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Fridge Brilliance

  • One of the central ongoing projects within the corporation is the need to obsessively observe a couple. This could be seen as some sort of homage to shippers in fanbases, especially considering how giddy the characters will react to the couple being cute together, though this seems to act as a parody of the media's obsession with romance to stay relevant. Though the show does have a Ship Tease between Corin and Melantha, their interactions are fully cemented as Foe Yay and they seem to be much too Tsundere towards one another to really confess their true romantic feelings. But the only true pairings that come close to being seen as genuinely loving are the ones Kakos Industries stalk and manipulate to do as they please. Even then, those observing them will get bored if they don't do something drastic since they risk the chance of becoming Sickening Sweethearts. So, not only is it a satire of manipulating ones romantic feelings, but also a need for using people for the sake of creating drama you have no actual part in all for petty entertainment.
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  • The Solomonari family has a very interesting mythology motif. It's clear in her debut episode that Hailey is not human and many tend to believe that she is some sort of succubus given the sexual influence she has over people. The end of "Invitation" and most of "Intercepted 2" especially emphasizes this as it's hinted she has some method of mind control that she can do to anyone, anytime she pleases. It only seems likely that her mother, Iele, and her unseen younger sister are of the same species. But if you do bit a research around Iele Solomanari's name, you'll notice it actually reveals exactly what type of monster the Solomanari's are. It is written that Iele are mythical Romanian creatures with amazing beauty, incredible seduction power, and are known to travel in groups. Sound familiar?

Fridge Horror

  • During "Bondage" it's stated that Corin has undergone torture a number of times by both corporate rivals that are out to kill him and his own company to test his will. This has happened so much that he's developed a tolerance for it and rarely ever lets his fear get the best of him during these situations. One can only wonder just how many times Corin has undergone this sort of torment over his life to the point he treats it like it's no big deal. The horror really sinks in when you remember Corin spent most of his childhood inside the company and had to expect it to happen once he took up responsibility as a CEO.
  • Being an executive does seem like a good deal at first until you see all the little underlying details. Considering Corin's situation, the guy spent all his life preparing to be an executive to the point it socially crippled him and gave him a strained childhood. There is little talk of his family life and his mindset shows he's a bit of a Workaholic who's identity is partly shaped around being an efficient executive, potentially fathering a new one, and little else. Corin knows he will be replaced at some point, though his own company shows signs of being a little too eager to do so. And if he were to lose his position without dying, what would he become? Would he have the ability to live normally or would he just be some sort of outsider to his past life?

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