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Nightmare Fuel / Petscop

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The lack of sounds and sudden scare chords tend to keep people on edge. The pictures and levels in later parts of the game are very dimly lit, low resolution, and unsettling to the point that they bring paranoia to the viewer.
    • The Quitter room is this itself, with dim lighting and another figure on the other side of the mirror with a crudely drawn face. At times, the figure can disappear and reappear, and walk in erratic motions. The Face Sprite of the Quitter and some of the faces seen in puzzles can look uncanny. Also, her loading screen image as seen here.
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  • A case of Nothing Is Scarier: in episode 7, Paul encounters something, but he edits the video to censor it out. We don't see it, but Paul's voice is shaky afterwards. It gets worse in episode 9, where...something comes out of the box.
    Paul: What the fuck?
  • The ending of episode 13. After capturing all pets available in the plane, the game's text boxes tell Paul (or the player) to simply leave the console on and walk away. Paul goes dead quiet, and we hear nothing but shuffling and bumping. Then the screen goes dark.
  • Episode 16, just in general. In addition to the completely static and silent opening suddenly turning into some sort of warning screen with an uncharacteristic Sensory Abuse siren, the game seems to be tracking someone's (presumably Paul or Belle) movements in the real world.
  • Near the end of Petscop 17, Paul (or whoever is playing) is prompted with an "Ask" box after it’s explained that "a girl went missing around here", in which they type "What happened to her?". A tombstone then very slowly rises from out of the ground, with the face of Lina Leskowitz (the windmill girl) printed on the front, making for what is possibly the single most unsettling moment in the entire series.
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  • The way the caskets are referred to in Petscop 20 is incredibly unsettling. The signpost that describes them as a whole is too vague to pin down any specific purpose of theirs, but there's a sinister tone lurking behind each word.
    When these are done, they will be great.
    Anybody who sees them is sure to become part of the family.
  • Marvin and Paul's conversation takes a very, very dark turn when Marvin types "Here. I. Come." Paul responds with "What? No. No." You can't hear anything, but what follows in a long, long stretch of silence and inactivity. They got Paul.
  • Petscop 22 and 23 finally feature the school basement, an area teased since Petscop 7, which features the "machine". The school basement has some unique music, which is arguably the most disturbing song featured in the series. It makes sense the location teased to be really important and freaky has the most disturbing song. The things shown in the school basement are really unnerving.

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