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Nightmare Fuel / Tabletop

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  • Wil's brief meltdown in the Lords of Waterdeep episode (more apparent in the extended edition). Wil being salty when he's losing is nothing new, but he's usually able to laugh it off or otherwise make it funny for the show. In this episode though, he becomes genuinely angry to the point where the usually chipper Felicia Day is visibly thrown off by it while Pat and Brandon awkwardly try to joke about it.note  To Wil's credit though, he admits this happened because he was playing competitively when he normally doesn't do that on Tabletop for this very reason, and while he does manage to bounce back with his hilarious "fuck you" song shortly after, his unfiltered anger made this one of the most genuinely tense moments on the show.
    Felicia: (concerned) You're so angry.
    Wil: (visibly frustrated) I am.
    • Even after the meltdown, Wil's anger is still there, just more veiled. It's still noticeable enough that Felicia points out that she's never seen this side of him:
      Felicia: Can you say that through gritted teeth a little bit more?
      Wil: (gritted and sarcastic) This is great, a lot of good quests happening.
      Felicia: (laughs) I love this side of Wil!
      Wil: (laughing along) It never comes out!
      Felicia: It's like the bubbling seething, I've never seen this!
      Wil: It never comes out, I know, this guy normally doesn't exist!
      Felicia: You're flushed with, with, resentment and anger!
      Wil: It's because tonight we're finally playing a game that I play a lot of, and that you're pretty good at. (sighs) I hate myself, I don't know who I am anymore.
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    • Later in the game, Wil turns the tables on Felicia by giving her a mandatory quest, and just like Wil, Felicia gets uncharacteristically pissed off about it, so much so that she starts swearing:
      Felicia: And I would like to complete this quest, which is this bull(bleep) quest, this mandatory quest some (bleep)monger (turns to the camera) we'll cut this out, gave me.
      Wil: (laughing) Doesn't it suck being on a mandatory quest? Like it sucks, it's the worst thing ever isn't it?
      Felicia: Yeah! It's terrible! You're the worst!
      Wil: Isn't it awful? It's horrible!
      Felicia: You like, taught me a lesson!
      Wil: It's the worst thing!
      Felicia: You're the worst! Anyway, I get four points and here's a stupid card.

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