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Kamen Rider Hour Of The Void

Phoenix Chronos is really...
So just WHOSE memories is this TSPD officer having trouble recalling, anyway?

  • Wyll from the future: Looks kinda like him, shares his lemongrass habit, his tendency to be affectionate with Haruka...could also have wiped his own memories to distance himself from his former self's Well-Intentioned Extremism.
  • Alex from the future: Royce considers both of them "her best friend" and her past self gave him a G DenDriver and universal Liner Pass, which she didn't expect back until Alex reached Phoenix's physical age. Only spanner in this theory is the lack of Alice.
    • Unless, of course, Alice winds up becoming the KP Mode portion of Oscar Mike's personality somehow.
    • Further supported by the use of Cyclone and Joker Imagin in Phoenix's DenKamen Sword.
      • Although those two make it equally likely for it to be Wyll. After all, Wyll, Alex and Alice all grew up together. If anything, the Nega Axe is the one that supports this theory.
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    • Further corroborated - all but confirmed, perhaps - by New Den-O!Royce's remarks about being with regular Alex and wishing it didn't have to be "like this," i.e. with him instead of with the one that became Phoenix.
  • Wyll's kid: Both other partners of the "Lemon" relationships are prime candidates for the mother, barring Haruka and Aelita's own respective obstacles to procreation. Of course, Alice may also be in the running.
    • The appearance of Nova in SHOCKER as a mole in the TSPD lends credence to this one, of the Alice flavour. Just, y'know, for him and not Phoenix himself.
  • Haruka's kid, but not by Wyll: Lack of Fangire traits so far, but the possibility is there - especially considering a couple offhand quips about a "really big favor" she wanted to do HamuAiko/Yukari and Yukari seeming to have half a mind to reciprocate, vis-a-vis her conversation with Sanae.

Actual Neo-Fangires might show up soon.
Remember that Haruka uses the term as shorthand for referring to herself as an NMC.

Yukari is Ultimecia.
A further kink thrown into the existing Utena dynamic in FangOreo, born of Haruka (and her player) starting to ape the Altimate Rewrite (and its use of Winterborn in particular). And even barring that particular Adaptation Distillation, Haruka DID manage to fulfill canon!Seifer's mission of "The Sorceresses as one"...

SHOCKHOUND will attempt to absorb SEES into itself.
With word beginning to spread about the nature of Tomoe's recent disappearance and one and a half moles within the group already (Miki officially, Haruka just being somewhat sympathetic), the possibility exists that they'll attempt to steal SEES from THI in light of the
Mega-Corp's various shortcomings and diabolical plans.
  • Jossed: Karasawa turned all SHOCKHOUND assets over to SHOCKER.

This brings with it, of course, the following caveats:
  • Sacchin will break up with Love Machine (who hooks up with Faruko), and hook up with Classy Jin. Also she somehow becomes the President of the United States.
  • Alice will gain her own body...made from the remains of Wyll's.
    • Jossed: Nova appears to speak of Wyll in the present tense as "his old man".
  • Chiyoko will formally bring Xanadu into the Museum Harem/"Den-Oreo"...with its own Unfortunate Implications with Gally being there as well.
    • Jossed: Chiyoko herself killed Xanadu.
  • Aelita will become a Time Lord or similar, who's not exactly on the best of speaking terms with The Doctor.
    • Confirmed, almost: The Welsh dude appears to be Nova Ascher instead of The Doctor proper.
  • FangOreo will have remodeled Africa.
  • Haruka will build (or inherit) the TheSnake Gear from her full-freeform prototype. Ditto Chiyoko getting Twin Hopper from hers Wyll's.
  • Haruka will have died and been Opposite Sex Reincarnated twice, making a mockery of Django at Audiosurf in the process.
  • Aelita will have defected to SEES "just in time for the orgy", and may have had her way with Asuka and/or Tomoe.
  • Sae will have become Prime Minister of Japan. Sakura will continue to invite ridicule from the others for his player being the indifferent Meta Guy thanks to the others' future selves destroying the Fourth Wall.
    • Multiple Kuugas may have been involved in the above, not to mention the discovery of the Touhou!KRV universe.
  • Yukari flaunts her position as anchor of FangOreo with considerable decadence, even going so far as to manifest Alex's Persona manually.

Haruka is playing Bliss Stage: Love Is Your Weapon instead of Persona 3...and winning.
It's the only possible way she could stay sane (and playable) with not only a Movie Rider as her primary Gear, but her prime love interest being the one character with a plot-induced SL limit (albeit a recently broken one). Of course, having powers that accelerate Trust growth mid-Intimacy growth helps considerably.

Just WHAT is Aelita after?
C'mon, she's GOT to be more than just the mentor to Haruka, especially considering her namedrops of her during the second (and losing) fight with Sex Machine/Agito.
  • A successor: Haruka is one of the few with knowledge of her Gridman_ZX business, and Wyll has been Put on a Bus...
  • A killer: Ingrid's death may have pushed her into Death Seeker territory.
  • A lover: Corroborates more with her role in the Body Communication Omakes than anything else. Further complicated by the fact that she likely WOULDN'T be seeking Haruka for this.

The Aborted Arc to retrieve Tendou to help crash the Time Trippin' Wedding isn't quite.
Rather, the stopover in 2006 was for Haruka and Jin to learn The Art of Tendou.
  • Confirmed in the Yukari Report, but then again the accounting for that time period is largely open.

Yuusuke Godai or Eiji Hino will show up to administer Bright Slaps.
Lord knows Aoki needs one from the former, while the latter would be integral to breaking several impending or ongoing Despair Event Horizons.

Kaoru may wind up having to be turned into a (Neo-)Fangire.
The random flash of green blood towards the end of the Time Trippin' Wedding CAN'T be a good sign, and neither can having the Albino Joker sealed within her to begin with, which will likely force an Emergency Transformation enacted by Haruka, Yukari, or both once the spoilered bit comes into play. Luckily, Kaoru having Ingrid's original soul should expedite the process.

The Golden Gaia Memory is...
Three to four syllables, with a U sound at the end. Let's get cracking.
  • Extreme (Ecks-To-Rii-Mu): Law of Conservation of Detail going into effect, "Rasputin" being condensed into Candy Toy Memory form or something otherwise indistinguishable from the average Gaia Memory.
    • There WAS a T2 Extreme Memory, so can always keep that in mind.
  • Prism (Pu-Ri-Sa-Mu): Not like Alexice are using it right now, anyway.
  • They were all wrong. It was Universe (Oo-ni-Vah-su)

Body Communication (or at least Episodes 3 and 4) are somehow canon.
Discounting the fact that the Episodes in question couldn't possibly have been "recorded" in real-time with proper KRV events, Aelita DOES know that Wyll is angst incarnate and Nova DOES know that Aelita suffers from a bit of Immortal Immaturity - both things that were only globally revealed beforehand on Body Communication.

Other caveats that this entails:

  • Haruka knew Kaoru has Ingrid's soul within her, even before Aelita hinted at it in-canon via the second Memo Omake.
  • Ultimate Kuuga is tsundere for Ra-Baruba-De, and raging hard about her sleeping with "Miss Losangeles."
  • Haruka has managed to interact with Miki in some manner that didn't end in the Shorttank crying or running away. So did the rest of FangOreo.
  • What Alexice and Wyll did in "The Shed" is somewhat public knowledge.
  • SHOCKER has a non-compete clause.

The Zanvat Sword transfer will be derailed.
Taking all bets!
  • Bishop/Maya: Eager to stop at nothing to get revenge on those who killed Tatsuya, and what better opportunity than when the whores responsible have decided to play by the rules?
  • Sanae: Who's to say she's really being so truthful about being a moderate in the Fangire hierarchy? The only truly sincere thing about her may as well be her disdain for non-Fangires.
  • Miki: All but has it in for Bishop due to her killing Ingrid. Even if she's been talked out of it, there's no telling whether Ryuga will inspire that rage within her again.
  • Haruka: Confirmed for sick and tired of Fangire Royalty Contrivance Bullshit (doubly so thanks to Alternity Migraines and post-SANA voices); may or may not be given to blitzkrieging the lot just to install her lovers as a Queen and King that won't abuse the positions.
  • Aelita: Had an informed relationship with the late ex-Rook Ingrid, and has professed an anticipatory pleasure from seeing the traditional Fangire power structure crumble. Bonus points if she and Haruka work together despite herself being SHOCKER personnel.
  • Yukari: It's not like she couldn't dominate the Fangire world through financial/pharmaceutical means anyway, but holding the ultimate sovereign Fangire treasure on top of Kiva would trump any silly crest.

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