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  • Acceptable Targets: The show isn't always subtle about its dislike of blatantly ignorant people, especially anyone who is sexist towards women.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Corin Deeth III mostly in regards to how happy he really is with his life. He does seem genuinely satisfied and confident about his position, though a few mentions of his past imply that he's been treated more like a Replacement Goldfish for his grandfather with little time for interacting with his one parental figure or making friends. And then there's the concerning idea that his life is treated more like a temporary resource by the company that can be disposed of easily.
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    • Corin Deeth II can accumulate a lot of theories simply due to the fact his own family members, as well as the show itself, act like he doesn't exist. If he even does exist is one thing, though as to why he is shunned so heavily inspires the idea that he was either too Good to be mentioned by his Evil father and son or that perhaps he's done something to spike getting the cold shoulder. There's the chance of being an Abusive Parent as well, causing his son to personally dislike him, or just a case of Parental Abandonment when Corin Deeth III was perhaps too young to remember him.
    • Melantha Murther in regards to her...humanity, actually. Given the nature of the show, being able to have a lot of bizarre surgery and the ability to eat more than an average human isn't treated like anything odd. Some even suggest that she may be some form of phantom or robot instead of a person. Listening to "Space Race" especially emphasizes this as she's clearly existed long enough to know Corin Deeth I and is merely continuing the cycle of flirting and messing with the Deeth family. This officially makes her much older than Corin Deeth III. That is, if she can age...
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    • Hailey Solomanari over exactly what breed of Cute Monster Girl she might be. She can generate some form of slime or enzyme powerful enough to destroy human flesh and perform Energy Absorption through sex, making her vaguely similar to a succubus in that regard. Then there's her immense amount of skill even over the more experienced executives, making her eerily capable of a lot of difficult tasks (as shown in "Intercepted 2") and yet still having the same innocent and ditsy personality during. It may or may not be a case of Obfuscating Stupidity though time well tell if it is.
  • Arc Fatigue: The Kiarawa Arc Belladonica/Kiarawa takes over Kakos and Corin III is stuck in Junior's lair storyline went on way too long for some fans.
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: A Black Comedy podcast about an Evil, Inc. which revolves around a foul-mouthed young man who Really Gets Around and talks about and interacts with people just as cruel, foul-mouthed, and sexually aggressive as he is. There's also a generous amount of dick jokes and other lewd and/or gross humor. Despite this being a turn off to some people, it's still managed to gain a dedicated fanbase who find it genuinely funny and clever and that the elements of vulgarity can be oddly endearing. Especially it's balanced out with some surprisingly touchy moments and interesting characters that are given more depth overtime.
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  • Author's Saving Throw: Though not a major complaint of the fanbase, some find the recurring lesbian relationships to be a case of Girl-on-Girl Is Hot rather than actually trying to keep up a pro-gay and feminist narrative. The third season still has a few sprinkled in, though there is far more sexual and romantic chemistry building up between male characters as well.
  • Awesome Music:
    • The background music in all the episodes are cool, calm, and catchy electronica coupled with rhythmic clapping or some strange additional sound effects and it all works incredibly well for the atmosphere.
    • There's also the addition of "Intercepted" that comes with new music that almost steers into classical with it's use of piano and mostly softer sounds but it sure is hypnotic to listen to.
    • "Space Race" has some of the most unique and beautifully composed music thus far. Nothing like the jazzy sounds of saxophones, piano rifts, and trombone to bring you to the roaring sixties.
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: The show is praised with being ripe with interesting characters, witty humor, and a nice blend of being in a Magic Realism setting with Black Comedy. But the first thing you'll likely hear from anyone who does listen to it is how damn attractive the lead voice is or perhaps all that rampant sex and violence it keeps talking about. Never mind that nonsense about a Disappeared Dad and a malicious competitor or those Dirty Communists, let's hear Corin say "fuck" again.
  • Bizarro Episode:
    • "Off Day", where Corin's usual voice actor is replaced as he confusedly notes that the Division of Nebulousity informs him that there may be something wrong, but they're working on it. Throughout the episode, Corin gets off task to wonder why the room he's in, his body, and the outside world just feel a bit strange. By the time he lists off the numbers, the Division of Nebulousity informs him that by the time he's done, things should return to normal.
    • For similar reasons, "The Woman" for Corin's voice being replaced with a flirtatious female announcer who lampshades the change and asks the audience several personal questions about their feelings about her and if it's okay to feel aroused in her presence, while picking apart the nature of sexism and what makes a person attractive.
  • Broken Base:
    • There will be plenty of mixed opinions on "Peter Wood", the twelfth episode of the series on rather not the overall joke, particularly the ending, is hilarious or just disgusting. And then there are those who find it funny because it's disgusting.
    • This is also the case of the forty-fourth episode in which there is a divide of fans who found Belladonica being Corin's captor to be predictable and very creepy while others anticipated it and think it was the change of pace the show needed.
    • The same can go for the arc's finale which to many came off as doubly creepy or an at most sub-par ending to the arc due to it confirming that Kiarawa and Corin have some level of attraction to one another, despite the past ten or so episodes saying otherwise, and showing that the writer undid his own saving throw by pretty much ignoring everything and anything fans had to say about the matter.
    • It can be hard to tell if the show is truly trying to weave a feminist narrative or not given that without the jabs at men's right activists, it often boils down to a story about a man, voiced by the creator, developing a harem of women who find some way to be attracted to him one way or another. This can get very old very fast for some fans as they find it to be an unfair use of the female characters and just a plain old male Wish Fulfillment fantasy.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Let's just say that about everyone and their mom deduced that Belladonica was the hooded figure that revealed them self at the end of "Bondage". The reaction to it was a...mixed bag.
  • Crazy Awesome: Melantha's insanity proves to be quite charming to listeners.
  • Creator's Pet: The only person who seems to truly like Lady Kiarawa is the writer himself. While many found her presence uncessary due to her garbled backstory and to just be a more overpowered and boring version of fan-favorite Melantha Murther, she still gets an entire arc dedicated to her and a Ship Tease with Corin that no one really wanted.
  • Creepy Awesome: Okay, a fully matured adult Belladonica is terrifying though you've got to give the girl props for her relentless Evil. As of "Refuge", her utterly horrifying presence is equal parts freaky and impressive.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • Quite a number of jokes though the most extreme would have to be the Peter Wood Episode, in which the penis-enhancing cream subplot that has gone on for quite a few episodes is abruptly ended when a man falls into a vat and turns into a six-foot-tall penis and runs around the facility causing panic. At the end, Grace Rule comforts the creature, causing it to ejaculate in the studio, complete with squirting sounds.
    • The Wheel of Misery segments also have quite a few terrible punishments, such as the guy who never quite has enough toilet paper, making him just slightly unclean for the rest of his life. Including at working hours, at home, and when he undresses in intimate moments.
    • There's also this bit from "Off Day" as Corin reads the traditional means of broadcasting the shareholder's announcement.
    Today’s broadcast is coming to you from a Kakos Industries greeting card with a prerecorded message inside. The outside of the card, as you can plainly see, reads “Heard your shit’s all fucked.” Inside the card reads “#Sorry”. And now the message that has been prerecorded is playing back, and you’re hearing my voice. I would recommend that you not close the card, because the recording will be deleted, and you will fall hopelessly behind. If you have received this card in error, then I apologize for the papercut you just got from the edge of the card. It contains a deadly pathogen that will slowly eat away at your body, reducing you to useless ethanol. I suppose you could sit in a punch bowl for a little while if you think whoever finds you might like to make some jungle juice. That would be awfully kind of you.
    • Or this bit from "Polite Conversation:
    Corin: The problem, more specifically, is that since the Kako Krampi shacked up, they have seemed to lose a little bit of interest in harvesting Evil children. I’ve even seen them nurturing some of the Evil children they got last year. They feed them, and make them clothes. It’s… disappointing. Determined to make lesbian monsters into lesbiande, we’re going to let them watch the children for a while longer and see the effects. So I may have to dress up as a Krampus monster and spank people with my bundle of sticks. Let’s make it an orderly line, okay? No more than three spanks each, but you may count them out as loud as you’d like, and any sort of climax you have is up to you. It’s not my responsibility to get you there, so you might want to edge yourself in advance. We have also developed drones to search out Evil children. They will watch their activity closely, sniff out their Evilness at an accuracy level 90% of that of the Krampi, and bring them to us for training and/or feeding to monsters. I would also like to congratulate our most recent group of graduates from this Evil child program. It wasn’t easy, and some didn’t survive, but the remainder are adults now and should be prepared for lucrative careers in Evil.
  • Cry for the Devil: Corin is very much portrayed in a sympathetic light at times despite his moments of blatant cruelty. Even then, it's hard to get past the fact he likely had a Friendless Background and most of his family or loved ones are either absent or deceased. "Doom and Gloom" especially emphasizes this for a few minutes before he changes the subject.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: With such a morally black cast, and the fact that all the characters proudly fulfill the Card-Carrying Villain trope, admiring pretty much anyone from the show does teeter into this. This especially goes for Corin who can be quite the Jerkass Woobie at times but is about as well-liked as he is lusted over by fans.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Dirk Cornelius Sexplosion as well as Melantha Murther are pretty popular among fans. But even their popularity pales in comparison to Hailey's following. Same goes for Soundman Steven-him being a likely candidate for shipping with Corin certainly helps-and many who think his silence pushes him into Adorkable Cute Mute territory.
  • Evil Is Cool: Especially since submitting to Evil gives you access to robot fights, parties, and orgies.
  • Evil Is Sexy: The show is so riddled with bold sexual imagery that it's fairly obvious it's going for this appeal. And it works. Especially when you consider the following Corin Deeth III has from both male and female fans who can't get enough of his voice and love rambling about how turned on they get by the simplest phrases he might utter. The female announcer in "Woman" is also quite sexy, and takes full advantage of it.
  • Fanon:
    • Plenty of fan interpretations about Corin's appearance portray him as an attractive young man with dark hair and a nice suit as the most recurring, though there are others. Many give him hair long enough to pull into a ponytail, a standout trait that his voice actor also has. Given the title of the show, him being of Greek descent is a more common ethnicity if he isn't Caucasian.
    • It's increasingly common for Dirk to be drawn as African American, normally sporting a Funny Afro given his distinct voice and quirky mannerisms.
    • The idea of Hailey being a Cute Monster Girl is normally intersected with her looking like a Slime Girl. Also drawing her with Big Beautiful Woman figures.
    • Melantha's appearance is commonly varied though many have took her as a somewhat robotic Statuesque Stunner with a large chest and, to some variation, Prehensile Hair.
    • As a podcast having a satirical edge and a dry, sardonic wit about mysterious settings that don't attract much notice, it's common to portray ''Welcome to Night Vale as existing in the same universe. Makes sense, as several shady evil organizations exist that are rivals to Kakos Industries.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Soundman Steven/Corin is probably the most popular. Soundman Steven is merely an engineer who helps with the broadcasts though Corin regularly engages in playful commentary about him during the announcements which tends to come off as very flirty. More subtext is piled on after "Pseudo-Dilation" where Soundman Steven is literally the only person who tries to save Corin upon the kidnapping and suffers through a beating by the captors. Corin is flattered by the gesture and even promises his would-be hero a gift in return. As of the third season, Corin and Steven have gotten even closer. Corin mentions Steven's helpful nature at least once per episode, and outright states that Steven is someone he loves. Listening to "Attrition" got fans more than eager at the thought of their budding relationship.
    • Also Corin/Brosephus. The two of them are generally forced to form a friendship for the sake of helping Corin's imbalance of Evil though to many, it seems to be much more than that. Overtime, Corin becomes more comfortable with Brosephus and them "playing video games" seems to double as an innuendo for other things they might be doing in their alone time. This line from one of their play dates does leave a lot to the imagination.
    Of course, there were things I wanted to do, but you don’t want someone to find out who you are too quickly, you know? I would regard Brosephus’s job here at Kakos Industries as one of the less Evil ones available, so I don’t want to scare him. Now that I think about it, I am leaving myself open to your interpretations of how I like to spend my Saturday nights, shareholders. Cue the drawings, I suppose.
    • Given the fact it was canon for a period of time, Melantha/Hailey is another well liked pairing.
  • Foe Yay: All over the place with Corin and Melantha, even during her introduction to the series. It would seem only this woman can release so much pent up rage and arousal in a man at one time to the point he wants to make a "hate baby".
  • Friendly Fandoms: Due to similar formatting, many of those who enjoy Welcome to Night Vale have come to like the series, even considering the world of Kakos Industries and Night Vale itself to be one in the same. The most common theory is that the company is somehow associated with the Evil, Inc. Strex Corp.
  • He Really Can Act: Though the lead voice and creator Conrad Miszuk proves his talents more than a few times throughout the show, him playing as Corin Deeth I during "Space Race" with an incredibly on point dialect for the era and plenty of charisma and confidence with his performance makes him very hard to recognize at first.
  • Internet Backdraft: A select amount of fans were either angry, disappointed, or just flat out skeptical about "Pseudo-Dilation" and will make that known online. For some it entirely ruined their enjoyment of the show while others are mostly just let down by what could have been a better reveal. The same could go for the overall finale of the arc.
  • Iron Woobie: As information is revealed about Corin's past, he gets painted in this light more and more. He spent all his childhood studying business to be an efficient CEO which crippled his social skills and was already predetermined for the role from the beginning due to being related to his grandfather. Corin rarely ever talks about it and whenever he does let it slip, he immediately stops himself, claiming to be "getting off topic".
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Fans find it easy to pair Corin up with just about anyone, only sometimes including his canon love interest. This may be due to his generally promiscuous nature though others see some genuine romantic potential between characters like Brosephus and Soundman Steven.
  • LGBT Fanbase: A lot of fans who have come to like the show enjoy how open ended the sexual preferences of the characters are, not limited to the main cast being quite flexible about who they are attracted to. Even those who identity as asexual appreciate the show for treating their preference as something completely fine and even find the sexual humor to be refreshing and unique.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Oh My Evil, Belladonica...
  • Memetic Mutation: "Corned Beef" as well as any form of messing up Corin's name. Normally granting a huge opportunity for puns.
    • Calling Corin Deeth I Foxy Grandpa after "Space Race" debuted.
  • Moe: Hailey has garnered this sort of reaction quite a few times. Her sweet voice, silly personality, and all-around infectious cute factor makes her stand out a lot compared to the other characters. And though she's certainly a Not-So-Harmless Villain, she's still keeps the same sugary presence when eating hoardes of people. Aww...
  • Nightmare Retardant: In-Universe example. The corporation is guilty of making horrifying monsters but then ruin their Evil potential but making them do something non threatening. "Polite Conversation" has the disgusting Kako Krampus engaging in a lesbian relationship with another female Krampus, distracting her from her previous duties. Corin puts it as such:
    We have that problem sometimes. We make hideous monsters of pure Evil, and then we ruin them by making them do something cute. Like the time we put that lady Ultra-Hyena in a dress. It tried SO HARD to make that dress work
  • No Yay: Belladonica and Corin for pretty much...anyone. Belladonica turning up older thanks to the chamber only worked to make fans uncomfortable rather than more accepting of the pairing.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: We don't get a full telling of Soundman Steven's rescue attempt though it is admittedly badass and touching for him to be the only employee with enough courage and heart to try saving his boss.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The reoccurring Denny segments. A human named Denny has had his/her brain removed and has been placed inside a super computer capable of simulating a life-like reality. Corin reassures his shareholders that his/her body has been given a funeral and he/she is most definitely in fact a fellow shareholder. Why tell his listeners this information? Because Denny has or has not had his/her memories removed, maybe. And he/she is unaware of his/her real name.
    If you find yourself walking at night down a quiet street, with a cool, dry breeze coming from the west, and you decide that you'd like to get home a little faster tonight, and you take the alley behind your apartment building as a shortcut, and then things begin to get darker, and quieter, and darker, and quieter, all the while you hear echoing references to "Denny" and "rebooting the system", it's probably just your imagination.
  • Rooting for the Empire: The whole cast is composed of villains so...
  • The Scrappy: Belladonica as of episode forty-four upon her becoming older and becoming another love interest This is less to do with her younger self as it is about her characterization towards the end of the second season. Either way, expect people insisting she, as well as the subplot connected to her, is unnecessary or needs to be killed off.
  • Seasonal Rot: A number of fans lost interest in the show by the later half of season two, what with the bizarre undertones developing, confusing plot, and poor foreshadowing. Season three hasn't fared any better as while it still has its fans, has reverted to the old formula with no surprises or established goal in mind.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Though done in moderation, there are some hidden morals provided in episodes such as how it's common to become discouraged and have pitfalls in one's passions but quitting will only leave you more miserable.
    • There's also some input on the importance on privacy and treating others with respect, no matter how little you may know about them (i.e: Corin's relationships with Brosephus and Belladonica).
    • Concerning the episode where female students attempt to get into a school for game design only to be treated poorly by the male students, it states that attacking people with prejudice and hypocrisy will only be met with more in return.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Corin and Belladonica-known in her older persona as Lady Kiarawa-suddenly develop a relationship as of season two despite their only real interactions being that of an angry little girl having petty rage against a grown man. Given the fact there was little evidence beforehand that Kiarawa was even interested in him and Corin goes out of his way to admit how much he doesn't like her and squicked out by her sending him suggestive pictures-justified in that he knew her previously as a very young child-it turns out to just be another case of love-hate sexual frustration that the two are suppressing until officially having sex.
  • Squick: The show has plenty of this as it works up quite the reputation as a Gross-Out Show. The entirely of the "Peter Wood" episode. Anything about a giant man sized penis ejaculating massive amounts of semen all over a room is bound to make you gag.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The case as of the later half of the second season. While one major concern was that the show had no stable plot and wasn't going to have any meaningful conflict, some are discontent with the current plot established by episode forty-four and think it should revert to its usual stand-alone announcements since they're a lot easier to follow.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: The case with Belladonica as of "Pseudo-Dialation". Many were content with her being a Creepy Child character set on defeating Corin and owning the corporation through petty schemes but lately she has undergone a Plot-Relevant Age-Up and becomes a Arc Villain who, kind of out of nowhere, decides that she has a complicated attraction to Corin. Not only was this openly loathed due to Melantha Murhter already filling that requirement and having a much longer and richer history with Corin, but the fact that it abandons a potentially more interesting relationship in exchange for a typical Foe Yay confrontation. She does die at the end of the arc, but not after her and Corin have sex.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Going hand in hand with the above, many thought that the relationship Corin and Belladonica had was something more family related, that the two would realize they're Not So Different from each other and develop a relationship Like Brother and Sister or an Intergenerational Friendship as it seemed to be heading that direction as of "Babysit" and "Doom and Gloom". This is emphasized by the fact that both of them don't seem to have connections to their families and had stressful childhoods. But as of the forty-forth episode Belladonica is now much older and obsessed with his defeat, while also piling on a lot of romantic/sexual undertones between them. This left fans a little disappointed and desiring something that didn't once again appeal to Corin's sex and love life. Also the fact that the transition into this scenario was rocky and incredibly rushed from start to finish.
    • Some have this opinion about the show overall. It has an interesting premise about what seems to be an alternative reality where being evil is the norm and there are clear supernatural elements and a more overtly taboo logic in place. There's also established villains against the main Villain Protagonist and an obvious, unsolved mystery lingering behind Corin's past to name a few. And yet, the show has yet to figure what direction it wants to go, never really getting around to setting up a central plot or stable source of conflict, making the episodes rather repetitive as a result. And even when the show did try to have an actual arc, it was so poorly constructed it triggered the Seasonal Rot pretty quickly.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Though a lot of episodes can be pretty tame, there are a number of moments that steer far past the W.T.F quota.
  • Win Back the Crowd:
    • After a mostly negative response to the last two episodes of the second season, the premiere of "Space Race" for season three with its beautiful jazz score, swinging sixties aesthetic, and focusing on no other than Corin Deeth I very much charmed even the most disgruntled of fans. Some even consider it the best episode of the series by far.
    • The same could be said for the new Leopold arc as it involves some much needed variation in Corin's sexual preferences, a Breather Episode, and not having to do with the much fan-loathed The Scrappy of the series anymore.
    • The biggest crowd winner is certainly the #FanFucktion event, allowing fans to send in their fanfictions of the pornographic variety-with any pairing of their choosing at that-and have them read by the writer. It got fans up in an excited writing frenzy in seconds, especially for those who are Yaoi Fangirls...

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