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Nightmare Fuel / Clear Lakes 44

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Broadcast #1. From the start, the creepy visuals make it clear that something is off about whatever Clear Lakes 44 is.

  • Broadcast #2. We see an old man, rocking on a chair. Nothing wrong there...until you notice that the light shining on him makes it look like he has no face. And then there's the shadow that steps into frame...
  • brian_test.wmv An unlisted video posted on Alex's blog on the MH site (if you login) uploaded to the main channel, containing creepy music and a threatening message.
    "Listen down the hallway
    When you're all alone
    There are quiet footsteps coming
    Today they're in your home"
  • Even worse since that video was posted on the blog after this innocent one, so you don't expect something so grim and fear-inducing.
    • The first video isn't as innocent as you might think when you read the description and upload date. July 15, 2015 "Some shots I got while location scouting for my upcoming film Marble Hornets." Isn't the only person making a film under that name long dead?
  • The header of the site's home page reads, "Pending investigation, some of this site is not available. If you have authorized access, please contact the admin at" Clearly, this is taking place after Marble Hornets. So who the hell is updating the site, and why?
    • E-mailing gets you an automated message that reads:
      Thank you for your email. I am currently out of the office until DD/MM/YYYY. I will be happy to respond to you once
    • Logging into the site via the director sign in and sending an e-mail gets you a message that reads:
      Please desist accessing this website as you are not an authorized user. Your information has been forwarded to
      there are footsteps
    • Now, typing in the link to the site just brings us to a black screen with a single message...
  • Broadcast #5 - Walker. We learn a little more about the hood-wearing figure, including the fact their face appears as a bunch of static on cameras, and they can apparently either run through walls or teleport.
    • The "camera", or whatever we're seeing through, follows Walker everywhere. It starts out relatively plausible, but then actually moves and jumps into buildings to keep up with them.
    • The ending of this broadcast is especially creepy: Walker turns their head towards the camera, but they're not looking at the viewer, but instead looking at the door, which then opens, consuming the room in light. This urges Walker to scamper away, as the already scary audio distortion starts to peak...and then the video abruptly ends. Strangely bizarre, absurd and creepy, all at the same time.
  • Broadcast #6 - Birdwatcher. In this broadcast, Birdwatcher answers knocking at his door, only to look behind him and see a dark, glitchy figure with two bright, flashing eyes. After a short moment of standing still, the figure suddenly leaps onto Birdwatcher, leaving his fate unknown until the next broadcast.
  • Broadcast #7 - Birdwatcher. The cameras, having already done just about everything else cameras shouldn't be able to do, can now see out of the eyes of other individual people.
    • The ending of the broadcast, where Birdwatcher enters a strange, distorted place through a door in his own home. Again, we don't know where he was or what happened to him there. Especially creepy is the distorted audio that sounds like wind.
  • Broadcast #8 - Walker gives us another eye-view perspective, from Walker, who attacks an innocent man and seemingly makes him disappear.
  • Broadcast #10 - Walker. In this broadcast, Walker enters Birdwatcher's home at night and appears to attempt to attack him in his sleep, only to be repelled from him by mysterious means.
  • Broadcast #11. Pretty much the entire broadcast.
    • The broadcast starts off with a glitched title card, immediately making you notice that something's wrong.
    • It then cuts to footage of somebody appearing to be fiddling with a cable box and tuning to channel 44, with distorted speech in the background being cut off with sudden bursts of static.
    • Throughout the broadcast, a figure with blacked out eyes and a low, distorted voice asks you if "you enjoy watching people suffer", if you "want to see more", and then proceeds to repeatedly ask "what is wrong with you" and whispers that they are "watching you closely" at the end. All of this is said while distorted footage of previous broadcasts plays, with the figure's distorted visage being intercut between clips. Not to mention the creepily slowed down and distorted music and voices.
    • Not only does this episode make it clear that they know you're watching, but that they may be watching you as well.
    • All of the distorted imagery, along with the scrambled "regards" at the end could imply that totheark, or somebody related to them, could be the one behind the broadcasts.
  • Broadcast #12 - Birdwatcher As the Birdwatcher is sleeping in his chair, the camera changes to a different camera angle and the tv suddenly turns on. Birdwatcher wakes up and goes to investigate, when he touches the tv words can be vaguely made out on the tv as he reaches out to touch it. Upon touching the tv Birdwatcher falls over and gasps in fear at something. Moments later, Walker is standing above him and starts to bend down to the Birdwatcher as the broadcast cuts to static.