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Jreg is actually possessed by the Accelerationist, not four extremist ghosts.
The Radical Centrist referred to the Anti-Centrist (or simply Jreg) as "brother." While their similarities are paramount, being counterparts to each other on opposite sides of the conflict, the fact that they resemble each other is irrelevant considering every character is played by the same actor.

To those who don't know, Accelerationism is a sociopolitical theory the exposits that the best way to implement radical change is not by fighting a system, but exacerbating the status quo's core components until it collapses under its own weight. It is less a political system to fall back on and more of a method of instituting change. It's like when society's core is centered around capitalism, you remove any and all regulation and let capitalism run wild until it causes an economic collapse. One could argue that Accelerationism is what makes Extremist ideologies what they are, so it would make sense that the personification of Accelerationism would know how to rally ideologies so volatile and uncomplimentary as the Extremists.


Or perhaps he really is possessed by the ghosts of Kim Jong-il, Ayn Rand, Julius Evola and Che Guevara, but the cocktail of four extremely different ideologies in conflict would turn Jreg into the avatar of Accelerationist in that chemical "Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis" sort of way, much in the same way that Political Nihilist and Apepolitical used their Power of Apathy to turn Anarcho-Communism into Post-Left and the Anti-Extremist's venom almost turned Libertarian into Neo-Liberalism.

Horseshoe Centrist is actually immortal.
Because the way he sees it, there is no difference between being alive and being dead. Centricide 5 seemingly kills him off, but it is possible it will be revealed later on that he managed to come back due to this belief.

The reason why some of the ideologies leave in the order they do.
Ancom is easily converted to post-left since the people of his tendency are the most likely to believe that everything is just another social construct by higher up authorities and fighting them back with no concrete solution is pointless, so everyone should at least just try to live for themselves instead of some greater cause. Since Ancoms tend to also be post-modernists, Jreg also demonstrates that postmodernists tend not to have solutions once they deconstruct everything, and Ancom realizes this while being converted and bails. Meanwhile, Ancap can profit off of everything, cares little for social causes, and since the status quo is neoliberal capitalism, he finds it easier to just bail and start Ancapistan with other libright ideologies.

By contrast, Authleft and Authright are very much against the status quo, both being collectivist instead of individualist tendencies and holding onto a concrete narrative as opposed to the post-modernism that runs amuck in the neoliberal world order. Authleft cares less for social values than Ancom and is therefore more concerned about ending centrist capitalism while Authright cares more for traditional social values and is more interested in ending the elite that promotes progressive values and individualism. It's even hinted Authright could have left like Ancom and Ancap earlier if world elites promoted traditionalism alongside capitalism.

If Ancap and Ancom were still part of the Centricide, they would have fused into/summonded Mutualist to defeat Horseshoe Centrist.

The ideology in question is an anarchist form of market socialism (a system of free markets between worker-owned cooperatives) and it seems the most appropriate way by which anarcho-capitalism and anarcho-communism can be reconciled. Alternately...


If Ancom and Ancap were still part of the Centricide, all 4 extremists would have fused into Anarcho-Nazbol.
Pretty self-evident really.
  • Expanding on the above, here are some potential alternate extremist combinations to Nazi + Commie = Nazbol (specifically ones that would also help beat Horseshoe Centrist):
    • Nazi + Commie + Ancom + Ancap = Anarcho-Nazbol, Distributist or Sorelian (which combines syndicalism, nationalism, Marxism and the American individualist spirit)
    • Ancom + Ancap = Mutualist
    • Nazi + Commie + Ancom = National Syndicalist
    • Ancom + Ancap + Commie = Market Socialist
    • Ancom + Nazi = National Anarchist
    • Nazi + Commie + Ancap = Social Nationalist
    • Ancom + Ancap + Nazi = Also National Syndicalist or Romantic/Utopian Nationalist
    • Commie + Ancap = Socialist With Chinese Characteristics/Dengist

Distributism can make the four extremes stop fighting if he appears
Distributism is based on Catholic teachings (Auth Right), but is generally tolerant only encourages these teachings as opposed to forcing them (Lib Left), wants the means of production collectively owned (Leftism) but mostly by families and can operate in a market with little interference (Lib Right) since everyone voluntarily has a disciplined and collectivist mindset (Auth Left).

Should the four extremes need to pick an anti centrist ideology, they'll choose Distributism since while he's not overly extreme, he is the opposite of the Neoliberal status quo which is secular (which Auth Right hates), individualist (which Auth Left and Auth Right hate), free-market (which Auth Left and Lib Left hate), but very much willing to use the state in regulations (which Lib Right hates), pursuing international trade and promoting liberal social values (which all four hate).

Hoppean will be kicked out of Ancapistan for repeatedly violating the NAP
After that, he'll join forces with Nazi.

Eventually, the ideologies will be joined up by pseudo-political organizations trying to enter either the extremists or anti-centrists
Since we already got a video that featured post-modernism and modernism, Jreg has show that he can also feature characters not realted to political ideologies. Given that, some organizations/ideals that might join them include...

  • Existentialist, represented by a Anti-Nihilist that is greatly disturbed by Political Nihilist and ends up joining the extremists team just to oppose him.

  • Absurdist, best budies (If a vitrolic one with Existentialist. Might try to dissuade Political Nihilist, with mixed results.

  • Surrealist, a Cloud Cucko Lander that would leave everyone else confused, and act as a Wild Card of the group.

  • Humanist, The Only Sane Man of the group who tries desperately to call some sense into the wackier ideologies, and is hated by Nazi and Hopean for obvious reasons.

  • Anti-Humanist/Misanthrope, who would be, well, a Misanthrope Supreme and arch-enemy of humanist. Hated by just about every ideology, except maybe Primitivist who he would try to take advantage of his hated of modern civilization to work alongside him, not mentioning he wants every human wiped out, not just a majority of them.

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