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Nightmare Fuel / Sword Farce Online

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  • Episode 1
    • Akihiko Kayaba as he reveals that they are trapped inside the game and would die if their headgear is removed. The scene is NOT played for laughs, as Klein Rapid-Fire "No!"'s at this information. Arguably scarier is where Kayaba reveals that he did want to create a game for everyone to enjoy- but in the process of researching modern day game-players, he had this to say.
      Kayaba: (deadly cold) And I knew I had to punish each, and everyone one of you.
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    • After this, a player attempts to dismiss his claims... and Kayaba kills him with a Hand Blast.
      Kayaba: Trust me, you won't be seeing that player respawn anytime soon. Let that be a lesson for all those who dare-
      Female Player: Denny! Oh God no, Denny! Nooo!
      Kayaba: Oh I'm sorry, was he perhaps a friend of yours?
      Female Player: That was my brother! Why?! Why would you do this, Kayaba?! You're a monster! MONSTER-
      Kayaba: (kills her via Hand Blast) Would anyone else care to share their concerns for those fallen players?
      Random Player: Uh-
      Everyone else: NO!
      Kayaba: GOOD!
    • The way that Kayaba flips back between cool and collected, cheery and murderously angry is deeply unsettling and there is little telling when he will switch or what triggers him to switch.
  • Episode 2
    • The players eyes after the light sears them; it looks incredibly off.
  • Episode 3
    • In his previous appearance, Klein was just an asshole who laughed at Kirito's problems. But here, he not only doesn't believe that Kayaba made SAO a death game, but he and his guild ambush players, rob them and have absolutely no problem in maiming or killing them to get their stuff. If that wasn't enough, he even stole from the Holy Dragon Alliance and used their school bus to kill Keita. At the end of the episode, he gets confronted and offered a proposition by none other than Laughing Coffin.
    • The Moonlight Black Cats are led into the dungeon where they are trapped, because Ducker, their teammate, led them there with the intent of them being killed while he escaped... or he would have if they weren't in a room that negated crystals. Trusting someone close to you only to find out that they were plotting your death? Good luck sleeping tonight.
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    • After the Moonlight Black Cats are wiped out and he finds out that the item that can revive players only works within ten seconds, Kirito crosses the Despair Even Horizon and goes to encounter Nicholas the Renegade in order to die by his hand. Only by encountering The Blue Thing does he show any sign of hope again.

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