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Nightmare Fuel / Arby 'n' the Chief

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  • The fact Chaos Theosis can ban you by killing you once only, or even if you quit or turn your Xbox off. Their rampage at the end of Remission is just chilling.
  • Cortana's voice as she was melting. BRRRR.
  • Also the episode that Chief has while playing Oddball, flashing back to Cortana's murder. It's made all the worse by the fact that he is holding the oddball... which is a flaming skull.
  • The opening of "Descent". It features a Flash-forward depicting Chief, seemingly torn in half, lying motionless on the bathroom floor while Arbiter contemplates suicide by jumping out of the apartment window.
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  • After killing Cortana, Chief starts seeing hallucinatory images of her all over the place, but this becomes Nightmare Fuel for the viewers in the latest episode, "Wake", in which Chief gets angry at the controller's faulty batteries, looks back up at the screen, and a GHOSTLY IMAGE OF CORTANA IS STARING STRAIGHT AT THE CAMERA. Time to change your underwear, viewers!
  • Eugene's final words after a long pause, followed by the gunshot, can be quite chilling.
    Eugene: So long.
  • In "Ignition", Arbiter is so infuriated upon learning the truth about Cortana that he tears Chief apart into five pieces - the top piece, a limbless upper torso with Chief's visorless head, spouting gibberish endlessly in agony.
  • Season 7's ending. To sum it up, Chief decides to end everything with a literal bang, and how do they do it? Burning down the house.
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  • The shooting range scene in "Nervewreck", with Arbiter's vision of Eugene suddenly rushing towards the camera.
  • The opening and end of "Hello, World!", with a new hack that has killed players returning as zombie-esque drones that kill/infect other players whilst repeating "Hello, world" in Machine Monotone endlessly. It's also heavily implied that the hacker is Adam.
  • And confirmed in the very next episode. It also reveals that not only are the three members of Chaos Theosis, except for Duncan are back with a vengeance, it also reveals that Adam, having done 5 years time in juvenile hall, and later prison (due to lack of space in juvie) has done a lot of growing up...not the good kind. He is now a true force to be reckoned with also, the extent of the "Hello World!" hack is revealed; it now not only Fragbans and steals account info of the victims, but it causes the affected Xbox to EXPLODE, LITERALLY fragging and KILLING the victims!! In other words, Chaos Theosis are now not just hackers, but MURDERERS.


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