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Nightmare Fuel / Best of the Worst

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  • Wheel of the Worst #11 may be the creepiest episode they've ever done, thanks to the one-two punch of How To Get Revenge and How To Seduce Women Through Hypnosis:
    • The main point of How To Get Revenge is to encourage "pranks" that range from dickish to illegal to potentially deadly. The Disproportionate Retribution the video suggests inflicting on people includes sending a fake death certificate for the target to the government with the intention of destroying their lives, framing them for armed robbery, and tampering with their car's gas tank. While these suggestions were apparently meant to be a joke, the video simply doesn't play it with anywhere near enough humor to come across as one, and they point out that even if it was only a joke, these "pranks" really could be used on somebody just to be a dick.
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    • How to Get Revenge also features a former private eye who wished to have his face blurred to hide his identity. The pixelating effect blurs his face so it can't be recognized, but not enough to prevent the human brain from registering it as a face, creating an Uncanny Valley effect. The crew finds it so horrifying that they devote several minutes to explaining why it's so disturbing.
    • How To Seduce Women Using Hypnosis has such strong rape overtones that the crew unanimously voted to burn the tape after voting. Of particular note is the part where the video encourages the would be hypnotist to lock the doors and disconnect the phone, which they interpret as preventing the victim from escaping. The tape turned out to be softcore porn for hypno-fetishists.
  • Rainbow's Remedy. The combination of Rainbow the Clown's ineptly done clown makeup, the poor quality of the tape, and bad cinematography sometimes makes her face look like it's rotting off her skull.
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  • While watching Raiders of Atlantis, which is nominally a straight action film, we get a shot of a swaying, hanged corpse draped in a bloody sheet, while a cheerful-sounding tune repeatedly skips on a nearby record player. The crew doesn't have any joke for this, with Jay simply going "That's kinda creepy." Not hard to see why, when you learn that the movie was directed by Ruggero Deodato, the same guy behind Cannibal Holocaust and many other horror films.
  • During the screening of Neil Breen's Pass Thru, they come to admit that despite how Giftedly Bad his movies are, they actually are kind of creeped out by the disturbing implications some of his writing raises, which they call "unfocused crazy" and compare to the sort of notes a teacher would report a student for, fearing they might shoot up the school someday. Part of the plot of Pass Thru involves Breen's Messianic Archetype Author Avatar wiping out all people in society with any level of power or influence, killing 300 million people, committing smaller scale domestic terrorism, and in the news segment toward the end, delivering a long, rambling Author Filibuster that appears to be encouraging real life people to rise up against their governments the same way. They even directly compare his rant to a terrorist's manifesto and conclude that there is no way Breen isn't on a watch-list somewhere.
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  • At the end of episode 89, Mike and Jay decide to destroy "Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings" by smashing it with a sledgehammer, on the grounds that the tape didn't even work. Mike goes to grab the sledgehammer, passing by the Plinketto board in the process... only to discover something on the back of it that genuinely horrifies him. Namely, the Wheel of the Worst.note 
    Jay: What is it?
    Mike: (terrified) You wanna see?
    Jay: ...what? (Mike steps behind the Plinketto board) ...what?
    Mike: (begins spinning the Plinketto board around...)
    Jay: (realizes what Mike had seen) Oh, no... No, no, NO!


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