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The next few minutes were horrifying. Whatever Hailey did to me days prior, she clearly held back. The men that Melantha had been having sex with were taken down, one by one, and… consumed. Whatever enzyme that Hailey secretes, it was released on these men in much higher quantities. When she was done with each, all that remained was a desiccated-on-the-inside-damp-on-the-outside corpse. The soundtrack to all of this was Melantha’s shrieking laughter, which either meant she found the moment extraordinarily humorous, or it’s her go-to nervous reaction. After Hailey had finished, she was… radiant. She licked her lips and stared absentmindedly into the sky.

Melantha stood for all of this, being deprived of a chair, but eventually she walked over to Hailey and offered her a job. I probably don’t have to tell you, shareholders, but she took the offer and is now doing something for Melantha. I can only hope that Melantha will not splice whatever unique trait the Solomonaris have into her own DNA… you know… for future plans I might have involving her body… and mine.
— Episode 20, "Sex Tea Party"

We recently wrapped up a celebration of my creation, the Art Festival. I want all of the shareholders to know just how much I love art. It’s a lot. And that’s why I put so much pressure on this festival. We gathered up all of the artists in the company and put them to work. I told them that the worst artist would be made into a piece of art, and not like a living piece of art, so they all should work really, really hard. Let me just say that I was soooo pleased with what they came up with. And all of it was exactly my aesthetic, too. They really knew their audience.

Then we let you shareholders in to see the art. After some silent voting, we decided that Davis Mipper was definitely the worst artist, so we drained all of his vein paint and spread it on the wall with our fingers. But I wasn’t satisfied with just that garish red, so we ground up his bones and made it into a really pretty pastel pink.
— Episode 40B, "Intercepted 2"

I have just received a note from Grace Rule regarding the dark auras that I am seeing. Well, this is interesting for sure. It says here that in a very old text, there is some reference to the supreme Evil beings being able to see these types of auras. It is possible that I am watching death itself waiting behind people; I’m watching death sap the life of the living ever so slowly.

Well I do have to say that that makes me feel better. Perhaps nothing is wrong at all and I have just discovered a new way of seeing the Evil around all of us. You know, now that I think about it, I can kind of see a figure of death behind Soundman Steven. No, no, don’t worry Soundman. You’ve got plenty of time left. Yes, I do suppose that was insensitive with all you’ve been through lately. I’m sorry Soundman. It’s just that I’ve got this special Evil vision. You wouldn’t understand. Only those of us supreme Evil beings can see these things.
— Episode 39, "Dark Auras"

There is also some question as to whether I could help to make a sufficiently Evil child at all. Anyway, the board said it would be best if I just sort of relax and let things happen as they will, and someday I will produce a contender for the title of CEO, or they will have me murdered and replaced. I don’t want to spread rumors, but I’ve seen the way they look at Belladonnica. I mean, that might give me a solid 20 years or so left as CEO, but the way this child ages… I’m not sure I’ve got that long. I may need to begin undermining her ability to lead sooner than I had imagined.

Now she’s pointing at me and drawing a paint-covered finger across her throat. Now she is laughing silently. Cackling. That is frightening. Go to the corner. You’ve been bad. Think about what you’ve done. Scaring me like that. You’re never going to be better than me at leading this company! Oh, who gave her a switchblade? Put it away! Good.
— Episode 32, "Babysit"

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