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Nightmare Fuel / Metamor Keep

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  • Nasoj. He is a powerful wizard who is fully backed by Ba'al, a powerful demigod. Due to Ba'al's alignment, the powerful wizard has nothing good in mind for the world. The Curse of Metamor is just his first step, and if it wasn't for Metamor he could have his way with the rest of the Midlands.
  • The implications of the Curse of Three Gates. All three flavors were meant to take away the victim's mind. Combined with the physical changes, there is no way that any of the ensuing scenarios would have ended well for the defenders.
  • Gmork, introduced in the tale "Healing Wounds in Arabarb" is so bad that he scares his writer.
  • The story "Divine Travails of Rats' includes the protagonist travelling through NINE DIFFERENT HELLS, each one worse than the last.