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Nightmare Fuel / ECKVA

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  • The previews for ECKVA (the reboot/retool of Clear Lakes 44) has a heaping of Nightmare Fuel already...
    • There are three tweets one the account that read
    i see with new eyes

    will you go as far as i have

    -i believe none-
    -all curious will regret-
    • There is also a new website, containing this short poem.
    the home is almost silent
    in the bed you toss and turn
  • Whoever or whatever is running the ECKVA broadcast is stalking the investigator. The investigator applied for ECKVA several years prior but does not recall ever being hired.
  • The freeze frame moments in the test footage videos where figures or even the background will pick up a Nightmare Face that seems very unfriendly.
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  • Whoever is running the broadcasts also knows where the investigator lives as they left a cryptic postcard in their mailbox...
  • ECKVA5 After a few initially odd videos, this is the first actually somewhat scary upload. A window, in which a VERY creepy face appears, before the broadcast is interrupted.
    Robotic Voice: Normal ECKVA service has been interrupted to bring you an important service announcement: There will be a knock at the door. Do not open it. Stay inside today and watch TV. This is very important. This is very important. Keep looking at me. Keep looking at me. Keep ke- [Cut off by interrupted internet connection]
  • ECKVA6 The person investigating ECKVA heads out to an abandoned house in the woods which is apparently the only place that picks up the ECKVA signal, which should be long dead. After repairing the signal, he goes home where he finds a new broadcast already waiting for him. It's a still image of the same creepy face from before, with only one sentence: "ARE YOU SORRY FOR LEAVING". IT KNOWS HE'S WATCHING.
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  • ECKVA7 Another episode of the strange "alis pastry" which appears to be another message direct to our protagonist.
    does not see what's important
    house call dispatched
  • ECKVA9 The investigator goes back to their loaned house and finds a mysterious note along with a single pill of Preaxin. The note provides the password to a previously locked webpage which says that a user named arklistener is online. It also reveals that the housecall was intended for our protagonist via a crude 8-bit representation of both on the latest ECKVA broadcast.
  • ECKVA12 Finally, after months of buildup, shit goes down. Whoever was in the house, they weren’t alone.
  • After months of radio silence, a single tweet from S. Hawkins appeared on March 13th. It's extremely clear that... something happened to them in the time they were gone.
    Something crawling through my brain
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  • ECKVA15 has terrible animations of a man going through various forms of Body Horror and Hawkins puking blood onto his gloves.
  • ECKVA16 has a ton of this on top of being a Wham Episode:
    • Hawkins wakes up from his encounter with The Interference in ECKVA 12 with a staticky hole in his arm.
    • He then finds a radio with a robotic voice telling him "YOU. ARE. THE LAST.", causing Hawkins to book it out of the house.
    • Then he tries messaging Raymond and Raymond apparently goes crazy talking about something crawling around in his brain and looking for the brightest light. The chat server then crashes, leaving Hawking isolated and with no idea what's going on.

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