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Nightmare Fuel / Todd in the Shadows

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  • At the end of his "Tonight..." review, after the credits, audio from a YouTube Poop (this one) of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode he referenced earlier is played over a black screen. It was later cut.
    "...And rape." *screaming* "...And rape. *more screaming* "...And rape."
    • The ending title card that replaced it played a line from "Escape" by Igleseas which implied it all the same: "You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my love".
  • The Scare Chord introducing Nickleback in his "Worst Hits of 2004" video.
  • In his "Worst Songs of 1987" list, he combines Europe's "Carrie" with, well...
  • Near the end of his OHW video of Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" wondering what happened to him.
    Todd: "No interviews, no 'where are they now's, no public appearances. Apparently he's trying to make sure, once and for all, nobody's watching him, or maybe.... they got him."
    • What makes this even more jarring is that the music subtly cuts out while he's talking about Rockwell's apparent disappearance.
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  • Todd reaches the conclusion of his "Pop Song Chords" running gag in the "Counting Stars/Demons" review by screaming "AAAAAH!" with no warning.
  • His appearance in general is somewhat unsettling, of a shadowed man sitting at a piano.
  • Todd's piano cover of "Whip My Hair", which somehow makes a banal rap song into something out of an old horror movie.
    • The horror in his voice when he follows it up with, "WHAT THE CRAP?!"
  • His video where he reviews "Pompeii" by Bastille uses gratuitous shots of the black eyes from the video for said song. At the end when it shows Smith with black eyes over a brief period of silence before Todd says, "wait- he's an alien now?" is very unsettling. In addition the shots of the preserved corpses under lava. -shudder-
  • The Jump Scare from the "Shake it Off" video, with the image of a demonic Taylor Swift.
  • When Todd points out how sad it is that "#RAPEY" had become a running joke on his show, it does actually point out something quite horrible and worrying about our culture and media.
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  • Todd's "acid trip" caused by Beyonce's "Single Ladies" in the "Worst of 2009" video. His scared screaming sounds completely real.
  • In Todd's review of Dangerous Game, he notes that the parts where Madonna's character acts as a rape victim and discusses a harrowing experience with a rapist are Madonna's most eerily convincing performances in the movie. He then informs us that Madonna was molested when she was 19, a fact only revealed years after the film was made.
  • The title card for his "Tonight, Tonight" review is pretty unsettling.


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