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Nightmare Fuel / Tats Tops Videos

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Tats does a pretty good job at making some pretty creepy stuff. Case and point, see below!

  • Darkvale City, full stop. Crapsack World doesn't even begin to cover it. It's a very bleak, desolate Vice City full of ruined buildings, mutants, serial killers, Meat Moss, zombies, and unexplained paranormal activity.
  • Untitled.mp4 plagued the channel sometime in early 2013. It consisted of a strange clip collection with an incredibly disturbing noise playing during all of it, which consists of distorted speech and faint reversed music, all of which appeared to be on a damaged tape. The worst part about it? Tats didn't upload it! Unfortunately, the video is not part of public domain, and can only be accessed through a link which is found on the Unititled.mp4 Creepypasta website.
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  • The similar video "Team up to figure out what the next scary top 10s are!" takes up the same style, yet slightly creepier due to the Darker and Edgier selection of clips, the fact that it's 30 seconds longer, and has an extended period of nothing at the end. This one was actually uploaded by Tats, though. It was supposed to tease us for the next few scary countdowns by incorporating a number of Easter Eggs and Freeze Frame Bonuses throughout the horror show, but still, a simple announcement would have sufficed!
  • NDL Mongoose's narration throughout the Creepypasta videos and scary easter eggs become much more atmospheric and tense, as you never can predict what will happen next.

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