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Ancap is turing into a neoliberal
In centricide 4, anti-extermist said that ancap will 'soon go to minarchist, to libertrarian, to just another neoliberal' after being stabbed. In the video about Pink Capitalism, who Jreg confirmed to be Ancap in disguise, he claims to be econoimcally right, culturally left. And who is economically right and culturally left? Neoliberal. And finally, in centricide 8 (3/3) the one who happily said "the status quo is back" is Kulak. And what is the status quo? Neoliberal.

Jreg is actually possessed by the Accelerationist, not four extremist ghosts.
The Radical Centrist referred to the Anti-Centrist (or simply Jreg) as "brother." While their similarities are paramount, being counterparts to each other on opposite sides of the conflict, the fact that they resemble each other is irrelevant considering every character is played by the same actor.

To those who don't know, Accelerationism is a sociopolitical theory the exposits that the best way to implement radical change is not by fighting a system, but exacerbating the status quo's core components until it collapses under its own weight. It is less a political system to fall back on and more of a method of instituting change. It's like when society's core is centered around capitalism, you remove any and all regulation and let capitalism run wild until it causes an economic collapse. One could argue that Accelerationism is what makes Extremist ideologies what they are, so it would make sense that the personification of Accelerationism would know how to rally ideologies so volatile and uncomplimentary as the Extremists.


Or perhaps he really is possessed by the ghosts of Kim Jong-il, Ayn Rand, Julius Evola, and Che Guevara, but the cocktail of four extremely different ideologies in conflict would turn Jreg into the avatar of Accelerationist in that chemical "Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis" sort of way, much in the same way that Political Nihilist and Apepolitical used their Power of Apathy to turn Anarcho-Communism into Post-Left and the Anti-Extremist's venom almost turned Libertarian into Neo-Liberalism.

  • While not quite Confirmed, Centricide 8 does see Jreg and Radical Centrist merge to form Accelerationist, so this theory was onto something.

Horseshoe Centrist is actually immortal.
Because the way he sees it, there is no difference between being alive and being dead. Centricide 5 seemingly kills him off, but it is possible it will be revealed later on that he managed to come back due to this belief.

The reason why some of the ideologies leave in the order they do.
Ancom is easily converted to post-left since the people of his tendency are the most likely to believe that everything is just another social construct by higher up authorities and fighting them back with no concrete solution is pointless, so everyone should at least just try to live for themselves instead of some greater cause. Since Ancoms tend to also be post-modernists, Jreg also demonstrates that postmodernists tend not to have solutions once they deconstruct everything, and Ancom realizes this while being converted and bails. Meanwhile, Ancap can profit off of everything, cares little for social causes, and since the status quo is neoliberal capitalism, he finds it easier to just bail and start Ancapistan with other libright ideologies.

By contrast, Authleft and Authright are very much against the status quo, both being collectivist instead of individualist tendencies and holding onto a concrete narrative as opposed to the post-modernism that runs amuck in the neoliberal world order. Authleft cares less for social values than Ancom and is, therefore, more concerned about ending centrist capitalism while Authright cares more for traditional social values and is more interested in ending the elite that promotes progressive values and individualism. It's even hinted Authright could have left like Ancom and Ancap earlier if world elites promoted traditionalism alongside capitalism.


If Ancap and Ancom were still part of the Centricide, they would have fused into/summoned Mutualist to defeat Horseshoe Centrist.

The ideology in question is an anarchist form of market socialism (a system of free markets between worker-owned cooperatives) and it seems the most appropriate way by which anarcho-capitalism and anarcho-communism can be reconciled. Alternately...

  • Averted, Mutualist in the (Left) Anarchist episode is revealed to be his own character.

If Ancom and Ancap were still part of the Centricide, all 4 extremists would have fused into Anarcho-Nazbol.
Pretty self-evident really.
  • Expanding on the above, here are some potential alternate extremist combinations to Nazi + Commie = Nazbol (specifically ones that would also help beat Horseshoe Centrist):
    • Nazi + Commie + Ancom + Ancap = Anarcho-Nazbol, Distributist or Sorelian (which combines syndicalism, nationalism, Marxism and the American individualist spirit)
    • Ancom + Ancap = Mutualist (Mutualism(s) has appeared as his own ideology, but that didn't preclude Nazbol from emerging from a Fusion Dance).
    • Nazi + Ancom = National Syndicalist (Jossed, the fusion of the quadrants is Anarcho Fascism or National Anarchism).
    • Ancom + Ancap + Commie = Market Socialist
    • Nazi + Commie + Ancap = Social Nationalist (praise for competition, self improvement and maintaining the capitalist system, but also advocates national collectivism and a one-party state that still provides for the people).
    • Ancom + Ancap + Nazi = Also National Syndicalist or Romantic/Utopian Nationalist
    • Commie + Ancap = Socialist With Chinese Characteristics/Maoist
    • Nazi + Ancap = Authoritarian Capitalism or Pinochetism

Lil' Nazbol will form an alliance of hybrid ideologies.
He's been rejected by the extremists, and doesn't consider him centrist or wacky. So he'll Start His Own with ideologies combining regular extremists, all under the banner of wanting to prove they're valid ideologies. Asides from the above-mentioned ideologies, he could convince Anarcho-Monarchist to side with his new group. After all, he's simultaneously anarchist and statist.

Distributism can make the four extremes stop fighting if he appears
Distributism is based on Catholic teachings (Auth Right), but is generally tolerant only encourages these teachings as opposed to forcing them (Lib Left), wants the means of production collectively owned (Leftism) but mostly by families and can operate in a market with little interference (Lib Right) since everyone voluntarily has a disciplined and collectivist mindset (Auth Left).

Should the four extremes need to pick an anti centrist ideology, they'll choose Distributism since while he's not overly extreme, he is the opposite of the Neoliberal status quo which is secular (which Auth Right hates), individualist (which Auth Left and Auth Right hate), free-market (which Auth Left and Lib Left hate), but very much willing to use the state in regulations (which Lib Right hates), pursuing international trade and promoting liberal social values (which all four hate).

Hoppean will be kicked out of Ancapistan for repeatedly violating the NAP
After that, he'll join forces with Nazi.

Eventually, the ideologies will be joined up by pseudo-political organizations trying to enter either the extremists or anti-centrists
Since we already got a video that featured post-modernism and modernism, Jreg has show that he can also feature characters not related to political ideologies. Given that, some organizations/ideals that might join them include...

  • Existentialist, represented by an Anti-Nihilist that is greatly disturbed by Political Nihilist and ends up joining the extremists' team just to oppose him.

  • Absurdist, best buddies (If a vitriolic one) with Existentialist. Might try to dissuade Political Nihilist, with mixed results.

  • Surrealist, a Cloud Cuckoo Lander that would leave everyone else confused, and act as a Wild Card of the group.

  • Humanist, The Only Sane Man of the group who tries desperately to call some sense into the wackier ideologies, and is hated by Nazi and Hoppean for obvious reasons.

  • Anti-Humanist/Misanthrope, who would be, well, a Misanthrope Supreme and arch-enemy of humanist. Hated by just about every ideology, except maybe Primitivist who he would try to take advantage of his hatred of modern civilization to work alongside him, not mentioning he wants every human wiped out, not just a majority of them.

All of the videos Jreg posted outlining his unironic political views are true-sorta.
Obviously each video contradicts the other ones in terms of what his current viewpoints are and details of his background so they can't all be literally true. However, the truth is Jreg's political views have drifted over time, and at various points, he was in fact each of these ideologies-there was at least one point where Jreg was a centrist, a progressive, a Marxist-Leninist, an identitarian, a libertarian, and a social nationalist. Obviously, by now, he is (probably) only in one of these camps (most likely either progressive or centrist based on the left-leaning angle most of his content's less ironic sensibilities skew towards), but at previous points, he was in each of the other ideological categories.

The Centricide is a cyclical, natural event that happens in the World of Ideologies.
The concept of Extremism revolting against the Status Quo due to clashing ideas is nothing new. Every revolution in history involves the ideology of the present being challenged by both old and new ideas. Neoliberalism wasn't always a centrist concept, and as the current centricide is any indication, it won't be the status quo forever. Radical Centrist himself mentioned that the idea of Centrism and Extremism is subjective depending on time and place.

It is likely that in the World of Ideologies (I would prefer to call it "the World of Ideas" after the Platonic concept, this being an ethereal realm where the marketplace of ideas exists), Centrists come into existence to protect the ruling ideology at the time (in the current centricide's case, Neoliberalism). Ideologies that contradict the ruling ideology strong enough (the Extremists) purge the centrists and the only ideology that remains takes the throne and becomes the new center ideology. Newer centrists manifest to protect that new status quo and ideologies old and new manifest to fight it and the cycle begins again.

While it has been confirmed that Political Nihilist is officially dead and in Hell according to Word of God, it is likely that this is either a temporary state for ideologies and the Political Nihilist will come back to life when Political Nihilism as an ideology becomes popular again, or the old Political Nihilist will stay dead while a newer, fresher incarnation will emerge to fill its role, similar to the Endless in The Sandman.

Anti-Centrist and Dead Centrist are the same.
Radical Centrist explained that the Dead Centrist is the embodiment of centrism at the very center (or the "dead" center) of the political compass. The Anti-Centrist self-identifies as the embodiment of political extremism (i.e. the complete opposite of the Dead Centrist). Is it possible that the Dead Centrist faked his own death and disguised himself as a political extremist (or maybe even possessing a human) as part of a nefarious plot? Did he grow to see that centrism only creates stagnation? Being at the dead center of everything probably creates certain insights that his fellow centrists who orbit around him do not possess, and maybe he came to see himself as a form of extremism and Went Mad from the Revelation.

After all, while the Dead Centrist could technically be considered an ideology as simply being "the Centrist", the other centrists are less ideologies and more flimsy justifications and logistical fallacies that justifies centrism as a concept. Radical Centrism is just being flexibly left and right in your activism, horseshoe theory dismisses the idea of there being sides in any debate, political nihilism is apathy to praxis, apoliticism being apathetic to political discourse (or in Apepolitical's case, being violently opposed to), anti-radicalism being against any form of change on principle, to be "moderately" on anything being adverse to actually picking sides over being a fence-sitter, etc. This can be one of the reasons why the Centrists reject Lil Nazbol, since the Centrists exist to justify centrism while Lil Nazbol is an actual ideology with actual ideas of his own that he is willing to defend by himself.

This could also explain why Anti-Centrist doesn't actually do anything in the field. While he could just be a leader by nature, he is so used to having others fight his battles for him that without the Extremists to rally for him under false pretenses, he would not know what to do with himself. Radical Centrist exists to motivate the other centrists to practice political discourse, so he is a natural at motivating people to his cause. Anti-Centrist, however, chose to ally himself with the Extremists, who are passionate and outspoken by their nature as extremists and therefore do not need much motivating and controlling them under a veil of false-promises and empty threats, something that Jreg himself has joked as being an explicitly centrist tactic to maintain the status quo.

Besides, when the centrists die, their bodies implode in on themselves and leave no corpse (though Apepolitical's monkey-suit came into the Anti-Centrist's possession). Yet the Dead Centrist did have a corpse. Or rather, a photo of a corpse, so how are we certain that that was the Dead Centrist's corpse?

  • Jossed. Radical Centrist killed Dead Centrist to radicalized the other Centrists into action.

"Centricide 6.5" will feature the Nationalist Ethnostate held by Nazi.
"Centricide 6" ended with Nazi leaving the Anti-Centrist movement in-favor of benefiting from the status quo by teaming up with Conservative, Homonationalist, Pan-Africanism, and Moderate Lee.

It is likely that much like how Ancapistan was founded through Libertarian-Right solidarity, "Centricide 6.5" will feature the Authoritarian-Right creating their own Egopolis that represents the Nationalists. Maybe they might call it "the Nation-State of Nationalists" or "Ethnostate Ethnostate" as a reference to Jreg's earlier videos.

Anyway, the dynamics of the Authoritarian Right operates differently that Libertarian Right. While both have darwinistic tendencies, Libertarian-Darwinism is based on profit and on-paper meritocracy over any actual emotional animosity to other people. Fascism however is a bit more esoteric than that. Nazi for instance believed that gene different from him is both inferior to his own and is an existential threat to him. With no one outside of the Authoritarian-Right to antagonize, he will begin seeing enemies where there are none, insulting and belittling each of them until he snaps and outright tries to holocaust all of them.

If Nazi continues to be a Jewish Identitarian, he will transform into Revisionist Maximalist (Jewish Fascism).

Nazi will meet the Zionist (Jewish-Nationalist) and try to kill him.
Jossed: He turns out to be Jewish all along

Conservative was actually lying about Nazi having Jewish ancestry
He made it up in an attempt to sway him away from his extremely bigoted views. While it didn't work the way he intended, he finds Jewish identitarianism far less objectionable than white identitarianism, so he's still relatively happy with the results.

The Centricide will conclude with the successful destruction of all centrists...only to backfire horribly.
Basically, once the Centricide is completed, the next step according to Jreg is a fight between the extremists to determine who gets to take over. The problem that ends up arising is that it ends up being a Mutual Kill for all ideologies involved-left or right, statist or anarchist, wacky or normal. The Centricide ends up reaching the level of a total Politicide as all political beliefs are wiped out. What does this mean? Well, given the emphasis on how much politics gives people meaning in the absence of traditional sources and the inherent nature of politics existing, it seems quite likely that the destruction of politics would lead to the extinction of humanity.
  • Kinda Jossed: The extremes reunite in episode 8 and kill Accelerationism, and with the centrists dead are free to take over as they see fit. However they decide not to turn on each other again, which means they've restored the status quo of their friendship, which is a centrist act.

Posadist will destroy the world
Posadist, like all other wacky ideologys is getting stronger. He wants a nuclear war. Guess what that means.
  • Jossed: He only takes out Accelerationism with a nuke.

Members of the Wacky Ideologies will defect to either Jreg or the Radical Centrist.
Jreg himself teases the idea of having wacky ideologies serving him. As both sides are low on membership, they could compensate with this. The exceptions are Homonationalist who is working with Nazi.
  • Posadist would obviously side with Jreg; what's a more extreme ideology than "I want to cause nuclear war for post-apocalyptic socialism"?
  • Anarcho-Monarchist would likely side with Jreg too. He could be seen as someone who simultaneously fills both the authoritarian and libertarian axis at the same time.
  • Transhumanist would likely side with the Radical Centrist. Transhumanism isn't even a political ideology and either side could help him achieve that robot dick, however the Radical Centrist could convince him centrism is the most stable political position for humanity to eventually achieve transhumanism.
  • Anarcho-Primitist could go either way. He's clearly extreme, however Radical Centrist could convince him that politics are a modern invention, and Centrism is the closest he could get to true primitive status.

There are other meta-ideologies who personify multiple ideologies.
The obvious is Maximum Moderate, who personifies moderate yet still active ideologies. Being a moderate he'll be the Token Good Teammate of his "brothers", maybe just the cool big brother who will try to reason with them. He'll want progress like Jreg, but thinks a more rational view is needed and consider centrist a balancing force. As for other potential characters?
  • Conglomerate Compass. While Jreg represents the edges of the political compass, Conglomerate Compass represents the actual axis of the political compass. Which also makes him the most powerful. However he's an All-Powerful Bystander as centrist, anti-centrist, moderate and extreme, they don't matter so long as they promote politics.
  • Radical Extremist. Similar to Jreg, but instead of representing the corners of the political corner he vouches for the edges of the compass' axis; essentially he's North, East, South and West on politics. He wants extremism like Jreg, but isn't focused on centrism. They're Red Oni, Blue Oni, him being the blue. Instead of appealing to corner ideologies, Radical Extremist appeals to pure authoritarianism/anarchism/right/left.
  • Oxymoronic Extremist. The Oddball Doppelgänger of Radical Extremist, who represents contradictory political ideologies. He and Radical Extremist want to get Lil' Nazbol, because he is both full authoritarianism by way of balance and far-left and far-right at the same time. He likes Jreg because he's contradictory, being anarchist, communist, fascist and capitalist all at once.
  • Alien Centrist. An Eldritch Abomination who represents theoretical ideologies for aliens and alternate dimensions; he's an alien because extraterrestrial life would likely have different moralities, and thus politics that simply wouldn't work on a human level like Hive Mind capitalism. He's the Great Gazoo and is betting his chips on the superior meta-ideology. After all, he's not too concerned if humans wipe themselves out over ideologies. Posadist will try to hijack and take over the other ideologies by appealing to him.
  • Anti-Politician. Beyond just Ape-Political, the Anti-Politician has active disdain and hatred towards all politics. He's the guy Jreg and Radical Centrist must Enemy Mine over, or else Anti-Politician will create a world where no politics can exist. He's an Omnicidal Maniac who wants to annihilate all sentient life to prevent politics from ever emerging. He will be defeated when he realizes without politics, he loses all meaning and will vanish in a Puff of Logic. He'll tempt Anarcho-Primitist to betray the Wackies under the misguided belief that primitive humanity would not have any politics.
  • Traditionalist. A mix of moderate and extremist due to the changes in values, he embodies classical political ideologies that predate Jreg's extremes. His four ideologies are Monarchism, Democracy, Theocracy and Imperialism.
  • Futurist. The opposite of Traditionalist, Futurist embodies political ideologies that could potentially become mainstream in the future, and are hard to implement now. His four would be Globalism (the idea of a one world nation), Meta-Nationalism (a sort of nationalism where all countries should be self-determinant), Post-Statism (the idea that a collapse of civilization will allow a new, superior civilization and government to emerge) and Technocracy (technology, be it transhumanism or not should be an integral facet of of politics and the government).

Radical Centrist and Anti-Centrist will both approach Lil' Nazbol for a possible alliance
He could plausibly go for either side; he's extreme, but might want to join Radical Centrist to spite Commie and Nazi. Or he could establish his own faction with seemingly contradictory ideologies like Communo-Capitalism and the above-mentioned Anarcho-Monarchism.
  • Jossed. Nazbol is seen helping take out Radical Centrist and Anti-Centrist's fusion of Accelerationism] and is lumped in as an auth left.

Commie's background and eventual fate
He actually comes from a bourgeois background. Behind the persona he adopts, he's highly educated, socially connected, influential, and has time for rather esoteric theoretical literature. But he feels unsatisfied and also a bit guilty, so he decided embracing communism was the best way to deal with that. His breakdown will come when he realizes that, like Ancap, he's Secretly Selfish: he's using communism as a means to capitalize on the frustrated disenfranchised proletariat so he can feel like a hero. At this point, he'll realize he's been lying to himself about other things too, and that the communist utopia he's dedicated himself to is impossible. So he'll decide revisionism is the way to go and become State Capitalist.
  • Jossed. He's the only one to stay loyal to the cause until Anti-Centrist reveals his true colors and abandons 'him'.

Centricide 7 is Instrumentality
When Greg and Radical Centrist, a character played by Greg, came into contact, the Third Impact began.

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