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Nightmare Fuel / To Boldly Flee

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  • Spoony speaking in Ma Ti's voice is incredibly disturbing.
    • This is almost made worse in the end of Part 3, when Spoony is arguing with himself/Ma-ti.
      • This is definitely worse in Part 7, even if it only happened for a few seconds. Plus the hint that Ma Ti has well and truly flipped.
  • The sequence where Ma Ti sends information about the Hole to different computers while Spoony convulses uncontrollably in his chair is very eerie. And then it makes the Critic's computer blow up.
      • The distorted screen flashes will make anyone familiar with The Slender Man Mythos somewhat uncomfortable even if there is nothing in the plot even familiar to the Mythos.
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    • Spoony's face during that sequence. He really looks like he's having a seizure.
    • In the next part, Spoony's Glowing Eyes of Doom when Prick unplugs the mental upload.
    • Apart from the fact that all of the Critic's other computers apparently got Ma-Ti's messages, so did the Chick's, which is a little unsettling...
  • Mechakara, as per usual.
    • He completely kicks Linkara's ass, leaves him locked in a closet (stuck in a Chinese finger trap), reveals he has Malachite's Hand and is attempting to obtain its power, and goes off to impersonate him and kill everyone else.
    • Despite knowing where he lives, Mechakara makes a point of executing all the other comic book critics in the city before he confronts Linkara.
    • After being beamed in by the Critic, Mechakara looks around with an evil smirk, followed by...a lot of malevolent scowling. It's quite unsettling considering Linkara's usual demeanor. And then there's his line assuring of his victory and the rest of the gang's failure...although it's somewhat nullified by the reaction to the line and CR's facial expressions in the background when Mechakara is speaking.
  • Critic's nightmares.
    • CR and JesuOtaku's dreams, too.
  • That Sci-Fi Guy's supposed death. A laser beaming down from the sky and blowing up his house. Bonus for how unexpected it was.
  • Insano's "fail and it'll be your doom" line. Another Surprise Creepy moment, considering his usual Large Ham.
  • What Eight-Bit Mickey did to Prick. Beware the Nice Ones indeed... Never call Mickey short. Ever.
    • Even Bennett The Sage was freaked out! And he's the guy who both mentally and physically raped That Guy With The Glasses!
    • What makes it so shocking is the buildup: the dialogue (and the usual goofy nature of Mickey's character) leads you to believe that the exchange will end in a slap fight, or a humorous parody of The Incredible Hulk; instead, the scene cuts abruptly. And then Mickey enters the control room, and we see the bloody aftermath....
    • As pointed out by a couple of Spoony's fans in the comments section of his site, Mickey killed Prick with a Weed Whacker. No, not a Woodchipper... a Weed Whacker. As one person pointed out, "Weed whackers are designed to not be strong enough to break human flesh". If that isn't a slip in the script, that... is pretty nasty.
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    • What makes it really bad is Terl's hesitation to say that he's dead, as if it isn't true. So, he may still technically be alive, but so horrifically mangled that he might as well be, almost certainly in unimaginable pain?
      • The crew tries to pull up Prick on the screen... Their disgusted reactions allow the viewers to imagine just how mangled he might be.
    • The words "HELP ME" written on the back of Mickey's shirt in splattered blood.
    • Mickey throws Prick's bloody, severed hand to Paw, who promptly drops it in horror.
  • Whatever Mechakara...does to Nostalgia Chick. There is a drill involved.
    • Her crying out as he... does whatever he does to her. And everyone else writes it off as sex!
    • Judging by what comes of it, it's pretty apparent that whatever happened involved her being assimilated Borg-style. Which if you know how that tend to work...
    • Having it offscreen didn't help...
    • And there's what looks like either a scar or some kind of tape on her head. To cover up the drill hole, maybe?
      • This is worse if you're familiar with Seven of Nine. That may not be her eye anymore...
      • Plus the fact that everyone thought she and Linkara were just having sex meant that no-one did anything to help her. What's even worse than being attacked with a power drill? Being attacked with a power drill while your friends sit there and let it happen.
      • What about Todd? Seven of Eleven used an even bigger drill on him, and whenever RoboTodd moves, he makes awful machine noises...
  • Jesu Otaku turning into Ed. Played for comedy, but it still comes across as vague Loss of Identity regarding his true personality, particularly with the abruptness of the change.
    • If you thought that was creepy, by the end of the movie JO now has a Split Personality with Ed. And he still doesn't know it. Who knows how Nash will feel about it.
  • I'm sure it was supposed to be a joke, or drama fodder for later, but... "Now deploying all food rations."
    • Evidentally the "food rations" weren't their main supply, as Critic still had sugar to put in the laser banks in Part 4 and there was some left over for Luke to do the same to the Deathbomb in Part 8.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain he may be, Terl's intense desire to see Critic die painfully is still disturbing.
    • Even though they could safely assume he wouldn't be given a quick and easy death, Snob, Marz, Mickey and Paw try to drag Critic over there before he comes up with another plan.
    • The later Man of Steel review reveals what Zod's "wrath" on Critic would be like, and "wouldn't have been given a quick and easy death" is an understatement.
  • Phelous's death. Not helped by the fact that you can see the blood splatter each time he's stabbed.
    • And what about the Terl's and Zod's minions? They are fairly creepy for Faceless Mooks. And the way how they just start popping out of the field when the Critic is beamed there is fairly unnerving.
  • The end of Part 5: Ma Ti demands the Critic go inside the plot hole, while Mechakara, Chick, and Todd are the ship.
  • Spoony's perception of his own superego. It's not simply because he's completely nude save for a thong, its that his limbs look unnaturally skinny.
    • His view of Critic is also creepy. For whatever reason probably best left to him, Doug is moving like a wind-up toy.
  • Christopher Clod. He's so sleazy and unsettling that even the guy who got himself desensitized to z-grade porn is disturbed.
  • What happened to Film Brain in Part 6: after being strapped to an experimental, highly likely to kill you, device, he is trapped there as everyone else is unconscious and the oxygen is on the bridge is dropping. He ended up yelling himself hoarse without anyone hearing him.
  • Mechakara shaking violently and letting off a vibrating, mechanized roar of pure animal rage when he learns that Terl lied to him about knowing the secret of Malachite's Hand. It's also compounded by the fact that he's missing half his face, and shows how truly horrifying and monstrous he is when you really piss him off or attempt to double-cross him.
    • Now remember that that thing used to be an alternate universe version of Linkara's Robot Buddy Pollo. Just what did Linkara do to him to make him snap and become this??
    • While just a brief moment, when Mechakara came back in Part 8 to get his revenge against Terl while on the latter's ship, he's first seen through a security monitor and then looks at the security camera, pissed off, out for blood and knowing either Terl or Zod is watching, plus the red glow of his damaged eye made things more frightening. Him also saying "Remember me?" to ZOD in a VERY angered tone before slamming his face mutliple times against the couch made it more frightening, even if that last one was a Funny Background Event.
    • When Mechakara shows up on the security monitor in part 8, look closely in the background. You'll see two dead Mooks, one of whom is hanging on a door while the other one appears to have been possibly cut in half.....
  • Spoony starts to tell Film Brain that the plot hole isn't what they think, and then Ma Ti abruptly takes over and shouts "NOTHING!" Add Noah to the actors in these things who are way too good at being scary.
    • Mat too. He screams at Spoony while shaking him when he needs to know what's going on, and his roar is genuinely a shock.
  • In true '80s pop ballad fashion, Distraction uses a catchy beat to cover very disturbing lyrics: the world is ending, and the singers are giving their audience one last moment of happiness. And then you consider it supposedly was written on Krypton...
  • What death did to Ma-Ti; turning him from a bratty Beware the Nice Ones Butt-Monkey who nevertheless wanted to go out fighting and forgave the others when they proved they cared, to a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds who Mind Raped Spoony and thought Critic had no good in him.
  • The Executor torturing Luke. He's having so much fun while he does it.
    • The contrast between the Executor getting electrocuted in Part 5 and Luke getting electrocuted is quite apparent: while Rob is obviously hamming it up and mugging to the camera, Kinleynote  sounds more like someone who is actually in pain.
  • The thought of Executor, Snob and company capturing Critic and torturing him somehow into being the next Tommy Wiseau is horrifying enough to be Luke's Berserk Button.
  • Critic merging with the Plot Hole is a beautiful scene, but his eyes going white and his body exploding in blue particles are still creepy.


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