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Nightmare Fuel / Daisy Brown

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  • Watching the videos with the Closed Captions on reveals hidden dialogue that can be extremely disturbing.
    (This foolish child.)
    (Frivolous and vain)
    (This world was built for me not her.)
    (And I was built for this world.)
    (Entitled bitch.)
    (Stupid. Ignorant. You are the blind one.)
    • Full Face Alan Makeup Look! starts out as Daisy's mother, Rose, musing about the what the future holds for her and her unborn child, and suddenly feeling ill, followed by her water breaking.
    (I can't wait to meet you.)
    (I feel sick. Disgusting.)
    (Is it normal to feel this ill?)
    (My legs are wet.)
    • I made dinner!! seems to be Rose's thoughts as she dies.
    (Oh God, I'm dying.)
    (It's too much blood... I'm gonna die here.)
    (Oh Honey, please stop shaking me.)
    (That won't make me survive.)
    (Oh God, please watch over this newborn.)
    • Plant Update!! seems to be Daisy's father talking to himself while creating a monster, occasionally speaking to Daisy and telling her to leave him alone while he's working.
    Daisy, if you interrupt me one more time I'll pull your Goddamn hair out.
    • Alan's thoughts in ALan update and new year. His growing process and very existence sound incredibly painful.
    (Dear Lord I must have screamed myself hoarse.)
    (My head is throbbing, my neck burns. Everything hurts.)
    (God, I'm sore.)
    (It's like my whole body is wrapped up in charlie horses.)
    (Like a virgin in puberty.)
    (The muscle must first be torn before it can be reformed.)
    • In the otherwise adorable video, Meet Strawberry!!! The captions seem to be talking to US, the audience in a way they never have before, conveying a mysterious message from someone calling themselves, "The Author".
    (You all keep asking,)
    (Is it real? Is it fake?)
    (Well of course it's fake. To you.)
    (But I made all this. I couldn't unmake it if I wanted to.)
    (Am I crazy? Yes. Definitely.)
    • the basement in particular reveals that Curtis, Daisy's father, probably killed a fellow scientist and harvested their body parts to use for his experiments. Even worse, he did it because the victim threatened to contact social services out of concern for baby Daisy's wellbeing.
  • Alan, in all his various forms. He only gets worse as he gets older, and stronger.
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  • Hateful Thoughts. Daisy finally cracks, and what follows is a disturbingly realistic mental breakdown. In previous videos Daisy clearly was hiding her insecurities and fears, even if it leaked out more often later on. But here, she alternates between Cry Laughing, outright sobbing, and screaming as she trashes her home and accuses the audience of only watching for Alan. Reading the captions and Daisy's Twitter implies what triggered it was another episode of abuse where Alan destroyed her Dad's tapes and made fun of her mother's Death by Childbirth. What's worse is that it's also implied Daisy is dealing with suicidal thoughts. For obvious reasons, it's also a Tear Jerker.
  • Alan's death. While it's considered karma for his horrible abuse, the result of his horrifying dead body coated in bright blue "blood" is still very unsettling.
    • The scene leading up to it is another moment of Alan and Daisy's relationship showing uncomfortable parallels to domestic violence, and this time, all subtlety is out the window. Daisy has packed her things and is getting ready to leave with Lithop while Alan's asleep, but she remembers that she wants to bring her father's tape with her. Alan wakes up and confronts her, throws insults at her again and grabs her, implicitly planning to hurt her for trying to leave, all while Lithop cries out in response to hearing Daisy's distress. Alan then mocks Lithop, telling Daisy that their father hated "that three-eyed thing" and said she was "a waste of parts". When Lithop calls out to Daisy again, Alan threatens to rip her head off, prompting Daisy to attack him on a Mama Bear-fueled rampage.

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