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Nightmare Fuel / Venturian Tale

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  • The animatronics work at KFC video has Jose Jose Jose force Freddy to look in his eyes, then Freddy starts screaming and no longer has gravity...and gets sucked into a blackhole, all because he tried to make Josee pay a fee.
  • In his Oblivion Tale series, when he goes through slaughtering the mythic dawn members (Who deserve it but nonetheless) it's quite unsettling, especially because of how casual he is about it. It could be considered WORSE than casket in a way.
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  • JEREMY ACACHALLA, we don't know WHAT he is except that he is supposed to be Papa Acachalla's brother and is some kind of shadowy Humanoid Abomination locked in Acachalla's basement, never given any characterization or otherwise he just attacks Sally and Billy for no reason. Luckily his first appearance was his last.
  • Jimmy Casket, Venturian's character from the Murder videos, is an Ax-Crazy psychopath who never shuts up about killing people. The others are so creeped out by him that in the G Mod Murder videos, he'll often be chasing them around the map when he's a Bystander.
    • In some videos, Venturian really gets into character when you watch the facecam.
    • As of the dipper rag doll video, it's implied he's his own person now. And since dipper also gets an evil clone with some of Jimmy's characteristics, EVERYONE may have one.
  • The Toilet Toucher via the Eevee Player Models video, mainly because he's the only thing that can scare Jimmy.
    • While also hilarious, the Toilet Toucher in general is rather creepy. He has an unsettling, unrealistic laugh (described by Venturian as like a washing machine) and it so happens that Homeless Goomba is good at invoking Offscreen Teleportation. The way he keeps vanishing off of Venturian's screen almost seems scripted. Venturian himself has been unsettled by it.
      • His screams are also unrealistic and unsettling, described by Venturian as sounding like "a air conditioner needing a filter change." Whenever he screams, Venturian can be heard muttering "Not again..."
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  • Even though Maxwell Acachalla isn't as Ax-Crazy as jimmy, he still is a ghost whose goal is to KILL his brother, and in the baby Sparta video he actually time traveled back in time to kill him AS a baby. Not to mention that like The Toilet Toucher, in the batman horror map video he also scared jimmy, so he may be a Not-So-Harmless Villain after all...
  • the minions visit McDonald's video can be quite chilling looked at from a certain way, the video begins normally enough with Johnny creating a minion to work at McDonald's for him. But then we get the first customer who comes in and orders something, he gets a decompressed oxygen tank and then a SPINE, when he questions where the minion got it from he pieces together that all of the cars being outside while all the customers being missing might mean something bad. And then promptly runs away screaming. Then William barricade came in spouting his usual nonsense about "alien terrorists" and sees the minion, believing him to be an alien terrorist, he orders something trying to act natural and gets a SKULL. He freaks out and attacks the minion until he hides away while his ammo is low, then the minion comes up to the door to the room he was hiding at and promptly kills him when he runs out of ammo. The final customer was Higgily Digily Hūgen who wanted to get a burger, and is about to leave before the minion blows up his "salad" (A watermelon) for no reason. He attacks the minion but is unfortunately outmatched and ends up getting killed too, Johnny returns and takes away his job. Which would be relieving... until you realize that now he's LOOSE.
    • The fact all those people with cars brings up two options: the minion killed all of them in a short amount of time after Johnny left, or Johnny did it before he made the minion, and a certain split personality makes the last one the most likely.
    • There is some more Fridge Horror: At the end Johnny renames the minion from Toast to Boot, in a past video Boot was the name of a minion who was under servitude of a mad scientist trying to take over the world, this means Johnny may become a Mad Scientist in his future.
  • The pikachu's in pikachu visits McDonald's, at first they just seem like three normal pikachu's (as normal as you can get at least), but then at one point when Papa Acachalla is alone they pop up and act like they run the McDonald's, and then they take him to the one in charge: a giant pikachu. Then we find out they are having a FULL SCALE invasion, this quickly becomes Nightmare Retardant when they keep talking about "sanitary poop".
    • Let's not forget what happened to the original three pikachu's, the "dad" talks to Papa Acachalla, says he's a human trapped in pikachu form, and Papa Acachalla ask what he wants. He says "Freedom" and Papa Acachalla response with this: saying OK, and then SHOOTING HIM MULTIPLE TIMES, and finishing him off with the guns disintegration blast. And it kills ALL the other pikachu's too, also counts as awesome.
  • Jimmy Casket and Johnny Ghost are the same person, as is Gregory Gregory Gregory. What exactly caused them to split into multiple personalities?
  • In the Animaltopia video, at the end of it, Nick and Judie find Johnny toast in the middle of a satanic pentagram and save him by sacrificing themselves for him. Why was toast in the pentagram? and why did they sacrifice themselves so eagerly? And also at the end, toast looks STRAIGHT into the camera. It's even creepier because toast is played with an NPC this time.
  • Spencer is JUST AS BAD as Jimmy casket, in his origin video we find out that he's some sort of Eldritch Abomination that shaped earths history and was eventually killed...until a cult devoted to him revived him as a skeleton, and he kills the cult members when they get random trivia wrong and they keep coming back, and he kills them some more and more, showing that the nerd we know and love is actually an Ax-Crazy maniac. And at the end he leaves to infiltrate the Acachalla family while the cult members beg him not to leave them there in the dimension filled with lava and death. Turns out Papa Acachalla had a reason to lock him in the basement.
  • In the Springtrap visits home video, Papa Acachalla slowly goes insane because of Springtrap and his inability to kill him or the universe will break (read: the game crashing) which already happened twice prior to that. He locks himself in a room with a BFG and sprays bullets on anybody who opens the door, literally no one could open it and survive. Normally people dying is funny in these videos because they come back from the dead but this was just HORRIFYING.

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