn't having previously, including one about Belladonica ripping off her head multiple times, throwing them at him, and the heads eating his body until he is a head himself. Then his severed head is stuck to a tree.
  • The Echo Tree Forest is actually pretty terrifying, especially since a new patch of trees began to form around it and have even stronger sound manipulating effects that makes the entire environment eerily silent.
    Visitors report hearing their own blood begin to pump louder and louder and their muscles stretching and contracting within them. the experience is not entirely unlike that of being in an anechoic chamber, but having the sensation outside is beyond maddening.
  • Hailey's announcements during "Intercepted 2" are surprisingly chilling and gory, even compared to the first "Intercepted" episode that Melantha managed. The crowning achievement is certainly the art show and the punishment for the worst artist.
    After some silent voting, we decided that Davis Mipper was definitely the worst artist, so we drained all of his vein paint and spread it on the wall with our fingers. But I wasn’t satisfied with just that garish red, so we ground up his bones and made it into a really pretty pastel pink.
  • "Laughter" has an ongoing creep factor throughout the whole thing. During the announcements, Corin keeps imagining the sound of Dissonant Laughter playing in the background. At first, it's actually kind of humorous due to Corin ignoring it for the most part and just seeming a little annoyed. Then there's the ending where the laughter continues as a group of hooded figures appear in the studio and drag Corin away. The last we hear is Corin struggling and asking where he's being taken to over some highly inappropriate roars of applause.
  • "Bondage" has Corin being shoved into a room and chained to a wall, only moving to a desk to give the announcements with his bonds still intact. Most of the announcements is him recalling being repeatedly beaten by his captors he still doesn't know the identities of and not a single person making an attempt to save him.
    • According to Corin, it's consider a regular event for him to be kidnapped and tortured given the fact he is a CEO. This isn't even limited to opposing companies, but a procedure his own corporation has done to train his will. It makes the whole shtick of being an executive seem more like a bad case of Blessed with Suck.
  • The forty-fourth episode has a far more ominous atmosphere to it than the others. Corin is unable to provide many announcements on behalf of his kidnapping and spends all of it communicating with the incredibly terse and much older Belladonica.
    • It's shown that not only is Corin in a compromising position, but Belladonica as well as even those who are on her side aren't afraid to murder her on the spot if things don't go according to plan.
  • When going down to Hell to discontinue the "Eatin' Slime", the only thing found is blood and ripped apart limbs of the past fortress members.
  • Practically all of "Refuge" falls under this. Belladonica has worked herself into a firm position of power within Kakos Industires, anointing her as Chief Evil Officer. This makes her a secondary CEO, granting her Corin's level of power but none of his sanity. Thus Belladonica commits a number of atrocities such as working the staff so hard that they become utterly hopeless and can only wish for death and walking around the building drenched in black paint to create a new line of haunting artwork that bleeds into the walls.
  • During "Skirmish" the mysterious contraption is finally revealed to have some sort of purpose as it contains a horrifying dragon-like creature that slaughters and devours a number of people trying to fight against Lady Kiarawa.
    A long snout breathed its first breaths. Several long tentacles groped at the air for the first time. And two large wings stretched out. Then, that horror began leaping from monster to monster among our ranks, eating everything it could, mashing and pulverizing en masse. Its muscles stretched and popped and grew with the inflow of nutrition, leaving us face to face with a giant, tentacled dragon.
  • Lady Kiarawa decides to do her own original take on the Festival of Unimaginable Horror. This festival's events remain unknown, though the screams happening multiple floors above of Junior's lair are so loud everyone can hear them for four straight hours.
  • Lady Kiarawa's death is actually fairly graphic. She's stabbed deep into her rib cage and ends up vomiting a great amount of her blood before limping away, likely bleeding to death somewhere else.

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