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Nightmare Fuel / Let's Dub Project

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations

  • Dahlia Hawthorne's exorcism. Already rather nightmare inducing to begin with, now we get to hear Dahlia's spirit as she leaves Maya's body, and she speaks with a creepy Voice of the Legion.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

  • This letter written to Phoenix Wright, from Kristoph Gavin. Based on a Tumblr post a fan had sent Tyranee, it makes Kristoph even scarier than the norm. From claims that he created Phoenix as he is during Apollo Justice and was a Stealth Evil Mentor to him by shaping him from who he used to be in his image for seven years, and wants to drop the "stealth" part. He doesn't stop there and then claims that Phoenix threw everything Mia taught him all for the sake of revenge by forging the bloody ace and overhauling the entire judicial system in favour of the jurist system all to catch him, even claiming that the two are Not So Different. He ends on a cold note, saying that he broke out of prison to get rid of all of Phoenix's positive influences, with implied threats towards Maya, Apollo and Trucy. Finally, he implies that Phoenix may become more like him with time. "Chilling" and "unnerving" don't even begin to describe it.
    Kristoph Gavin: Don't worry, my child. They'll all be long gone soon enough, and you can prosper once again. Who knows? Maybe by the end of it you'll become even more like me by joining me in holding the title of murderer. I hope to see you soon... Your creator, Kristoph Gavin.
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  • Kristoph Gavin's psychotic laughter after Vera is found innocent by the jury is somehow even creepier in the dub, and it continues on, abruptly cut off only by the next day's sequence.

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

  • The Axe Ending is already considered to be rather creepy in the original game. However, it's taken Up to Eleven with Pinkshuchan's voice work. The icing on the cake is a bit of insane laughter added in.
    • The Re-Dub makes it even worse. The screen falls into a Dutch Angle as it zooms into Clover's insane face...and when the screen is rectified, the axe comes out. And Pacoslimee's Junpei lets out a bloodcurdling scream.

Luigi's Mansion

Presentable Liberty

  • Throughout the five days, the player character is played as slowly losing his mind. Starting out as nearly nonverbal, he moves on to defensive snarkiness to stave off the isolation, and turns increasingly manic as the possibility of escape comes closer. In the end, the crushing loss of Salvadore, Charlotte and Happy Buddy break him, and he returns to the cell. Anyone familiar with the alternate ending knows exactly what comes next.

Saya no Uta

  • The entire dub could be cited as one, but Suzumi's rape of Saya is a stand-out moment of horror. Several commenters called out the actors for doing too good a job.

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