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Nightmare Fuel / Pinkie Pie's Exciting Adventure

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Whatever that thing is, it's definitely bad news.
Even though this series is made in Garry's Mod, which is already known for quirky animations, considering that it's TheInvertedShadow, who is already known for being diverse in themes in his videos, that's helming this series, there can be some rather jarring moments in the series.

Part 3

  • A minor example, but as cool as it is, it can be a bit unsettling to see the way Pinkis has the Unicorn held in order to interrogate him after his first defeat. Even Pinkie is shocked, just staring at the two for a few seconds.

Part 4

Part 5

  • When The Unicorn overhears Maud and Pinkis' remarking on the former's protection of Pinkie he briefly snaps in anger, his eyes turn red, and an odd, but just as demented figure that resembles Princess Celestia flickers on the screen. (Pictured above) It's unexpected, too.
    The Unicorn: You...DIRTY LITTLE TRESPASSER!!!
  • Once again he goes to drastic measure out of his anger just because Pinkie was able to get through the Bonk Golem, here he tries to outright kill Pinkie by choking the life out of her, and holding Pinkis by swords so she can't intervene. Had it not been for Maud's interjection, it would have been a tough situation.
    • Though a minor one, as much as it's awesome, Maud splitting the Unicorn's spine in two looked like it hurt, topped with him groaning and gagging in pain, especially when he pulls himself back together when talking to Nekosa.
    The Unicorn:I-I think she split my spine in half!
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  • When the Unicorn's Masterpiece is somehow able to briefly Mind Rape Pinkie. It's so sudden, and all we see is its face with black, soulless eyes.
  • The scene at the end where we get to see how Twilight is holding up...and it is not pretty. She's tied down to a chair, her magic nullified, and there's a torture device stuck inside her. While it doubles as a Tear Jerker, just try imagining her position: You're tied down to a chair with no escape possible, and your main source of power has been nullified, along with a torture device stuck right inside you, and trying to escape sets it off, yielding great pain, you have no idea to what has happened to your friends, and you only know one of them is still out there. Worst of all, you learn you're apparently being used for something by your captor against your will. It's just very shocking when you see it for the first time, considering that The Unicorn has the guts to go this far to make sure Twilight doesn't escape his clutches.



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