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  • Approval of God: Happens from time to time, especially with smaller indie works. The creator of Presentable Liberty commented favorably on the opening episode of the dub. More impressively, Janet Hsu, one of the people who worked on localizing the Ace Attorney games and the voice behind Franziska's sound clips, linked to the project as part of a post on fanworks she'd enjoyed!
    • Perhaps most impressively of all, however, is that the creator of Halloween Otome is working directly with them to add their voices into the real game, making it the first project to be promoted from a 'fandub' to just a plain old 'dub'.
    • MangaGamer, the English Visual Novel localization company responsible for Cartagra, has contacted Let's Dub regarding their policy against having full video playlists of their localized series on Youtube. In this case, though, Let's Dub came to an agreement with MangaGamer, who allowed them to post the full dub of Cartagra on Youtube if they put MangaGamer's logo at the beginning and end, and remove mentions of the Let's Dub Patreon on all Cartagra videos.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
    • Pinkshuchan, a female, voices Monokuma, a bear who is referred to with male pronouns, although considering the true identity of the Puppetmaster, this may or may not apply.
    • LJ is an... unusual case. She started voice acting for the project before making the transition, usually voicing males. Even after the transition, however, she still voices males because her voice is similar enough to her pre-transition voice that recasting was unnecessary.
    • Kirikai, voice of Chihiro, is a blatant example and subversion. His voice that of a high-pitched male trying to sound female. The reveal that Chihiro is a Wholesome Crossdresser makes this a subversion.
  • Descended Creator: Peter "Tyranee" Grant, director of the project, voices The Judge (a.k.a. The Beard) in all Ace Attorney dubs, and Hifumi in the Dangan Ronpa dub. In addition, most project directors will fill in as small roles and background noise for their own projects.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Many of the earlier series, particularly Apollo Justice and 999, play out more like a Let's Play with voice actors! than a full-on dub.
    • Going back even further, Tyranee's channel used to be a straight-up Let's Play channel with no voice actors before Tyranee decided to try something different for Apollo Justice.
  • Missing Episode: There is some footage between parts 9 and 10 of Ace Attorney Investigations that was lost. Rather than rerecording it, Tyranee decided to omit it entirely as the only significant thing that happened was the discovery that the Alif Red statue was a fake.
  • Old Shame: The primary reason behind the re-dub of 999. While they don't hate the original dub, per se, they acknowledge that its quality is well below the standard set by later dubs and wanted the re-dub to reflect how far they had come since then.
  • The Other Darrin: As happens with any fan-run project, cast changes are necessary as cast members become busy with other responsibilities. Notably:
    • The recasting of Fuminori near the end of Saya no Uta, due to the previous actor no longer having time for the role.
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    • The recasting of Dick Gumshoe prior to the premiere of Ace Attorney Investigations, resulting in a vastly different vocal characterization.
    • Pearl Fey, reaching the status of "Defense Against The Dark Arts" role of the project.
    • Most of the cast for Dangan Ronpa. The only actors that remained consistent from their first appearances are: Pinkshuchan as Monokuma, LJ as Togami, Creedkeeper as Fukawa, Tyranee as Yamada, Kirikai as Chihiro and Orpheus as Leon.
      • The character of Junko Enoshima is an interesting one in this regard. She was originally voiced by LeafyDubs in Chapter 1. However, once it's revealed that the Junko the group met was really Mukuro Ikusaba in the last chapter of the game, the fake Junko was voiced by a different actress in flashbacks while the REAL Junko Enoshima was voiced by Pinkshuchan.
    • Hisao Nakai in Katawa Shoujo has had two different actors so far.
  • Playing Against Type: LJ7117, known mostly for playing assholes and anti-heroic characters like Togami and Santa, voices the classically heroic Dart in the Legend of Dragoon Let's Dub.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: It was announced on Let's Dub Project's official Tumblr page that Let's Dub VAs Pinkshuchan and LJ7117 are actually a couple. The funny thing about this is that the two have played love interests in the past. They provided voice acting for Oumi and Kouji respectively in Saya No Uta and currently voice the lead couple of Dart and Shana in The Legend of Dragoon.
  • Schedule Slip: While there is no set schedule, several series have had longer than usual breaks between episodes. One of the most infamous is the break between parts 28 and 29 of Dual Destinies: a 10-month hiatus in the middle of a trial segment.
    • Halloween Otome was on hiatus for more than a full year, before finally coming back with part 1 of a re-dub.
  • Throw It In!: The group's modus operandi. Ad-libbing is highly encouraged to fill in dead air during gameplay. Frequently results in multiple Funny Moments.


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