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Nightmare Fuel / LA By Night

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Season One

  • Annabelle's reaction to the discovery that a "accident" has befallen one of her feeding friends. It makes it clear that any humans who discover the Masquerade are at risk.
  • Ramona manages to induce this in the group when they arrive down in the basement of Victor's club, only to find thousands upon thousands of vicious rats.
  • The terrifying Nothing Is Scarier exploration of Jasper's Labyrinth.
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  • Victoria Ash orders the execution of every man and woman of mortal blood in the Succubus Club. It is casual and chipperly ordered to the height of Mood Whiplash.


  • Nelli G's toying with Gregory shows that she is a sadistic predator underneath her beautiful exterior.
  • Ip's painful admission that her will is not her own and she is a slave.

Season Two

  • Nelli G's primal scream as the stake is removed from her heart. She's been trapped underneath a church, fully conscious rather than in torpor, for three days.
  • Nelli G killing one of Victor's guards in order to try to soothe the ache from her hunger.
  • A very understated one when Vannevar invokes an Adult Fear by saying he knows the names of Victor's two children.


Season Three

  • The entirety of the Versailles sequence where Vannevar and Suzanne just watch as Francois has his loyal ghoul slaves murdered For the Evulz.
  • The horror of the Tzimisce constructs ravaging through Versailles during the French Revolution.

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