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Nightmare Fuel / The Spoony Experiment

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  • The singing hamburgers from the Wendy's training video.
  • His reaction to a segment from TNA Impact:
    "The only reason I didn't change the channel was because I honestly thought I was having a nightmare."
  • Quite literally, TNA Impact itself. In the 11/1 Wrestle Wrestle, Spoony describes how he passed out on the couch while watching Impact and had all sorts of strange dreams, but the only one he remembered was one about a crappy Ghostbusters sequel with an animated rabbit sidekick.
  • The end of the Game Over review.
  • The Madness of Roland. Quite a few people commented that while the video itself wasn't too scary, Spoony's face at the end (pictured above) did disturb them. He even refers to it as Nightmare Fuel at the beginning of the commentary.
  • The Nostalgia Critic in the second Pumpkinhead's Revenge review is really unsettling. Or is he?
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  • According to his review of Akalabeth, the former offices of California Pacific Computer are home to the skeletal remains of their staff, who Richard Garriot forgot about after he started Origin and left to die sitting by the phone waiting for someone to call and report that they'd won the game.
  • After Part 3 of the Final Fantasy X review, where he actually manages to enter the Uncanny Valley by appearing in black and white and speaking in a deep electronic voice. Oh, and he's surrounded by damned souls.
  • Chuckles the Fucking Jester. Does anything else REALLY need to be said? I mean, it really says something when The Gate Keeper gives a fucking Yellow Ring of FEAR!
  • Black Lantern Spoony does what Black Lanterns do best and rips Spencer D. Bum's heart out of his chest. Onscreen.
    Spencer: Change! Aw c'mon, will ya? Have a heart!
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  • Insano's line at the end of the Highlander video game review, after Spoony freaks and runs off-screen. The perfect delivery and glasses really sold it.
    "He'll be back. They always come back."
  • January 18th, 2012 during the SOPA & PIPA protests, Spoony changed the homepage to all black with an evil red-eyed Burton and the words "The Experiment is Over" in red. If you didn't know about SOPA now, this will wake you up.
  • The ending to Spoony's Ultima IX review, in which the Guardian shows Spoony multiple futures, one in which he destroys the black gate, only to eventually have his friends and fans turn on him, one in which he goes insane and casts the Armageddon Spell (which is in the form of a copy of Final Fantasy XIII), and one in which he joins the Guardian in conquering multiple worlds, complete with images that switch between Tear Jerker (e.g. Spoony being booed by an audience during a panel) and Nightmare Fuel (The scene with Spoony in the padded cell, which is made much more terrifying). Of course, this is followed by a Moment of Awesome.
    • Take a look at his face throughout the whole review. In the beginning, he looks like regular Spoony, albeit maybe a little worse for wear. As the review goes on (especially near the end) his face has gotten gradually gaunter, his eyes have gotten darker under the lids, and he overall looks like he just refused to sleep for a week straight while climbing a mountain. Obviously, it's all make-up, but the implications of Spoony losing more of himself a la Shadow of the Colossus is unsettling.
    • And it does not help when you see Spoony dressed as Sephiroth (Spoony Roth) with his deathglare, in a reddish Tint as the Guadian hints that the world was doomed to Sephiroth's plans over his own. What exactly that says about Sephiroth and the Guardian had some tropers pondering for weeks.....
  • Okay, so you're watching the second part of his review of The Ring: Terror's Realm. He's just gotten to the part where the real world turns out to be a false programmed one, and now he's cracking jokes about how out-of-nowhere the twist is. Oh, Spoony, you're such a card, with your—what the hell was that? The screen's glitching, and now he's talking about destruction and suffering? And then there's a brief flash of him in a straitjacket and now he's suddenly wearing an Arkham shirt? Ah well, it's probably nothing. And later on, the ending of the review comes, which is made of pure "holy shit what the hell is happening I don't even".
  • The fight with Snow in the Final Fantasy XIII review. Fight scenes on the show are usually played for laughs, if not averse to gore. Not this one. This fight is brutal, with Snow acting like high school bully making fun of Spoony's hobbies while beating the shit out of him. By the end of the fight, both Spoony and Snow are drenched in blood and ends with Spoony tearing Snow's throat out with his bare hands.
    • And the realistic aftermath of the fight, showing Spoony spitting blood into his sink and swallowing handfuls of painkillers.
  • Like many of his wrestling-related videos, Spoony's new Black Hole video on the Remco/AWA Power Slam VCR Wrestling game features a wrestler barging in; in the middle of yet another of Spoony's depressed rants lamenting his misspent life, The Wyatt Family makes a sudden appearance and kidnaps him. And the "DYA!" that usually heralds their appearance pops up twice.


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