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Nightmare Fuel / VlogBrothers

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  • Most nerdfighters would agree that Brotherhood 2.0-era Hank was fairly...disturbing. (And it's not because he included footage of earwax.)
  • If footage of a goat giving birth wasn't disquieting enough, wait until you see the techno remix. You get to see it reversed.
  • The ending of Hank's video "Do You Believe In God?", where he alters the sound and visuals so that he looks and sounds very demonic as he jokingly says that he worships Satan. A Jump Scare of sorts.
    • Even worse, demonic Hank is in the video's thumbnail.
  • The "Now Hiring at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza" video from Games with Hank. It recaps Hank's playthrough of FNAF from Freddy's perspective.
    Some people saw my ad for a position working at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
    I can still taste all the blood...
    Test Subject 934 is Hank Green.
    He is excited to work for me.
    Test Subject 933 distracted him while me and my friends talked about who would stuff him into a Freddy Fazbear suit...
    ...and roll around in his blood.
    He wasn't scared yet...
    So we killed Test Subject 933.
    We started to move,
    and watched him...
    We cut off the cameras.
    Time for some fun.
    Test Subject 934 begs for his life...
  • "So I Moderated an Axe Murderer", a video John starred in during his college days that John's friend ransriggs uploaded that is equal parts Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker. It's about John discussing a boy that he knew and bullied in high school that would grow up to...well, you can see the video title. It doesn't help that the video's entirely grayscale and rather dimly lit.


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