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Nightmare Fuel / Happy Sun Daycare

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Being a Creepypasta, Happy Sun Daycare has its fair share of nightmare-inducing moments.

  • The very idea of children being abused at a daycare is a major source of Adult Fear for many parents.
    • Even worse is the idea that the daycare manages to get away with it.
  • Throughout the story, we are told of supposed attacks involving some sort of large dog on the students. Though, the story at first doesn't make it clear if it was an actual dog, some guy in a dog costume, or if the students had simply imagined there was a dog and the injuries were caused by something else. Toward the end, however, the narrator finds footprints in the dirt within the "Gray Door Room" and discovers they are indeed that of a canine. He then comes to the horrifying conclusion that the footprints aren't from a dog, but a werewolf.
  • The aforementioned "Gray Door Room". Being a child and ending up locked in a small, poorly-lit room with a dirt floor would be terrifying on its own. Now, imagine being locked in that same room with a vicious dog.
    • One of the students that the narrator interviews is still traumatized by the whole ordeal, even well into her adulthood.
  • The werewolf's behavior is more akin to a frightened animal rather than a vicious monster. This might not seem so scary at first, until you remember how dangerous an animal can be when it's cornered and terrified.
    • Even worse, we know the werewolf's human identity, Mr. Smith. His whole life, he's been under the impression that he just had a medical condition that caused him to faint periodically and has no idea what he actually is or what he's been used for. He also lives on his own now, so who knows if he's infected other people or not.

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