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The entire show is merely an illusion being conjured up by "Denny".
Denny is something of an Audience Surrogate for the actual listener, meant to represent a loyal fan who doesn't go outside much and is so socially crippled they can only anticipate the updates of their favorite podcast. "Denny" is blissfully unaware of the emptiness of their own existence, only ever finding enjoyment in their life upon knowing they can regularly tune into a fake world where they feel like they are part of something bigger. They are fully unaware that they are actually "Denny", of course, but find these segments particularly intriguing before ultimately shrugging it off and enjoying the rest of the show.

Kakos Industries and Strex Corp used to be business partners until taking their separate ways.
A little while back, even before Corin Deeth I was a CEO, Kakos Industries and the infamous Strex Corp Inc. were business partners, merging together to create one major Evil empire. That is until Kakos Industries became self aware of Strex Corp's depraved ideals, their fascination with a Smiling God impacting any progress with originally planned contracts and compromises between even the most important and efficient of figureheads in both companies. Kakos Industries lost utter interest in furthering the partnership, not finding the appeal of building a corporation around something as flimsy as religion and taking their separate ways. Though it has caused their company to become marginally smaller, they are lucky to have avoided the bullet of the Smiling God's wrath.

Belladonica is part of a secret underground experiment to create a fully Evil generation of adults.
Belladonica is the first successful child to be fully consumed by Evil thanks to Grace Rule, a woman who is secretly a Mad Scientist who uses naive children as guinea pigs to test out artificial substances said to contain pure Evil. Grace Rule first attempted this with Corin Deeth III but her efforts were stopped by his grandfather who much prefer that his grandson be taught more traditional methods of being an efficient CEO. Though hesitant at first, he did allow her to continue her experiments, as long as he left his flesh and blood out of the equation. Thus Grace Rule waited and waited until finding the perfect opening with Ms. Handy who was due to give birth to a baby girl some time in 2014. After some negotiation, the two came to an agreement and Grace Rule took full control of Belladonica's early life, injected the liquid Evil into a once untainted baby girl and creating the perfect Evil child. But Grace Rule soon learns that her efforts as a Motherly Scientist to the now adult Belladonica have utterly failed and that her project is growing and spreading faster than she had anticipated.

Brosephus truly is a spy sent to investigate and eventually kill Corin.
Though friendly and innocent on the outside, Brosephus is a sleeper agent sent by the USSR to observe Corin Deeth, pry out any important information and eventually kill the CEO once being sent a trigger password that will unlock his true identity as a trained Russian assassin. "Brosephus" is not even his real name but merely one of many personalities he has created to gain the trust of his targets before their eventual downfall.

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